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The Life of a Madwoman.

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I must be mad because this doesn’t feel sane.  I’ve got a Tardis project going.  Friends are suggesting I do some Daleks a scarf like garland and make it all ornaments for a Doctor Who themed Christmas tree. 

I’m working on designing a wedding sampler for some friends who are getting married in December.   I have to finish designing it and start working on it if I want it to get done in time.  I’m starting to cut it too close.  I’m starting to chang Keep It Simple Stoopid to myself.  Sure, I’m aware of the misspelling there.  I don’t think it good to call yourself ‘stupid’ so I’m splitting hairs and changing the spelling instead.  That has to be another indicator of my insanity.

I have three sessions of dogstitting this month and I took a trip to see my grandmother.  My cats are going bonkers and last night, the first night home after 4 nights away, one kept stomping me all – night – long……   I guess he needed to make sure I was really there.  At one point I put him out of the room.  I then kept dreaming people were repeating things to me over and over and over.  I think it was because the cat sat outside my door and yowled, over and over and over, for nearly an hour.  I let him back in.  Then the whole trampling me thing resumed.  I eventually got up and slept on the couch.  He can’t trample me there.  He goes back and forth walking across my head and neck.  On a couch, there is no room.  All the can do is lay on me.  At least he then sits still and I can finally fall asleep.  I have one more weekend gone.  They are going to go nuts next weekend.

At least the dog sitting slows down then.  But I am also trying to work in more time on writing.  I kinda stopped for the most part last November when our office moved.  It was something I did during the down time that used to crop up for short periods during the day.  It was a way to keep busy and look like I was working.  Now I’m taking some of the time from when I would normally be keeping up with the blogs I read.  So I may get behind on some people because I’ve got a fairly large number of people I really love reading. 

Not to mention that I REALLY have to find time to lose the weight I gained the last two years.  I was put on a blood pressure medication that had a bad side effect.  I developed an insanely violent cough and it took forever for them to figure out it was my blood pressure prescription.  In that time, it got so bad that any effort, including the walk up to my apartment, triggered coughing fits.  I had to stop working out at the fitness center because people gave me nasty looks for going to the gym with a nasty cough.  Then I had to stop working out because I couldn’t do much before I started coughing myself sick.  Literally.  By the time they identified it, changed the scrip, and my system normalized again, I had gained 35 lbs, have foot and joint problems, and a 30 minute walk will nearly cripple me for the next three days.   But I have to get started and do something because most of my problems will clear up if I lose the weight.

And I promised my roommate I would make my lasagna.  But tonight is the only night this week where our schedules line up and I can make it.  Only I’m ready to crash.    I didn’t get anything done last night because dealing with server transfer issues took 3 hours last night on SWTOR and I had to deal w/ Blizzard as well because someone hacked my Battlenet account and changed my passwords.  I’ve taken a break from WoW to play SWTOR but I still don’t want my ‘toons robbed while I’m away.

I have two gift scarves in progress, one blanket in progress, and I was going to make fancy smancy dishrags out of sock yarn for christmas presents. 

My brain hurts and I have a mountain of clean laundry that needs to be sorted.  My cats used it as a bed while I was dog sitting and some of it needs to be rewashed.  I also have an end table of books still waiting to be read, a pile of borrowed movies to watch, a huge queue of Korean films on Netflix that I have not watched because I never sit down long enough to read a movie.  I keep trying to multitask instead. 

All of this excludes a project I was trying to work on for work.  Maybe there is a reason I’m so tired all the time.  There simply isn’t enough time in a week to work on stuff.  So clearly I MUST be insane.

Death by Cat

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I attempted death by cat today.  It isn’t fun.

This is when you are in a rush and are heading for your shoes, so you can leave for work, and step over a cat laying near your destination.  The cat becomes convinced you are going to step ON him rather than over him.  He jumps up, hitting your foot, causing you to lose your balance.  Instead of landing on the open space, your foot comes down on the shoe you were after.  This causes you to completely topple over and fall on your back.

