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Forgetfulness, A Writer’s Bane

Posted in Writing with tags , , , , , on June 18, 2012 by urbannight

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I was going through a bunch of my story ideas that I haven’t done much with thus far.  One of them was apparently going to be a fairy tale of sorts.  About a village who tried to flee a monster and set up a new village and eventually the monster caught up with them.  I think I was focusing, in part, on the idea that you can’t just up and move and solve your problems that way.  You are still you and you take all your fears, flaws, and insecurities with you.  But on a larger scale. 

It was also about how local or tribal legends may have had a real point but time and memory distort them.  The story they think they know isn’t the whole story.  It may not even be the true story, but in fact have been so twisted around that it becomes the very opposite of what the orignal purpose and meaning had been. 

I have three paragraphs of background developed in a concept folder.  Only I had forgotten the key point to the entire story, the Truth that the people had forgotten and fled from. 

Now, if you think it silly or a waste of my time to sit here and share what I’ve been sharing, I’ll remind you of a key work in that last sentence. 


The process of giving you a description of what I wanted to do with the story has eventually reminded me of the plot line I originally had in mind.  I spent all weekend trying to remember this and couldn’t.  The process of telling helped me remember.  So I’m going to add that to my concept page before I forget again.