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October 13th. 

My cousin who is closest in age to me and read the same types of books as I did was in a Motorcycle accident.  Where I don’t know.  Accident details I don’t know.  His Facebook says he lives in Georgia.  I didn’t know he moved there.  Last I know he was in Minnesota.  No wonder the Christmas Cards bounced back to me.  I stopped sending Christmas cards a couple of years ago, to many bounced back the last few years before that.

I believe this is my cousin’s motorcycle, as it is his profile pick on Facebook. It’s the only person where enough details seem to match.

October 14th. 

Aunt and Uncle find out and leave to drive down there.  Aunt notifies my mother and says she will take her computer and send my mom an update.

October 15th. 

Aunt and Uncle are on the road.  Uncle talks to my dad and says that the doctors are putting my cousin in a drug-induced coma.  The are supposed to arrive in the afternoon of the 16th. 

October 16th, late evening

Aunt and Uncle should have arrived by now.  My parents have not heard anything.  My mom decides to let me know what was going on.  So that is the first I heard of it.

Growing up half a continent away from the rest of the family is a challenge.  It is hard to stay connected.  Even in a world of near constant connectivity.  It’s because we grew up so far apart that we didn’t develop the ties that would have led to being closely connected now that we are grown.  But I still care and am concerned.  This is the cousin with whom I seemed to have the most in common.  I always thought that if we had grown up closer together, we would have been closer ourselves.  When my friends discuss cousins, this is the cousin I would always think about.

So I hope I will hear something soon. 


Who Needs a Pina Colada? I DO!

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I’m tired and grumpy, hence the lack of pictures.

I got to my gaming group last night late.  There was an accident blocking a road and I had to take a detour that let me into an area I didn’t know I it took longer to get back to a road I did know. 

The upside is that I got the pleasure of killing another boss.  Only after they sat and discussed coup de gras.  Only I thought they were talking about another person’s turn and kind of tuned out.  What they really wanted was to scrap what I had just done and do a coup de gras.  Since I’ve not had an opportunity to do any crit rolls, they then had to explain exactly what I needed to do.  All I really wanted them to tell me is which dice to roll and how many times and when to add the modifier.  I didn’t need the long version.  I have to admit, I was really trying to stay awake.  I was really sleepy when I got there.

Of course, the Pally was a bit miffed (not really) because now we couldn’t question the insane priest.  But hey, what do you expect from a Chaotic Evil warrior with an axe to grind.  Literally, I was using a great axe.   And the priest killed my neutral ranger friend who was all for burning down the town as I was.  I kept the head by the way.  A girl needs her trophies.

So we ran right up to the stop time and there was another accident blocking my route on the way home.  Only this was worse.  Well, I don’t know about the accident but the dead ends were.  It was a housing development that went in a while back. Then the recession hit.  So there were lots of empty lots and lots of roads that just stopped.  So I got home late.

I want more sleep.  And then various things made me cranky today.  Sanctuary was cancelled.  I expected that.  The last episode makes me think the writers did too.  As we find out that Magnus spend her 150 ish long ‘vacation’ building a secret, underground, hidden sanctuary.  The end echoed lines from the first episode.  As a series finally, it was not very satisfying.  The overall feeling was they were making a season finale that could double as a series finale if they didn’t get picked up again.

I tried to use the feedback link on SyFy’s own website.  It doesn’t work.  It bounced back as undeliverable.

Why are you alienating and driving off the science fiction fans whom you would think were your target audience.  Years ago, “SciFi” was a fairly bad station that seemed to mostly air someone’s old collection of sci-fi and B-movies. 

Then, the station pulled itself up by its bootstraps, got it together, and started offering great science fiction shows.  But you have a history of cancelling shows, often without warning, so the writers are not able to write a finale to tie up the show.  Usually, you cancel the shows at the height of their popularity. 

Now you are bringing on all sorts of reality shows, wrestling (which no one has been able to understand why you added it in the first place), and a mish mash of other things other than scripted science fiction.

You are going the way of M-TV.  You should change your name again to reflect the fact you are no longer providing programming for the science fiction fans. 

That is what I tried sending them.

Then I had a banquet lunch.  Swedish Meatballs.  The dish on the box looks very good.  The sauce did not look like the sauce on the box.  It was not good.  I was very sad.  I wanted what was advertised and not the crap they actually put in the box. 

Now I want to go home.  I brought a change so I can stop at the fitness center on the way up the hill to the apartment.  Then I have to clean of the dinning room table.  I have an episode of Bones to watch.  I need to clear off the coffee table too.  I should put away the laundry and make the bed.  Then clean off the dressers and end tables.  I have “Flat Surfaceitis”.  This is the need to put things on flat surfaces.

What I really want to do is take a hot bath, have a pina colada, and play some SWTOR.