A portion of my childhood is ripped to shreds.

1969 Image from wikipedia

1969 Image from wikipedia

I grew up watching Fat Albert cartoons on Saturday mornings.  Later on I watched various t.v. shows with Bill Cosby in them.  He was an interesting comedian on various specials.  And of course, The Cosby show was considered one of the best family sitcoms for many years.  Of course, people hear the rumors that it was not such a happy place behind the scenes.  And everyone remembers his jello commercials.  There is no time in my life that I can’t remember Cosby being on T.V.  At least, not until after the start of this century.  He started to slow down after that.

But it feels like maybe it was all a lie, a facade, a display to hide a more sinister back drop.  13 women come forward with rape accusations.  And he says NOTHING.  Everyone battens down the hatches as if not addressing it will make it all go away.  But that is a lot of people.  And many or most of them have ties to the entertainment world.  It isn’t like these are somewhat skanky women claiming they hooked up with him at some bar or party and then he wouldn’t take no for an answer.  These are people who claimed he was taking them under his wing to help them get their career’s started whom he then took advantage of.

It feels like a blow to the gut.  LIke our memories of a simpler time have been violated as well.

What is more telling is that so many appearances were canceled.  No attempt to attack it head on.  He is in full retreat.  Why is he not doing anything?  Is it because there have been so many such allegations in the past that just blew over and went away?  Well, isn’t that strange to look at in retrospect.  Maybe they were not as unfounded as people thought.

Then that one actress/comedian, something Dickinson, says that he raped her and that she was pressured to take it out of her book or alter it before publication.  This is the only one they had anything to say in response.  This is the only one that he is flat-out denying.  Why is he standing up to say that allegation is a lie while remaining silent about the rest?  It makes it seem like while this one could be false while the rest could be true.  The lack of defense because there is no position to defend?

Now an NBC show for him has been scrapped, as well as a Netflix comedy special or show, and another station is going to stop airing The Cosby Show.  It seems like so much is going on behind the scenes.  For as established and well respected and well loved actor and comedian, benefit of the doubt had been dropped.  It makes me wonder what is doing behind closed doors and what people are saying.  Do people know things that make it seem like the allegations are true?

The entire thing is leading me to believe he really was abusing his fame and Hollywood ‘pull’ to get young women into a position where he could take advantage of them.  And it makes me feel as if my childhood had been betrayed.  It is like finding out Santa Claus is really a pedophile.

I have to make a correction.  I thought Janice Dickinson was an actress/comedian.  She was a model, back in the day.


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