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A fantastic ‘new’ volcano movie.

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I am a huge fan of disaster movies. I like flashy Hollywood films. I LOVE these well written, well acted, and well researched gems like this one. I even like some really bad ones if they can hold my attention and entertain me. I liked how several different stories are woven together here. I especially like how well the evacuation plan seemed to work. It is like someone really thought about how one could do it effectively. Not like most Hollywood movies in which either people refuse to leave or leave in an absolute panic. I grew up a few hundred miles from Mt. St. Helens and I remember when it erupted. There were people just like that old woman who refused to leave their home because it was where they wanted to be. I found this to be, in most ways, one of the most realistic volcano movies out there.

The volcano appears to be like Paricutin.  The type of volcano that developed in a cornfield in Mexico if anyone remembers it from their high school days.  Or if you are old enough to actually remember it in the news.  Or the one from the Hollywood blockbuster Volcano, in which one develops in L.A.  Only in this film it forms out in the harbor near the city of Auckland.  This is why I call it a ‘new’ volcano film.  It is about one that develops in a few days time in an unexpected location.

Clive is a volcanologist, obsessed with his work.  Molly his daughter trying to fix everything for everyone else.  And Mere, his second wife, an alcoholic obsessed with her own job while resenting Clive’s work and Molly’s presence in their lives.

A woman who must go in for a surgery and only supposed to be at hospital for one day.  So she doesn’t tell her children so they don’t worry.  Only they are behind at the hospital so she doesn’t go for surgery until the next day and is in recovery when the evacuation happens.  But no one listens to her as she keeps trying to tell them that her sons are on their own.  Typical kids, instead of leaving the area, they go towards to volcano to see it.

A young Chinese woman and her jerk of a boyfriend and his elderly landlady.  Both of them also Chinese.  The elderly woman won’t leave, the boyfriend deserts her, but she is found by police who are helping with the evacuation and eventually ends up back home in Shanghai.  Telling her family that her husband died in the eruption.

Okay, that was a bit of a spoiler.  But this movie really is worth the watch and it free if you have Amazon Prime.