White House Down and Still Unpacking

Unbacking has been slowed by some health problems that were made worse by the last couple of intense packing days and by moving day itself.  And then tech problems as the internet connection kept tanking on the Wii.  Without Netflix on while unpacking, I had a bad habit of wandering off to read, sleep, or take long baths. 

I just have to say, after seeing the trailer for White House Down, that is looks so unbelievable that it makes the rather unbelievable (but fun) Olympus has Fallen suddenly look believable.  Which is not a good thing for White House Down.  I have seen Jamie Foxx do amazing dramatic parts.  But this one does not look like it will be that way.  (I personally think Jamie Foxx is better in dramatic parts than as a comedian and that movie he did with Tom Cruise should have been his movie, not Cruises’, but that is a rant for another time.)  I suspect I will have to give this one a miss.


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