Dragon Ride – Teresa Wentzler


Here we have some of my stitching supplies. This is considered an advanced pattern because of all the blending of two different colors of fiber and because of all the partial stitching. Lots and lots of 1/4 stitches.

The truth is, this is going quickly. Its not at all hard. The 1/4 stitches are really easy to follow and in very logical spots. I have done Wentzler patterns before and don’t see what people complain about.

Although, there is a rumored story that someone interviewing her asked if she ever stitched her own patterns to which she replied, “No way, they are to difficult”. I don’t know how true it is, but it is very amusing.

Seen here is the pattern and my dressmaker’s pencil, my sizzors and fob. Two colors I’m using right now and blending, and at the top you can see the bottom of my ort jar.


And here you see where I’m at. I’ve only been working on it a month or two. I can’t rembember the date I started it.

2 Responses to “Dragon Ride – Teresa Wentzler”

  1. Jocelyn Says:

    Do you still have this pattern?

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