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WTF? No bugs and they want us to do WHAT?

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Last year a unit next to us had bedbugs and they treated the building. This year, they are treating again. Only this time they want us to move all clothing and bedding out of the apartment (mine will not fit in my car), empty all closets (our are filled so where are we supposed to put all this stuff?) move everything from the walls, (the living room is totally lined with stuffed bookshelves) and upend all the mattresses. They didn’t have us do that last year. The notice also said no bedbugs were found and this was a precaution. Are they trying to get us to move out? Oh, did I mention, we have two days to do this.

Lucid Dreaming

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The realization you are asleep and dreaming and you take control of your dream. This woke me up at 5:00 am this morning.

I don’t remember where the dream started.  But at some point I decided to go to a zoo.  But there was no one at the ticket counter.  So I feed my money into a machine and take ticket.

I find myself in a hallway with a bunch of doors.  But no displays.  So I peek into a door wondering if you have to deposit coins to see the animals.  Inside are small rooms the size of linen closets with a couple of plastic storage tubs.  It looks like there might be something in the back corner, moving around.  But there are no lights.  I check another door and it is the same.

I go back up to the front.  After all, it is now well past opening and there are no displays.  A manager yells at me for opening doors.  He saw it on a video feed.  I tell him that I was there after opening, no one was manning the ticket counter, and there were no exhibits out. I had to get my entrance ticket from a coin operated machine so I thought maybe I had to put coins in another machine to view the exhibits.  He yelled at an employee for not manning the ticket counter and then yelled at me some more.

I left after that.  Clearly this was not a normal zoo and was, perhaps, a ripoff.  Something was not right.  I leave and am now facing a road.  I cross the road and to my left is a train track.  I start jogging along it and notice the foot path to the right and I go over that way.  After all, it isn’t safe to jog or walk so close to a train track.  The path looks very familiar to me.

I’m going my merry way and see a woman nearby.  Instantly, I am aware of the dream.  Oh no.  It’s that crazy lady dream.  She is speaking into a small recorder about her former Navy Hero, now Doctor Boyfriend.  I decide to take a proactive approach and I suddenly have a giant mallet which I swing at her and she is knocked into a major crevasse near the trail.

She pops back up like it was nothing and tries to get me with her spray bottle of horrible caustic solution explaining that she has improved it from last time.

You see, I’ve encountered her in other dreams. Two that I can remember. She is a crazy lady who created an imaginary relationship with someone and she perceived me as being in the way.  Mostly because I managed to save the person she was stalking by being in the right place at the right time and stopping her.  I had never met or seen the person before.  So I am traveling on a path and she tries to kill me.

The second time I dream of her, she has invented a new and better ‘boyfriend’ that she believes is real.  She has invented a strange solution and put it into a bulb shaped, squeeze bottle-thing that is used to clean babies ears out.  The first guy she stalked in the first dream actually existed.  This new guy is a creation of her mind but she is stalking a real person she perceives to be him.  Again, I’m in the right place to stop her.  I get a face full of this solution and it is like some sort of pepper spray.  While it bothers me, it isn’t bad enough to stop me and I’m able to disable her and she gets arrested.  I testify against her in court and she gets locked up.

So now I’m up to tonight’s dream and there she is again, on the same path she normally attacks me on and I’m aware that I’m dreaming.  This time the new imaginary boyfriend is nowhere around.  But rather than wait for her to attack me, I decide to strike first.  As I mentioned, she acts like I never hit her.  After she tries to hit me with her new solution, I try to hit her in the face with the giant mallet (think croquet mallet). This time I get prayed in the face with the new and improved caustic solution.  Only I ‘t notice that it doesn’t bother me at all.

I decide it is time to wake up.  I really don’t feel like dreaming about this crazy lady again.  And after the weird zoo part of the dream, I can tell it is going to go no place good.