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GRRRR- Pet Peeves for today . . . a rant in the making.

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Today I’m very cranky.  I am very grumpy.  I’m finding everything annoying.

When laundry from the dryer is still wet.

Drivers who don’t think rain and fog is a good reason to slow down.

People who drive with their lights off in rain and fog.

Having to slam on my breaks (three times) on the drive to work because people are driving crazy.


Me before 10:00 am.

People talking in loud and energetic voices at 7:30 am.  I always enjoyed my quiet mornings before most of the staff got to work.  Only they have hired a very very very loud person for my unit who has my same start time.  I miss my calm, quiet, start to the workday.  Without it, it puts me on the wrong foot for the rest of the day.

Not being able to hear the callers with my headset cranked up because the loudest person now sits behind me.

Having tons of work but three of my co-workers spend half of the day in each others cubes  chatting.

Nosy people trying to get into my business while I’m trying to get work done, slowing me down and keeping me from concentrating.

Callers who don’t listen.  I asked for the city, not the road.  I asked for the DL, not the state.  I asked for the year, not the make.  I asked for my vehicle not your driver.  Basically, callers who answer my questions with completely different information.  Are they even listening to the questions?

Agents who call in a claim, ‘to get it started’, when they actually don’t have ANY of the info yet.

People who ask me how I am after I ask how I can help them.  That is not an appropriate response to my question.

People who assume I just asked them how they are when I never did.  Clearly, they didn’t actually hear anything I had just said to them.

Every time work provides ‘treats’ to the staff, it is cake and cookies, despite the aggressive ‘wellness’ program they have going on.  Wouldn’t fruit and veggies be better?  Talk about mixed messages.

Callers that are clearly insane.

The company using the same three horrible restaurants to cater special lunches.  The only saving grace is that the horrible Italian place does make amazing dinner rolls.  But I can only have one.

Everyone thinking that I like chocolate because ‘everyone’ likes chocolate even though I’ve spent years saying I’m not overly fond of it.

Constant headaches because the light levels in this office are insanely bright and the place is always too hot. (Although everyone else thinks it is cold.  I think they are nuts about that too.)

Hashtags.  I don’t mind tags.  I detest hashtags.  (I admit, I may be sinking to the level of irrationality.)

Photo for a Halloween hat. She may look witchy but I have no proof she is bitchy and can’t make a case for the words being equal.

Callers who won’t let me do anything to help them but won’t get off the phone until I solve their problems.

Books that have plot points that are never addressed by the end of the book.  Basically, every major motivating plot point in the novel I finished at lunch today.

People who use the word witch to substitute bitch.  I know enough witches who are not bitches to really resent that usage and find it personally offensive.

You know, I just want to boycott the rest of the week and read a few books, watch a ton of Netflix and do some cross-stitching.


Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.

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That was yesterday.  I did try to write it up several times but was never satisfied.  I work in customer service.  But for a commercial auto insurance company.  This means my customer service consists of taking new loss calls and helping people set up a claim after they have been in an accident.  As much as I hate phones and being on the phone it turns out I like doing this.   We do get other types of calls but I don’t have to do much with them other than transfer it to the examiners or to an attendant line.

There is one type of call I have come to hate.  It typically comes from New York.  New York doesn’t put policy numbers on their police reports.  They use insurance codes.  The code refers to an insurance carrier and not the companies that may be writing policies for that carrier.  So if more than one company writes for a carrier, then the code does NOT show that.  As a result, we get more calls for this other company than we do for our own company.

New York police reports have often identified a driver as an owner when that isn’t always the case.  And some businesses have a high driver turnover and they don’t update their driver lists very well.  The result is that we don’t always have drivers in our system. 

And on top of it all, this other company that writes policies for a carrier for whom we also write puts OUR phone number on the insurance cards for their customers.  Yet we have no access to their information and can’t look anything up on their policies.

This might have been tolerable if it were not for the fact that many of the people calling act like I am utterly stupid for asking for a policy number.  I don’t automatically know they are calling from New York.  New York is the only state that never puts policy numbers on the police reports.  For us, that policy number is the most important piece of information a caller needs when calling in.  I’m tired of being treated like I can’t do my job because I ask for a policy number for my insured at the start of the call.  I’m tired of the rudeness as I ask questions to try to determine if this is really our insured or an insured from the other company.  We handle totally different types of insurance. 

But the call after lunch yesterday was the straw that broke this camel’s back.  This woman called and when I asked how I could help her gave me this long story about several insurance companies and never told me what she needed or wanted to know.  I asked her three times what she needed me to help her with and finally had to tell her I didn’t understand what she wanted.  To which she answered, “I’m speaking English”.  That was officially IT.  I was done.  I told her that she was not giving me any information I could use.  I had already told her I didn’t know anything about those other companies.  I never heard of them.  I had asked her for the policy number and she said she didn’t know it.  And when I asked her who she was actually insured with she didn’t seem to know that either. 

And then she finally tells me why she is calling.  She said we suspended her license.  Um, we are an insurance company.  We can’t suspend a license.  Sometimes we get drivers for insured companies who call because an open claim is somehow preventing their renewal.  Sometimes drivers get a citation for an accident and get their license suspended.  But we don’t do it. 

I still didn’t know if she was a driver on a company or this was supposed to be her insurance.  Outside of the several insurance companies she mentioned at the start, she told me three different names for the company she was supposedly insured through.  I was trying to figure out what type of auto insurance it was and all she would say was “It’s just auto insurance.”  She finally said it was the first time she ever bought car insurance.  So I decided that it was probably a personal line of insurance and sent her to a company that writes personal lines on a company for which we handle the commercial and general liability lines.

But this point I was ready to do violence.  I was entire fed up and about to totally lose it.  I left work in a bad mood, spent the evening in a bad mood and woke up in a bad mood.  I didn’t want to go to work today.  But I wasn’t sure a bad mood was a good enough reason to burn a vacation day. 

Today is quiet.  But I’m grumpy and headachy.  I don’t want to deal with people and that is kind of my job.  And the one call I got today came from Geico who sent a call to us that she thought was misrouted to them.  But after talking to the woman, it wasn’t claim related, the letter didn’t come from us, and she called the number the letter told her to call about her policy.  And it was a Geico issue.  Since we occasionally write commercial policies that have been refered to us from Geico, some of the Geico reps get confused and will send us calls that are really their calls.  This one was very clear so the Geico rep just wasn’t listening to what the caller was trying to tell her.

I really just want to have it suddenly be Friday afternoon and all the work between now and then is done and over OR I want it to go back to the weekend, and I can have last weekend all over, and we can start this week all over again and I’ll avoid taking calls at certain times to make sure I don’t get the ones that sent me into a pissed off tailspin of anger, frustration, and general grumpiness with bursts of focused violent thoughts.