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And The Violence Grows.

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To me, a person who has only been watching election cycles since 1980 when Regan beat Carter, I think the rage seems to be getting worse.  In the past, once people got over the election an moved on, there was more cooperation.  There were always partisan issues, but more cooperation.

This last election was the first time I saw one party completely refused to do anything that might aid the winning party.  It was the first time I saw Republicans actually go as far as reversing their stances on issue if that stance had been the same as or similar to the stance the Oval Office was taking.

The election prior to that one, where Bush was re-elected, which was bitter and brutal and down right cruel, saw some degree of common ground after everything was over and done with.  But the anti-incumbent rhetoric was growing more virulent even then.

It didn’t help that during previous primaries, (before the Obama/McCain campaign) the GOP moderates started to swing into the camps of the Extreme Right as it became more and more obvious that they would be running against either a woman or a black man.

Now a person who is a Republican cannot be a moderate at all.  The entire party, over the past 5 years, has swung farther and farther right.  But that started earlier.  I can’t pin point when, all I know is that about 8 years ago I realized the Republican party was no longer valid to me.  They were out of date and instead of adapting, they were trying to drag the country back to the 1950’s.  So I left the part and became an Independent with a weird blend of liberal and libertarian leanings.  I have found that the harder the GOP tries to drag us back to the 1950’s, the more liberal I become.

The public itself is getting more and more extreme and pulling farther and farther apart.  Maybe for the same reasons I’ve started becoming more liberal.   I expect this to continue and to see more and more violence perpetrated against people who have opposing opinions.  The people with the most rage are moving farther right and left than most of the rest of us at a much faster rate.  This four-year term has seen far more politically motivated violence between liberals and conservatives than any span I can remember. It feels like the country is starting to crack up.

I do not think this is a good thing but do not really see a way out of it.

Why I am no longer a Republican.

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With the Republicans in the White House, we may all start to feel like Number 6.

Paul Ryan is supposedly blaming Obama for how partisan politics has become. He is wrong.

Oh, he is correct in that it IS the most partisan ever. It has been getting more and more partisan and farther and farther divided for the previous two elections. Obama has nothing to do with that.

It’s been that way since more and more people hated the way Bush was eroding American freedoms and American values for the sake of a false sense of security.

That why I left the Republican party and voted against Bush on his second term.

Yes, I used to be Republican. But the GOP moved farther and farther to the right and I started moving left.

Because the harder they tried to turn back the clock, the more offended I became by the GOP values.

A bunch of rich old men who have no idea how life is in this country for the average person think they have the right to tell me how to live? I don’t think so.

More and more Republican women have been speaking up and trying to be active too. And I’ve found them even more offensive than the men.

Women active in politics who say that if men did their jobs properly, women would not need the right to vote. Women who actively fight to allow men to control women’s reproductive rights. Women who tear apart programs and funding to help women who are victims of rape and/or victims of domestic violence.

And the entire concept of Social Conservatism is a nightmare. Having one group with one religious ideology saying they should have the right to control everyone’s morality based on their own opinions. They say government should stay out of business but want to put government into everyone’s private homes and bedrooms.

Personally, I don’t see how any reasonable person can STAY Republican. I would think more people would be fleeing such a backwards, actively regressing, party.

The Sad Thing about Facebook, Friends and Politics.

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I often repost fun pictures or amusing political items.  Most of my political items make fun of just about everything under the sun and are not rampant, hit a person over the head with a cast iron frying pan, propaganda.  In fact, most of the ones I post are more about dialogue and less about propaganda. 

This is not true of some of my friends.  Some of real friends, with whom I was once able to discuss different viewpoints, seem to be drifting  farther and farther to the right and are getting more and more heavy-handed.  They repost extremely emotional and politically charged images and sound like they are simply repeating propaganda learned by rote and no longer really thinking about it themselves. 

I find myself getting more and more offended by the political standpoints of people I really know.  It doesn’t bother me when it is from ‘game’ friends.  I don’t know them.  I just play social games they are also playing.  Therefore it doesn’t make me cringe. 

I will admit that the two pictures that seem to bother me the most are the ones in which toddlers are dressed up in military uniforms.  The captions are placing adult responsibilities on the shoulders of three and four-year old children.  It offends me on the moral grounds that it is a militant indoctrination that seemed aimed at placing unrealistic expectations on small children with a focus on learning to obey people who ‘know better’ than them rather than learning to think for themselves and make a decision about the military for themselves.

I’m also very tired of the posts that basically say that if you don’t support the war that means you don’t support the troops and therefore you don’t support the country and you should get out and go somewhere else.  I can believe in our men and women and not believe in the war and I’m tired of people telling me I am unpatriotic and to move out of ‘their’ country. 

So many of the pro-military posts are getting ‘in your face’ and downright distasteful.  The level of hate in political propaganda, even non-military, has reached vulgar and downright worrisome levels.  Especially when I see it coming from my friends. 

As I get older, I move farther to the left.  I’m told this is unusual.  People often get more conservative as they age.  But I keep telling people they really need to stop this all or nothing attitude.  Example.  A friend reposts an anti-muslim ad, that implies all muslims are bad, without thinking how much it would hurt one of her muslim friends.   All Hispanics are illegal.  All Hispanics must be from another country (apparently, U.S. Territories are not part of the U.S. in some people minds).  And so on.  People are losing sight of the fact that there are lots of points in-between.

The more I read, the more I worry.  I don’t think the next major act of terrorism will come from outside. We have had enough smaller incidents to point to the fact that the next major incident is more likely to come from fanatical right-wing and fanatical left-wing sides.  I’m almost afraid of the upcoming presidential election.  Every four years the tensions and frustrations and stresses seem to get worse and more violent. 

The next civil war with not be one economic section of the country vs another.  It will be the leftists vs the right wingers.  One day, it may even be the bottom half of the economic strata vs the top 1%.

But let’s get back to the friends part of it.  Sometimes, the political things my friends post make me like them less.  Not because I have a different view.  We have always had those different views.  But because it seems like they are no longer thinking about it themselves and instead of engaging in political discourse it seems that have become part of a political propaganda engine.  It is like a certain  far-Right, hate filled, bigoted view has taken over their rational thought processes.

Maybe they were kidnapped and replaced by pod-people.  It is like a strange version of the Stepford Wives in which reasonable, intelligent conservatives were replaced by angry, hateful, bigoted, militant GOP’ers.