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You might think of urine as liquid gold – or just a little gross.

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Urine is surprisingly useful.  The saying, “full of piss” once referred to having white teeth.  It was used to brush the teeth with to whiten and clean the teeth an mouth by Romans and Europeans used it to clean the house as it was better at cleaning and brightening objects than the soaps of the day were.  In fact, this is why Romans also used it at public laundry facilities.  Ammonia is a base and therefore good at neutralizing stains which were usually caused by things that were more acidic.

The dying and tanning industries were also collecting and using urine because of it’s cleaning and brightening properties and that it helped get other biological matter off leather while making it softer.  It was also used on and industrial scale to make explosives and gunpowder.

Modern science is using it to regrow teeth (China), make fuel (Nigeria) and create medications for use in hormone therapy, improved composting, and NASA filters it for drinking water in space.

I thought this would be longer, but a lot of the uses I remember being told turned out to be untrue.  Mostly the first aid related uses.  Such as peeing on injuries to clean them.  Which could be used if there were no water sources nearby.  It is only sterile inside the body, it becomes contaminated with bacteria on the way out.  But in swampy areas, polluted areas, and areas with no water source, it could still be used as it could be the cleanest water nearby.  Some water poor areas still use animal urine to wash up in because it does have cleaning properties and water for drinking is too valuable to use for bathing.

Partial Success

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I got the litter box done and the hot bath done, but I intended to finish the room by sweeping and moping under and around the litter box and that didn’t happen.

The Holiday tubs are out and the Halloween wreath is put up.

I found the book in my underwear drawer. It was a supernatural/paranormal thriller/romance. Not a book I would feel the need to hide in a drawer.

I started the pork chops at about 10:00 pm. Then I did rice instead. After so I could use the pan with the pork drippings. I only just got it all packaged up for lunches.

I did very little stitching, did not watch the film I intended to watch. Took starting three movies to get one that captured my attention. I did not reread and write about the article I wanted to work on.

I am not going to bed early.

Did your evening go as planned.

Evening Chores

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My apartment resembles this.

I’ve picked up olive oil and sweetener from the store and had dinner and fed the cats.

The litter box needs to be cleaned before I can take a hot bath.

I need to get the Holiday tubs out of the storage closet.

I need to find the book I was have through last night.

I need to cook up the pork chops and millet for lunched over the next three days.

I have a Halloween ornament to work on and some shows to watch and some articles to read.

I need to try to get the two blogs, one on a particular show and one on an article written.

And I wanted to go to bed early.

What does your Tuesday evening look like?

An Evening to Myself

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My roommate starts classes tonight.  He won’t be home until 10:30ish.  I find myself looking forward to it.  I can do some cleaning I have gotten behind on.  There are certain chores I can’t bring myself to do if there are people around.  Vacuuming is one. 

I believe this goes back to childhood.  My entire family helps make holiday dinners but never more than one person in the kitchen at a time.  We don’t clean or cook well together.  Someone is always trying to ‘fix’ the way someone else does things. 

My sister and I were okay to clean together.  In fact, after school on Wednesday and Friday’s, we would clean the entire house.  That way our parent’s couldn’t say no when we asked for spending money to go skating or to the movies.  This is what we did instead of getting an allowance.  It worked for us.

During college, If my folks went out of town on the weekends, I would then clean the house while they were gone.  That way I felt like I was doing my part and I wouldn’t have to listen to someone telling me I was pushing a vacuum cleaner wrong or that I ought to dust a different way.

When I had a house w/ a yard, I tried to wait for weird times to do yard work.  I hated doing it on Saturday or Sunday when everyone else was also doing it.  I hated the feeling that people were watching me and judging how I was doing.  Drove me nuts.  I’ll be happy never to have to do yard work again.  I decided renting is better than owning.  If something needs fixing, you call maintenance. 

As my roommate hasn’t gone to do a few of his other things lately, I’ve gotten behind on a few chores I normally handle.  So I’m looking forward to Tuesday and Thursday evenings now.  I’ll get the carpets and floors caught up and kept up.  And it will be nice to get my bathroom done, top to bottom. Maybe I’ll get really ambitious one day and take the stove apart to clean the trays under it and clean the oven out.  But not tonight. 

I think I’ll just ease back into it again and take care of the carpet and floors and clean cat hair from the sofa.


