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Thoughts on Jeans, Muffin Tops, and Pockets.

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Up until the 90’s, the normal jeans were what people now call ‘mom’ jeans. They started making what are NOW considered normal jeans in the late 80s. They called them ‘boy cut’ jeans. It took them 20 years to catch on enough to become the New Normal.

I hated jeans, even when I was only 20 lbs overweight. Denim is stretchy. It relaxes as you wear it and makes you looks fatter. But I see heavier people in what I still think of as boy jeans all the time now. The muffin top look makes two rolls of fat over the jeans. At least the old normal smoothed out those lines and you might only have the one bulge at the top, depending on how much weight you needed to lose.

The double roll created by the waist band on the boy jeans looks so much worse. I don’t see when people make jokes about the so-called mom jeans. Which still look right to my eyes.

Another stylistic issue with the New Normal is that the pockets are no longer properly placed. Now they curve down under the bottom of the butt. They should be riding on the top curve of the butt. Decorative pockets now draw attention to the crotch more than they draw attention to the behind. It all just looks so wrong.

I used to hate jeans. But now I hate them even more.

Random News of the Day

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Who is Emanuel Steward and do I care that he has died?


 No, I do not.  Why? Because, according to his family, he is not dead.  He IS recuperating from surgery. 


Apparently, he is the Godfather of Detroit boxing.  Now, because of this wording, I’m imaging a boxing Mafia.  Men in long silk shorts and boxing gloves trying in vain to hold onto their tommy guns while clinging onto to the side of old cars with wide running boards you can stand on. 


Boxing gloves are not conductive to this kind of activity.


He supposedly ‘nurtured and guided’ people to world titles in the 1980’s.  It seems to me that boxing has been around a lot longer than that, even in Detroit.  If one is a ‘godfather of boxing’ shouldn’t one have been involved with it for a LOT longer than that?


A town in Florida is declaring war on baggy pants.  Despite the photo’s of people in generously wide pants, what they really mean in pants that are below the waistline and expose the undergarments or the skin. 


Some people say it is really to give the cops more ability to do ‘stop and frisk’ activities.  If they are really trying to cut down on crime, leave the baggy pants alone.  While it may not STOP crime, it will make it easier to catch people as they trip and stumble because of their own clothing.


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They didn’t complain that the top was too low. Just that the top I used to layer under it was inappropriate because it looked like my bra was showing.


The straps on the athletic top meet at the back behind the neck and don’t go straight back over the shoulders. This is better since tank top and bra straps always slide down my arms.

When Life Derails You.

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I was under the weather at the start of the week and then I have been working long days in order to make up some of the time rather than burning sick time or vacation time.  As a result, my list of blog topics is growing but I’m not finding time to actually work on them.  

I’ll try to get back to writing something this weekend.  I want to review a movie I saw, write about books I’m looking for but have forgotten the titles, the tea I ordered, not so lovely doctor’s visits, and a photo shoot of beloved clothing I can’t part with and the clothing I would like to purchase if I ever lose some weight.  

So if you like movies, books, YA sci-fi, tea, and gothish and gothic clothing and corsetry, Heavy Red in particular and some random cooking and crafting stuff, stay tuned for future installments.

Jackie O Goes Goth

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I wish I had some photos or any drawing ability.  They you could have some visuals.

Several years ago, Sears or Yonkers (I think) had done a line of clothes that seemed to point back to Jackie O’s style when she was First Lady.  But they were in pink, black, and grey.  They were cute.

But I couldn’t really get them out of my mind.  Ever since then, I keep thinking that a line of cute Goth clothes based on former First Lady Jackie Kennedy’s style would be fund to have. 

So I think I’ll browse pattern books and try to find some old patterns or some retro patterns that suit the look and maybe I’ll break down and try to make a few things. 

We will see if I can actually find patterns first.  If I can, I may have yet another big project to document for public viewing.