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Random Thoughts on Random News in No Particular Order

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1. Apparently two movies opened and totally bombed as Oz stayed in first place. These were The Call and The Incredible Burt Wonderstone. I have a theory here. Lack of advertising. I’ve not seen a trailer for either at any of the films I’ve seen and I’ve never heard of either title so they can’t have advertised very hard at all. You can’t expect to fill the theaters if you don’t advertise. The article says there was a strong marketing push for Burt Wonderstone. I wonder where that marketing money was spent?
2. North Dakota is passing a strict abortion law that would ban abortions at around 6 weeks into the pregnancy. Some people don’t even know they are pregnant until after that point. It’s just not a human being at that point. I’m just so sick of men controlling women’s reproductive rights and I really think it is wrong that any person has the right to tell another person she must have a baby she can’t afford, or care for, or any reason. But at the same time said people don’t want to do any thing to help the mother’s or the babies once the child is actually born and actually exists as another person.


3. Some Sheriff in Colorado is refusing to enforce two gun control laws. One is requiring the background check when transferring ownership of guns between two people and another limiting the size of gun magazines. He says they will be impossible to enforce so he isn’t going to bother. I didn’t know law enforcement was allowed to pick and chose what they want to enforce or not enforce. How hard would the first one really be to enforce? You have to do something similar when transferring a car. Of course, a car is a lot more obvious if it isn’t plated. People see it going down the road. A gun isn’t so obvious. As for magazine size, if it holds to many rounds, it is illegal. Sounds simple. It’s not like they want to run around and examine every single gun. It’s more a case of getting in trouble if you get caught with one. Sure, he is correct when he says that it won’t stop the criminal from getting guns. But laws against murder are not stopping murderers, so does that mean we should stop arresting people for murder?


4. Tiny homes are adorable. Very cute. I think it triggers that spot in me that really desired a play house as a child. I could probably manage in a 600 sq ft one but the 220 sq ft ones are totally insane. I would probably need three of them. One to live in, one for my books, and one for my stitching and scrapbooking supplies. It’s the 120 sq footers that really get me. The shower is too tiny to turn around in, there is a sink and a stove but no place to cut and prep your meal. The photos were at such weird angles that you could not get any idea of the layout. Where was the bed/sofa in relation to the ‘kitchen’ and exactly where was that miniscule shower located? The single person dwelling had a toy shed behind it. A shed anyway, with several toddlers toys in front. There isn’t room in that box for an adult and a child. Where did the toddler sleep? Maybe the shed. The shed looked like it was bigger than the house. The 612 sq footer was over half a million. 649,000$. A little over a thousand dollars a sq ft. But the photos show that the materials were all high end, with a very fancy shower mosaic, and high end appliances. Very Top Drawer, so to speak.

Mountain Wedding

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Two very special people got married in Colorado this weekend.  Here are a few photos of the day.

The wedding was a destination wedding. It took place up at Breckenridge, Colorado. An elevation of 9600 ft. It was a lovely weekend. Some clouds, but sunny with no snow or rain. Jenn would have liked snow. This photo was taken at the scenic overview at the turn-off for Frisco and Breckenridge. Maybe 15 minutes away from the lodge where we were staying.

The night before the marriage ceremony. One Bride and Three Bridesmaids goofing off. Jenn, Stephanie, Michelle, and Vera. Jenn is wearing a dress that belonged to her twin sister, the fourth bridesmaid, Laura. Jenn traded one of her necklaces for the dress the next day. The necklace went perfectly with the shirt Laura was wearing.

Me the morning of the wedding. I was totally worn out from Altitude Sickness. I do like this picture a lot. Even if I look a little sleepy. Oddly, that was the morning after the ONLY night that I slept. Insomnia is a symptom of Altitude Sickness.