You realize you twisted your ankle and you don’t like the signals your back muscles and things are sending to your brain.  Grabbing some ice for the ankle and another for the back, you discover that there is no comfortable position to lay or sit in other than the recliner.  But it doesn’t work so well for keeping the ankle above heart level.

After a day of ice, I mostly kept swelling down to a minimum.  Both ankles hurt and seem swollen as my slip-on’s are too tight.  I can see some swelling but no obvious bruising.  I thought it started to bruise but realized it was  actually a blue vein under my cold skin.  My wrist hurts in a rather strange fashion.  I think it was from catching some of my weight when I fell.  My knee hurts as well.  I think it got slightly wrenched.

At first, the cat hid from the monster attempting to fall on it.  But then he kept trying to make nice.  I’m dreading the walk down the steps to my car so I can run pay rent.  The walk up the step will probably be worse.

The Frustration of Forgetfulness.

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You have a good topic idea at work and the phone rings before you can write it down.  You record the call data, grab your thoughts notebook that sits beside your work notebook, and you have totally forgotten the topic.

You are driving home and thinking about the blog you want to write when you get there.  In fact, you manage compose the entire thing in your head.  You even rework it a bit.  Then someone nearly causes an accident in front of you and you get home, fuming about the stupid drivers, and realize you remember nothing about the amazing blog you just mentally wrote.

You sit down and write out a line or two of a new blog when the cat leaps onto your desk and misses.  This results in the falling cat plunging claws into your leg, arm, chest or whichever part of your body is handy in order to stop the fall.  (I have a glass topped desk that tends to cause more than a few falls for the cats)  After you scream bloody murder, terrify the cats and probably the neighbors, get up and clean the wounds, cover them with New Skin, scream again from the brief but intense stinging of the product, you then try to get back to what you were writing.  You look at your first one or two lines and have no idea where you were going with them. 

Or maybe I just have a piss poor memory because I crammed it to full of books I’ve read, shows I’ve watched, and strange, random, but utterly useless facts that just seem to stick to the brain like they were attached with gorilla glue.

Tardis Update and Other Projects.

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I thought I would do that stitchery update now.


This is Rosemary. One of the store cats at the Mystery Bookstore. All cats seem to love sleeping on stitching supplies.

Surprize Stripe

Knitting w/ Surprize Stripe

This is a sofa blanket I’m making with ‘I Love This Yarn’ brand yarn in the color Surprise Stripe 804. I love it. This yarn has the most perfect name ever. It is great to work with. It is a Hobby Lobby exclusive yarn. It doesn’t fray or unravel like other yarns if you have to keep ripping it out and restarting. If you don’t have a Hobby Lobby near you so you can get this yarn then I feel very sad for you.

Tardis Blackwork

It is starting to look like a TARDIS.

I could have been farther along. You would think that just outlining with the double running stitch would go more quickly. But it is a bit boring, to tell the truth. This is usually my complaint when working with one color only. There is also the issue of getting each stitch to lay right. I’m actually using three strands and sometimes it wants to twist or it just refuses to lay nicely and I have to make several attempts on a troublesome stitch. The outline would have been done if I hadn’t also suddenly wanted to work on pumpkins.

Elegant Pumpins

DMC 832 Golden Olive

I love projects with pumpkins and Halloween themes. I fell in love with this one even if it is more Harvest than Halloween. This is Elegant Pumpkins on a lovely green evenweave. I’ve forgotten the exact type of fabric. The color, Golden Olive, is very heavy on golden. It is supposed to be heavy on the olive if the magazine photo is any indication.

Elegant Pumpkins  This is what the finished version should look like. The photo from my camera loaded onto this computer seems to be true to the image I see in the magazine. But since colors don’t show up the same on all computers, readers may see something different. All I know is that the pumpkin I’m stitching is the rather green looking one to the front right of the picture. What I’m stitching looks very orangey gold rather than golden olive. The primary color is normally the second word in a color description and the first word is the direction the primary color seems to be tinted towards.

Spooky Jack with Kitty Cat

Spooky Jack with Kitty Cat

Like I said. I love Pumpkins, Jack’O’Lanterns, and Halloween stuff. As you can see by my chubby little shoulder here, I love them so much I have one inked onto my skin.

