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Random Thougts at 1:00 am.

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I went to be ‘on time’ for a change and am now awake.  So what are the random thoughts of a person at 4:00 am?
I’m really tired of blowing my nose and having chapped nostril edges.  Sniffling, Sneezing, and not Breathing is not conductive to sleep.  Or driving.  Nothing worse than a massive sneezing fit that won’t stop when you are driving.

What’s with all these celebrities having babies.? It is everywhere on the online media.  It’s like the new ‘it’ thing to do.  I don’t see the big deal either.  They all go on like they just did something no one else can do.  Despite the fact that women have been popping out babies since the beginning of time.  It’s so natural that even animals can do it.

I hate pictures of Romney and Ryan and their giant grins. Even from the start, before I know a lot about Romney, he always looked insincere and like he was compensating for something. Much like a used car salesman trying to distract you from the problems with the car using showmanship. Paul Ryan looks like a bully laughing at someone he just sent flying into a pile of poo.  And when they show them together, with those huge, ‘shit eating’ grins, they look like a couple of snake oil salesmen celebrating how much money they scammed from the small town hick’s.

When I want to read a news article, I want to READ it.  I don’t want a video.  I hate video news articles.  I can read the info faster than they can tell it to me.   Don’t waste my time with videos.

I use Firefox on one monitor and Explorer on the other.  I wish it would let me select different home pages for each program.  I would use Yahoo on Firefox and MSN on Explorer.  That way I can get into MSN games and play while doing other stuff on Firefox.  I love playing Jigsaw, but it only gives 3 puzzles at a time.  I wish there was a greater varied of puzzles at all times.  And I finally beat Mahjongg Dimensions. There is only three levels.  That is kind of sad.

I really need to go back to sleep.  My brain isn’t really functioning right now.



The Scrawny Bully

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There is a certain type of school yard bully that is small, smart, and mean.  Because this bully isn’t as physically capable as the people he bullies he has teamed up with a bigger kid who handles the dirty work. 

Often, this type of bully was bullied himself until he found someone with whom to team up.  But instead of using this new situation to simply stop the bullying so he can get on with his life he turns into the bully.  Maybe it was just to get some payback at first, but then it becomes a way of life for him.

Older people seem to be surprised that people my age and younger are increasingly anti-Israel.  It isn’t that we are pro-Palestine either.  We are fed up with Israel.  It is because Israel seems to be that scrawny bully and the U.S. is expected to play the part of the big dumb backup. 

Israel is a nation of people whose history was one where no one wanted them and kept trying to expel them from this country and that country but they had no ‘home’ country where they could go. 

Israel turned around and started treating the Palestinians in much the same way that they were historically treated.  Only the Palestinians fought back. 

Most of us are tired of the fighting between the two.  Many of us think it is very hypocritical of Israel.  A lot of us think Israel is starting to look worse and worse in this.  And a whole hell of a lot of us are fed up with the fact that we are expected to back up Israel even when they do stupid things of which we do not approve.

We don’t want to stand behind Israel as their ‘back up muscle’ anymore.  They seem to have enough muscle themselves now.  The only problem with the comparison is that the scrawny little bully usually is the brains of the operation and Israel seems to be acting more and more brainless.

They are so militant in what they want that they refuse to do anything that would help stabilize the area and are in fact a factor in destabilization in that part of the world.  So long as any side continues to hold to the idea “my way or no way” the Middle East will never reach a place of stability.