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Top Searches – The Current Trend is MUCUS.

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In the past, my top searches had to do with Doctor Who, or more specifically, the Tardis.  This was because of a stitching project where I am doing the Tardis in several different stitching methods.

Then it became Epidermal Suffocation because I did a Bond post and was mentioning the gold-painted girl.  That brought so many people to my page trying to find out if certain things could cause you to suffocate and die by putting them on your skin so I did a post about the fact that medical science has proven there is no such thing as epidermal suffocation (or at least anything fatal).  It is bad for the skin to be covered with gunk that fills the pores on a regular basis but it won’t kill you.  It then lead to a post on the fact that overuse of lotions can be bad for the skin while covering your skin with olive oil is not only NOT fatal, it is probably very good for the skin.   The ancient Romans used olive oil as soap.  I still think they must have had amazing skin.  I put a few drops in my bath water in the winter to keep my skin from drying out.

Searches of Crow Indians and Indians also brings a lot of traffic to my page.  This is because I researched Johnny Depp’s costume for Tonto and found it to be a copy of a stylized painting of a Crow warrior. Researching the Crow Indian images lead me to a photo series done a long time ago that seemed to give valid justification for elements of that particular look.

But now that winter is here and flu season has hit, the searches bring me the most traffic are searches on Mucus, Phlegm, and Clearing the Throat or variations thereof.

I guess I ought not have been surprised. One day, when I had been sick, I wrote a post on all the methods I was using to clear my sinuses and my throat.  So at least the people searching are going to get some information on what actually helped and what didn’t.  But I don’t really care for it being a high search item.  I don’t want to be the Mucus Girl.

As Wonder Woman experiences another change . . . .

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Fox is trying to do another Wonder Woman t.v. show. The first version of the costume drew much outrage.

It was shiny, plastic, had 4 inch heels in which no woman can chase down criminals, and looked like some junk one might pull out of a plastic, envelope-like bag at Halloween and throw away a week or two later. No one even touched on the shiny, glossy lipstick that looked as much like plastic as the costume did. Or maybe hey did. Everyone said she looked too soft for the part.

Shots from the set show that FOX actually listened and altered the costume. The pants now are made out of a material that looks like real fabric of some sort.

Something a person could really wear when tracking down evil-doers.

The bodice is a little darker.

The boots now have a very low heal.

The shot of the actress is when she is running. You can see that the costume really keeps in mind the actions Wonder Woman would be performing. And the make up was toned down. It made the actress look more like Wonder Woman.

The super glossy, super sexy make-up from the first photo shoot made the actress look to ‘soft’ to play a superhero. The on-set make up was more real and, as a result, made her more believable in the part.

I think it is a great new costume.

But still people complained.

They said it looked generic.

No, it really didn’t. No where near as generic as the new costume for the comic books. People kept saying, “Don’t mess with the original costume.” It became clear they were all talking about Linda Carter’s costume.

Not the REAL original costume.

That was a full-cut skort. A word the computer does not recognize since it is pretty well out of usage these days. A skort is divided skirt, usually just above or below the knees. Although it did get shorter and shorter, you could find some as short as tennis skirts.

Back in the day, it was very practical for women who, while expected to wear skirts and dresses everywhere, might only have a bike for transportation. Full enough to look like a skirt when at work or the store or doing other day to day business but practical for cycling to and from work, store, or the bank.
It was the obvious evolution from the full length, divided, riding-skirts.

What also caught my attention was the number of people referring to the ‘movie’. Skip this movie. Who cares what a fictional character in a movie is wearing? Some people just don’t read the article before they feel the need to rip it to shreds.

This is a t.v. show. For a t.v. show to actually last longer than a season, people have to buy into its world. If people can’t get behind the costuming of the characters, they can’t get behind the characters. If they can’t get behind the characters, they won’t emotionally invest in said characters. Without that connection, the show fails.

As a result, a bad costume with hurt the show.

Red long-johns with a cheesy symbol sewn on will not pass muster with modern viewers. (Sorry Greatest American Hero)

The same with sexy, but unbelievable, costumes. People were not objecting to the sexiness of the Wonder Woman costume.

It was the fakeness of it.

The impracticality of it.

It had nothing to do with feminists objecting to the Wonder Woman running around in briefs, short shorts, hot pants, or whatever you want to call it.

I don’t think it has anything to do with feminists.

Modern viewers are going to see a female superhero running around in briefs and a bodice while wearing 4 inch heals and think, you can’t fight villains in that. That’s a broken ankle waiting to happen and one bad step running around a corner is going to remove a whole lot of skin.

We watch enough action films and shows to know that the good guys occasionally hit the ground.

Overall, I like the new costume and I’m more willing to give this new actress a chance. I don’t have cable so hopefully the station will show episodes or allow Hulu to keep the current 5 episodes on their site. Otherwise, I’m a Wonder Woman fan the show won’t reach.

But I encourage others to give it a chance too.