Quietly Freaking Out

One of my cats will jump up on my roommate’s desk and push stuff off to get my attention sometimes. Only when he isn’t at the desk.

So I went to move the cat off the desk and noticed that he had the name and number of the moving company on a sticky note on his computer. A moving company he doesn’t need for 5 months?

I’m freaking out that he is suddenly going to announce, or not even mention, when he plans to move. It was originally after classes ended in mid-August. So September at the soonest. But he is acting weird about it again.

I’m going to stop by the office after work to talk about getting into a one bedroom but my biggest fear is that I’m going to say my roommate is talking about moving in mid to late summer and they are going to tell me he gave notice for this month or next month or something like that

5 Responses to “Quietly Freaking Out”

  1. Oh dear, this is how all awkward situations start. With an unintended discovery, like a phone number, a pair of unidentified underwear, or a book of matches from a mysterious gambling hall… I read too much! And best of luck to you. Hope your roomy doesn’t leave you in the lurch, know how that is and it sucks!

  2. Also, wanted to ask if you’re currently working on a full length story or novel that you would like showcased in the Next Big Thing blog hop?

    • Sory for the delay, I’m taking a break from my full length projects. One three book project needs total reworking as I was walking to my car one night and realized I set up the entire structure around a social system I couldn’t buy into at all. Which completely invalidated nearly everything.

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