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Think Doctor Who and not Star Wars

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This photo is making the rounds on Facebook. What is really funny is that the caption makes it clear what is it. But people seem to be thinking it is actually R2D2.

Happiness is . . . Skulls?

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I'm all smiles.

I love skulls.  They have a pleasing shape.  They are always happy.  They never stop smiling.  This one sits between my two monitors at work.  I picked him up at Christmas a year or two ago and put him under my desk tree but my supervisor told me to take him home.  So I just moved him out of my supervisor’s view.  They want us to personalize our desk space.  If people can have Husker stuff up I should get to have skulls up.

A little corner of happiness at work.

After all, they already know I’m Halloween Girl.  These lovelies live on my desk year round.  They have for the past three years.  I had more on the desk but brought some home this year.  We are moving to a new office at the end of October so I wanted to reduce the amount I would have to move.  I usually win scariest costume at our work costume contest each year.  Although last year it was for best use of a historical person or some such.  Everyone wins.  They make up categories that work for all costumes.  Although one year they made up two for me and I got two prizes.  Too bad I didn’t have pictures of those.  They are sitting in the hard drive of a computer that crashed on me.

Mr Happy

Meet Mr. Happy.  I saw him in the grocery store about two weeks ago.  My eyes got really big.  I smiled a huge smile.  My heart filled with joy.  I looked at him every time I was in the store up until payday.  Then I had to have him.  I’m not sure where he is going to live.  But I probably won’t be putting him away after Halloween.   He makes me happy every time I look at him.  Which is why he is now known as Mr. Happy.

And the bloody candle goes here.....

This little number usually has one of the white Halloween candles on top.  The ones that drip red.  This year I bought one that drip black, red, and orange.  Okay, I also bought a pack of blood drippers as well.  I couldn’t resist.  I admit that they don’t hold well to the skull.  It’s the plastic.  Even when well dripped, a good bump will dislodge the candle.  I only use the obviously plastic ones because the good ones just look to nice to mess up with wax.

And now for a little more realism...

I got really excited one year when I found these fairly realistic ones at Walgreens.  I’ve bought one each year since then.  Three now.  Okay, a more realistic one wouldn’t have the teeth in it and the jaw bone would be a separate piece, but it is still the most real looking skull I’ve ever found for 5.99$.

This little plate lives in my desk at work.

By now you may have realized my answer to the question, ” Pirate or Ninja?”  If you haven’t figured it out, you may need a good thump on the head.

Flashing skull of happiness.

Crazy Skull Candle Holder

Glowing Orange Glass Tealight Holder

This is but a small sampling of my collection.  My roommate may regret letting me decorate for Halloween.  A large amount of this may never get put back into the storage tubs.  Considering his large collection of dragons, my skulls should really be considered an appropriate counterpoint to his collection.

31 Days of Halloween – Days Three and Four

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I did not go to Case 39 after all.  I did watch Tomie.  Japanese horror based on a Manga.

Tomie was not as scary as I normally expect from Japanese horror.  But it did have the slightly slower pacing that you often see in Japanese films.  The start was a little weak but it got better. 

Many live action films based on Manga are very campy.  This was not campy at all.  So I was pleased.  Campy funny is good.  Campy horror is bad.


I did not get much done that was Halloween oriented.  I did bring two more Halloween items to work and I got the skeleton human and skeleton dog candle stands out and cleaned off the dresser top so I could get the dresser set up for Halloween.  I guess I did more than I thought.  I also got the black skull strobe light set up.