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WTF? No bugs and they want us to do WHAT?

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Last year a unit next to us had bedbugs and they treated the building. This year, they are treating again. Only this time they want us to move all clothing and bedding out of the apartment (mine will not fit in my car), empty all closets (our are filled so where are we supposed to put all this stuff?) move everything from the walls, (the living room is totally lined with stuffed bookshelves) and upend all the mattresses. They didn’t have us do that last year. The notice also said no bedbugs were found and this was a precaution. Are they trying to get us to move out? Oh, did I mention, we have two days to do this.

What is going on….

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I have not been coming up with as many good ideas as last year.  Or, I do have a few, but when I have time to jot them down, I can’t remember them.

So I’ve posted less.

And it looks like I’m in for another move again.  Fairly soon too.  So I may end up having a moving process to talk about. 

Tonight is my gaming night, but tomorrow I’m going to start the ambitious task of whittling my stuff down my 25%.  It may be painful.  But I need to have less stuff.  I really do.

So, it will be slice of stuff for a bit. 

I do need to write about a rather bad movie I saw last week.  I was watching 1980’s comedies.  One movie with an all star cast was not funny at all.  It was sad.  Just sad. But more about that later.

100 or less: Making Calls

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TelephoneThe phone sits in mute accusation.  Staring at me, chiding me for calls unmade.  There are so many things to do.  It is still too early yet there is not enough time. 

I have to talk to the office about one bedroom units and low credit ratings.  Its too early.  How will they know for certain a unit will open up?  I have to save up anyway.

There is the doctor’s office as well.  When is the appointment with the specialist?  April something.  We have to plan a special diet for diabetes.  It took so long.  She was booked.

Shut up, phone.

Quietly Freaking Out

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One of my cats will jump up on my roommate’s desk and push stuff off to get my attention sometimes. Only when he isn’t at the desk.

So I went to move the cat off the desk and noticed that he had the name and number of the moving company on a sticky note on his computer. A moving company he doesn’t need for 5 months?

I’m freaking out that he is suddenly going to announce, or not even mention, when he plans to move. It was originally after classes ended in mid-August. So September at the soonest. But he is acting weird about it again.

I’m going to stop by the office after work to talk about getting into a one bedroom but my biggest fear is that I’m going to say my roommate is talking about moving in mid to late summer and they are going to tell me he gave notice for this month or next month or something like that

Too Bummed to Write

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Feeling Blue

My roommate just told me that when his classes end next August, he plans to find a job out of state and move.  So I’ll have to apartment hunt again.

This will not be fun since my credit isn’t so good anymore.  About 5 years ago I went from making 26$ an hour to under 6$ an hour.  So my credit took a nose dive since I couldn’t pay stuff off anymore.

Now I’ve finally worked my way up to a somewhat better pay and next week, my new pay scale will but me into the 31,000 a year bracket at a gross pay.  But 220$ goes out of every check after net wages to help get that debt paid off.

Finding an apartment is going to be hard now.  So I’m really rather depressed.

27 Days of Moving

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I saved this as a draft with the intent to add pictures. This will not happen for the next few days. So I’m just going to post it rather than hang on to it. It would be horribly long if I were to do that.

The main move is going to be May 15th. Sunday evening. After 6:30 PM. Rather late but that is when the big strong male with pick-up truck will be available.

In the mean time, I took all my Friday’s off for moving. Last Friday started out good and ended behind. I had planned out three trips and the first trip was right on track. The second trip took twice as long. At that point I was so exhausted and tired and sore and hungry that I wasn’t worrying about the third trip. I felt quite brain dead and zombiefied.

Saturday was difficult because I was still exhausted and sore and hungry. (I was so tired Friday night I forgot to eat dinner. Hot bath and going to bed early took top billing) The result was that I got in one trip. I was also still so tired that I didn’t get around to packing that evening either. The result was that I only had one trip worth of stuff for Sunday. I still felt rather like the walking dead.