Alarm Clocks are Evil

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I think alarm clocks are evil and out to get me.  They want to make me miss work.  I have all of mine set to the most annoying sounds at the loudest levels.

I have two clocks with a total of three alarms.  Not to mention my phone alarm.  But that is set to a ‘Must leave for work’ time.

I never heard either alarm on the atomic clock and I managed to hit the snooze button on the plug-in clock for an hour and a half without ever hearing the alarm itself.  But I sure heard it go off again when I was brushing my teeth. 

Sometime the sound of the alarm blends in to the dream and it takes a while to realize it is my alarm.  But that didn’t happen this time.  I was having an interesting dream.  Of course, I can’t remember it now.

The fourth back up ‘alarm’ is the cat that wakes me up to cuddle if I am still in bed past when I need to be up.  I guess he thinks that if I’m not up by a certain point I’m not getting up so it’s a good time to jump up and curl up under my shoulder and start kneading my armpit.  Big heavy cat with strong legs and paws kneading into your armpit will wake anyone one.  It hurts.

The time also seems to be a factor.  If I set it for a later time on the weekend or for an afternoon nap when I have to be up by a certain time then I have no trouble at all hearing it and waking up.  It only seems to be a problem between the hours of 5:00 and 7:00 am.

How many alarms do I need to make sure I hear them all and actually get out of bed by the time I need to be up?  I can’t afford to constantly replace them every time I start to get used to the sounds and start sleeping through them.

Disapointment Rehashed

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My friends got into a large, four bedroom house.  I was going to move into the third floor.  That floor is a suit of rooms.  A bathroom, a bedroom, and a sitting room.  Rent would be 60$ less.   Utilities included.  I would get cable.  I would save 160$ a month.  I would not have to park on the street anymore.  I would be one mile from work.  I could walk and use less gas.


I didn’t move in then because I needed to find out about what I needed to do to move in the middle of the lease.  Then they found someone who just needed a place for the same amount of time I had on my lease.


Then they started to have all sorts of problems with the landlord and the house and one friend was thinking about leaving her job and they were talking about moving. Since they didn’t know if they were staying or moving, they asked a different friend to move in.  She had just gotten out of the service and wasn’t sure what she was doing next.  They didn’t want me to move in and then have to move again after having given up a reasonably good apartment.   I was thinking that myself yet at the same time I was disappointed.


Then they found out the place was up for auction by the bank.  And that really threw them for a loop.


After the auction, the new landlady came over and said she definitely wanted them to stay.  She is going to repair the yard, fix the plumbing, redo the bathrooms, and fix all the problems the former landlord had ‘fixed’ improperly. 


My friends still need a third person to afford the rent on the house so we talked about it and she had a huge promotion and wasn’t going to leave her job and they would prefer not to have to move again and they still thought me moving in was a great idea.


Today I was going to call my apartment manager and find out what I have to do to move early as in end of October.  I wanted to start getting stuff moved over and paint the walls.  I’m glad I didn’t do it yesterday or over the weekend.  I got an email today saying it wasn’t going to work. 


The new landlady has decided on a no pets policy and since my friends are already there she will make an exception for them.  They have cats and I have cats.  In fact, one of mine used to be one of theirs.  The place does not have carpet. Only the third floor bedroom with is very bad carpet that I planned to rip out anyway.  It has a hardwood floor under it.  Properly cared for wood floors are easier than carpet in the long run and cats are less of a problem on hardwood floors than on carpeted floors. 


So if I had moved in when my lease was up as planned, and they hadn’t asked the other friend instead, I would have been there already as well. 


So needless to say I am pissed and I’ll probably sit and stew over it all day today.  Then I’ll probably go to the hardware store and find out what colors they have in “opps” batches and do some painting in my apartment, see if a friend wants to come over with his full-sized ladder and help me get Halloween stuff up, find someone to remove my dead treadmill, and reduce some of my hobby stuff.  Maybe move some furniture.  If I’m not moving then I might as well refresh my current environment to make me feel better.