What made the ending of Newhart work?

newhart oneSomething to think about. The first year of ‘Newhart’, the supporting cast was a rich, Olympic skier who was working as a hotel maid to find out what life was like for most ‘real’ people and a restaurant owner next door who was an habitual liar. Written like that, the characters do not sound very realistic. But the actors performed the characters like real people you might meet.

It wasn’t until season two that the characters we remember were added to the show and the more realistic characters leave. The characters that were successful were the over-the-top, almost cartoonish, characters that are caricatures of stereotypes. newhart two

So think about it. Characters that portrayed realism failed and caricatures of ‘type’ of people were successful.

This is the reason that the ‘it was a dream that Dr. Bob Newhart had one night’ series finale was so successful. It was the only way those characters actually made any sense.

The shrink was dreaming about ‘archetypes’ of people who needed some serious help.

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