This is my favorite photo of the happy couple. Abby is in the white dress with Greco-Roman lines. Her shawl is hiding the distinct shoulder details and the fall of fabric down the one arm. Jenn is in the antique peach/rose/mauve sort of color. She had a matching shawl but she also brough along a pink leather jacket that matched better in normal light than by christmas lights and camera flashes. She was the only one with a coat on in the cold, November, high mountain air. She also wore boots under that dress. They were probably the prettiest couple I’ve ever seen at a wedding.

And here is another look at the mountains right around the area. I zoomed in on one of them. It was a pretty place, but having the entire wedding party and guests staying in one cabin, a very BIG cabin, was still enough energy to create tension and temper flares. Still, it was a good time in the end.

To Do List; or, Why does travel trigger a cleaning frenzy in women?

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I have an ambitious night ahead of me.  I have to sort the clean laundry and pack what I need for 4 days. I’m going to Breckenridge Colorado for wedding for some friends.

I have to wash the dirty laundry because I’m sure there area couple items I want for the weekend.  I’ll throw in the sheets and remake the bed. 

I want to get all the dishes cleaned and put away.

I need to shower again to try to get the last of the grease paint out of my hair.  I didn’t put it in my hair but some got into my hair as I was trying to get it off my face.

In addition to cleaning the litter box area and making it all fresh and ready for the cats, I want to clean the entire bathroom so it is clean when I get home.

Washing up tonight means I can pack ‘most’ of my toiletries and bathroom stuff tonight and not worry about it in the morning.

I need to set up four-day feeding and watering stations for the cats.  although I will be home half way through the fourth day. 

I think I would like to clean up the bedroom so that I’ll come home to a nice tidy bed.

This is where we will be staying for 3 nights, Tomahawk Lodge in Breckenridge CO.

I’m working the day after we get back, so it would be nice to have a tidy and neat apartment when we get back.  That probably means I should put away the Halloween stuff early this year.  Leave the more autumnal stuff out and set out the more Thanksgiving specific stuff.

Basically, I’m going to try to fit in an entire Fall Cleaning ritual in about 4 hours, while hoping my roommates class runs the full-time. 

I have not even started on my plans for tonight and I already feel the need for this.

Not to mention I want to watch a show or two, do a little stitching, and take some screen shots and do a couple of blogs for which I’ll try to set up publication dates during the time I’m gone.

What is it about going on a trip that causes women to go into a frenzy of cleaning?  Is it learned behavior?  Because I know my mom did it.  Do men suffer this compulsion?  My roommate is a naturally neat and tidy male.  Most I know have not been.  I knew that he, and most other men I’ve met over the years, often just grab their stuff and go.  So I don’t really see men as the ‘gotta clean’ now type.

I also need to take a book or two, a stitching project, a crochet and/or knitting project for riding in the car, and some food prep and take my tea.  Oh, I don’t want to forget the lap top for extra photo storage.

Maybe I need to take two suitcases?  One for clothes and bathroom things and one for stuff to do?

I’m getting tired just thinking about it.  And I have to work a half hour late today.  ARG!

Republicans and Illegal Votes

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The Republicans are going though this whole process to try to prevent illegal votes. But it turns out that there are WAY less illegal votes than they were saying. Lets look at Colorado for an example.

Last year, Gessler estimated that 11,805 noncitizens were on the rolls. After going though a whole process of record checking, 3,903 registered voters received letters last month from the Colorado Secretary of State’s office questioning their right to vote.

After those responses were checked and the federal immigration data base was checked, the numbers go down to 141. Out of those, only 35 had ever voted. This takes it down to .004% of registered voters.

Out of those, 8 turned out to be citizens after all. This takes the number down to 27.

Time, energy, and a great deal of expense went into a project aimed at tying to prevent illegal voters (who were viewed as being more likely to vote Democrat) to discover that the issue didn’t really exist.

One Republican commented that if it stops one illegal vote it is worth it. That is an awful lot of money to stop one illegal vote. Aren’t they the ones saying government is spending too much money and preaching fiscal responsibility?


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