When you just can’t continue. . . .

I watched about 10 minutes of a film and stopped it.  It was that bad despite Jason Stathom.  I’ve said I could watch a bad movie if he was in it because I could just look at him the entire film.  Not this one.

It had some big names.  Stathom, Ron Perlman, Leelee Sobieski.  Actually, I hadn’t seen her in a movie since her teens and I liked her, I like Perlman and Stathom.  So I thought it was worth a try.

220px-In_the_Name_of_the_King_-_theatrical_posterThe name was In the Name of the King.  It was just so poorly done.  Farmer is a job title, not a name.  Even if you are an orphan that a village takes in.  He wouldn’t have been an a farmer at that point.  There would be to many farmers in a medieval village for everyone to use the job as a name or title. 

The opening scene was stupid, next was a short scene that made no sense whatsoever and had no context.  Then it switched to the farmer.  There was too much character development for a little boy who was going to get killed.  I had a feeling I wouldn’t like that at all.

So I stopped it and looked it up online.  Uwe Boll.  Um, that says it all.

Uwe Boll has never had a good film.  Everything he has done has not only been bad, it has been very very bad indeed.  Yet he thinks that he is all that and a side of fries. 

He blames his failures on his marketing company.  He says critics know nothing about movies.  He says other directors are talentless hacks. 

I think he is completely delusional about his own abilities and the quality of his films.  Not even Statham could make this film worth watching for more than 10 minutes.  Ron Perlman, who has been in a great number of B fantasy adventure movies and has definite acting ability, who has made some B films better just by being in the film, was not enough to make this film worth watching for more than 10 minutes.

I’m going to have to pay more attention to the identity of the director and stay far away from Uwe Boll films.


3 Responses to “When you just can’t continue. . . .”

  1. It’s funny when a director thinks they rock and all their work stinks. You’ve got to wonder about his investors. Don’t they do any research? He must talk a good line.

    • He doesn’t use investors much. Until a law was changed, Gremany had this weird set up. I’m copying this from Wikipedia. Source was not cited. But it shows how some of his films had been funded.

      “Until the law was changed in 2005, Boll was able to acquire funding for his movies thanks to German tax laws that reward investments in film. The law allowed investors in German-owned films to write off 100% of their investment as a tax deduction; it also allowed them to invest borrowed money and write off any fees associated with the loan. The investor was then only required to pay taxes on the profits made by the movie; if the movie loses money, the investor would get a tax writeoff.[citation needed]”

  2. This may be the truest and funniest post i have read today. Sounds like I can certainly give this one a pass.

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