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Best Buy, Amazon and PC Games

Posted in Advertising, Economics, Economy, Entertainment, Gaming, Life, Writing with tags , , , , , , , , , on March 29, 2012 by urbannight

Best Buy is closing stores and the question being asked is, “Is Amazon to blame?”  I do not think so.  I used to shop for my pc games there.  They used to have 3 aisles devoted to games and one devoted to other types of software for a total of 4 aisles.  They slowly started shrinking the PC gaming section and expanding platform games. 

 At the same time, they got rid of the value games.  I used to go to Best Buy for various items.  If I didn’t find what I actually wanted I never left empty-handed.  I might buy one or two value games.   I never left without spending over 10 or 20 dollars there.  Now I go in and don’t find anything, I leave without spending any money.  As the PC games is now down to half an aisle, I don’t even go into Best Buy anymore.

I don’t do platform games because the PC is a superior gaming system.  The makers of the various Platforms have advertised so aggressively that people seem to think that they need these expensive machines.  I remember when you could find the games made and marketed for both platforms and PC’s.  But in the big push to get people to switch to laptops or notebooks or pads, more game makers are making exclusively for platforms and not for PC’s.  There are still a lot of PC games out there, but the stores you would expect to get them at are carrying less and less of them. 

As a result, stores like Target are increasing their PC gaming sections.  It’s a pretty sad statement on PC gaming in general and game marketing in particular.  There are a great many people who still prefer PC gaming.  But some have broken down and gotten gaming consoles because the games they want are only available that way.  Now you spend over two hundred dollars on a console that you pretty much have to use for gaming only.  Or maybe getting Netflix or Hulu on as well.  That is it.  If I have to spend that much money I want it to do a lot more.

To tell you the truth, it really pisses me off a whole hell of a lot.  But I’m at a loss on how to go about fixing this issue.  So instead I sit and fume and Best Buy slowly goes under.  Serves them right for carrying less PC games.