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Have a Little Wax with your Chocolate.

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Do you like Wax?  Do you like it enough that you want to eat Wax?  Did you know you probably eat a lot more wax than you realize?

Paraffin is used in fuels, paints, leather finishing, as a laxative, biomedical sciences, cooking, fire breathing and juggling, cosmetics, moisturizers, pesticides, cooling of mainframes, candle making, coating for paper or cloth, candy making, cheese, sealant, gum, castings, repellents, fertilizers, bullet lubricant, to stabilize explosives, crayons, propellant for rocket motors, surfboards, skis, snowboards, and the list goes on and on and on. 

When you look at chocolate, do you want the shiny, reflective chocolate or the dull, matte chocolate?  If you pick the first you are getting a lot of wax.  If you pick the second you are getting more chocolate.

The wax makes it all pretty and shiny so it sells better.  But it means less chocolate is in the mix.  It stretches the chocolate out and the confectioner can get more candy out of the same amount of chocolate.  It makes more product and increases sales and you can see why confectioners would go that route.

So take a good hard look at the chocolate shop when next you buy it from a chocolatier.  What you really want to find is dull looking chocolate.  If you are brave enough ask them how much wax they put in their chocolate. 

The best chocolate I ever had was from Trader Joe’s.  It was dull, matte, high cocoa percentage with chili pepper in it.  It was a South American chocolate.  It was amazing.  I need to see if I can go find more of it.

Of Office Workers and Coffee Pots

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The person who cleaned the upstairs coffee pots retired some time back. For reasons I do not know, the support staff for Construction Defect started cleaning them. Now they plan to do up a schedule for all the upstairs support staff to clean the coffee pots on a rotation.
I drink tea.
Mostly herbal tea.
Lots of tea.
I like hot chocolate and cocoa.
Especially, if I can find white hot chocolate or white chocolate cocoa.
(I know these are incomplete sentences but it best reflects my thought process on this issue)
I drink the Swiss White Chocolate International instant coffee.
It is the only coffee I drink. No coffee pots needed. Just my mug and the HOT water tap on the water cooler.
I did get coffee from the lunch room one day when I was showing a coworker who really wanted a mocha how she can make them herself with hot chocolate and coffee. No fancy ingredients needed.
I resent having to clean coffee pots as a non-coffee drinker. (I love the smell but the taste never lives up to the aromatic promise) I would gladly clean the coffee pots right off the counter and into the garbage can.
Would I get into to much trouble if I were to go that far?