Pre-Halloween Rant

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I am so far behind. And I forgot to record the first bill I paid for the 2 week cycle, so I can’t buy the last little details for my desk decorations.

I don’t even want to start on how far behind I am at home. I’ll get it finished and be set up for NEXT Halloween.

The more I try to organize my in progress projects and my hobby stuff, the more disorganized my entire home ends up. I’m beginning to feel overwhelmed.

I have to get laundry done and I didn’t get up early enough to go get my car moved to my apartment to load up the laundry. I’ll have to try for tomorrow. Or maybe I’ll luck out after work today and I won’t have to park 3 blocks from home. I hate carrying my laundry bags three blocks though the heavily visited Old Market area.

I went to grab my camera to bring to work. I want to take pictures of my Bayou inspired Halloween ides and I couldn’t find it. I wasted 20 minutes looking for it. So tonight I will jump on the Great Camera Hunt of 2010.

A co-worker is making me very angry. It’s been going on for three days. Now I feel like she is saying I took her pink zipper folder. I really have to get some pictures of me to use here because you will see that a pink zipper folder is not going to tempt me.

I have two nights to get ready for the Halloween Party and the Trip. I have not enough time. I will take a notebook to make some notes. Funny how that works. I decided to jump on the NaNoWriMo band wagon. See how it goes.

I’m cranky with Washington state that is having the bad form to talk about suspending refs who were donating their paycheck to Breast Cancer Research and using pink whistle. The pink whistles were getting them suspended. It flies in the face of what high school athletics is supposed to teach kids. Teaching community spirit by building team spirit. Teaching people to work together for a common cause.

I’m super pissed off about the Texas school who had a star player plea bargain his rape charges down and the school let him stay on the team and punished his cheerleader victim when she wouldn’t chant his name. That teaches the students that boys are more important than girls and rape or any assault is acceptable behavior for athletes.

I’m mildly cranky at the community in New York that tried to get a woman’s tree house for her daughters removed. Instead, the courts finally ruled in favor of the woman and declared it an historical landmark because her house is in an historical district and because of whom her house once belong to. But at least the system finally supported some one who deserved support.

My last cranky item is Superman’s new ‘edgy’ look. They are trying to draw in the Twilight crowd. Some thought Superman’s new look was too emo. What really got me was the glowing red eyes. Not only did they make him look emo, they made him look like an emo demon. I hate superman’s makeover even more than I hate Wonder Woman’s makeover.

I think that is the end of my rant today.

Things I Accomplished on a Wednesday when I felt Sick.

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Some days it doesn’t feel worth it to get up and go in to work.  But payday isn’t until Friday and I didn’t have the spare money to park in a paid lot all day so I went to work.  It was pretty much a joke given the way I felt and I probably should have found the way to stay home.

While I still felt bad in the evening, it was far more productive.  Sick as a dog and I still managed to get a load of trash taken out, litter boxes sifted, dishes done, swept up the back stairs because I broke a glass lampshade on the way to the trash dumpster, finished going through the bathroom drawers and redid one of the bathroom shelves, got half the laundry put away and tidied up the bedroom a bit. 

 I felt horrible so how come it was the most productive night I’ve had all week?

Labor Day Reflections

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Today is Labor Day.  On this three day weekend I can say I did no labor.

I planned to clean and reorganize my apartment top to bottom.

Instead I read a book, watched a couple movies, spent many hours beading a project and cooking batches of food for fridge and freezer.

Okay, I guess that would be labor, but not the labor I had planned to accomplish.

I also spent way to much time playing computer games and picking up books.  The cat will empty off bookshelves in an attempt to wake me up to feed him during the night.   The same cat that is trying to lay across my keyboard so I will pet  him and cuddle instead of type.

Of course, labor day is about labor unions and workers rights and all that jazz.  Celebrated by a day off of work.  Maybe it should be strike day instead of labor day.  Since the real point of it is to give people a day off work at the beginning of the school year now.

I say people are more concerned with a last minute vacation before the school year and finishing the back to school shopping or getting a three day weekend than what the day is really supposed to observe.

I say this because as a history lover myself, I had to go look Labor Day up.  I really had no clue what it was about.  In fact, I tend to forget about it every year until I tear August off the desk at work and discover a long weekend I didn’t realize I had.