Sunday I felt much recovered. I didn’t have enough for two trips so I didn’t rush in the morning. I got my car loaded and went over with an overnight bag with a change of clothing and bathroom stuff. After unloading I took a long hot soak and got ready for Easter dinner. The water gets VERY hot. A big improvement over the current apartment. But I discovered that the bathroom door is out of alignment so I can’t get it to stay shut and lock.

My roommate and I work at the same place but in different departments. We went to dinner at the Office Manager’s home. It was a nice time and good food. We left much later than I expected. By the time I picked up my car and got back to my place it was 8:00 in the evening. I was ready to go to bed. Totally crash. Much to my amazement, I had a great deal of trouble falling asleep. I was still rather sore and it kept me up late.

Monday was a crazy day at work. But the evening turned out really productive. I packed up a carload worth of boxes and got in a couple of hours of stitching. Due to the pouring rain, there wasn’t a lot of people in the Old Market so I was able to park fairly close to the apartment and unload my car full of empty boxes. I was able to sleep very well and got up in time to pack up another car load.

Tonight I’ll get that dropped off and I made up a new schedule. The frustrating part of all this moving is that now my place looks like a big disaster. I’ve gotten a lot moved but the mess of everything else and the mess of empty boxes makes it feel like I’m farther and farther behind. The more I pack the more I have left to pack. Shouldn’t it be diminishing?

There is a small feeling of productivity. The bathroom is almost empty. It is the only place where I feel like I made progress. Not even the mostly empty bookcases make me feel accomplished. With the books gone, I see all the odds and ends I’ve stuck on the shelves and never found specific places for them to live.

I thought that with all these weeks to do my moving that I would be able to sort through and weed stuff out. But panic set in and now I’m just packing up everything unless it is obvious that I don’t need it anymore. I’ll have to sort and weed out while I’m unpacking. That means I’ll end up moving extra stuff I didn’t need to move.

On the other hand, some of the tubs of really odd odds and ends and miscellaneous stuff are getting left until the end. Maybe I’ll get ahead enough so that I’ll have the time to see what really needs to be discarded rather than moved.

Turnover Downtown

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I live in a revitalized area called the Old Market.  For some reason, when retail businesses fail, a bar or restaurant goes in.  My theory is that the shops are to expensive.  The hotels in this area cater mostly to business travel.  Those people are not shopping so much.  The apartments in this area fall into two classes.  Expensive condo’s and low income lofts.  The shops are not the type to get a lot of steady traffic from the wealthier people in the area.  And the majority of people who can afford the prices live out west and are afraid to come downtown to the Old Market. As a result, food and drink is more successful than retail.

I had a coworker ask me if I was afraid of getting mugged.  Most of the muggings I’ve ever heard about were at the major malls or out west.  This area is cool.  Sure, you get a lot of panhandlers.  But as far as crime goes, it isn’t too bad.  The area is very small and we gave horse back cops and bicycle cops.  If you take the size of the area, about 3 blocks wide by 6 blocks long, we actually have a higher police to population ratio than other parts of towns.

I have what I thought of as a small loft.  But when I read about the apartment sizes in other countries for people who are more successful than myself, I realize I have a what some people would consider a nice spacious apartment.  A nice apartment in Hong Kong for someone who makes more than I do is about 200 square feet smaller than what I have.  American’s in general think we need more space than so many other cultures.

My building is an old warehouse converted to lofts.  It had cool internal architecture that is part of the atmosphere of the place.  But there are no side windows as the buildings were all against each other.  One side is exposed, but I don’t think it always was.  The result is the units have windows only on one wall.  The one that faces the street and the one that faces the alley.

People facing the street have been here for a couple years or more.  I’m on my third year and the people on either side have been here longer.  The people with windows over the alley have a high turnover.  Considering the company requires you to sign a year lease each year, the unit across from me has had significantly more people in it than that.

I have a theory on that as well.  If you have a window that only opens onto an alley, right over the dumpsters, would you want to stay there for very long?