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My two cents. . . (if you want more, I need more than 2 cents).

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A vote for Romeny/Ryan is a vote to support the right of the very rich to rape and pillage the rank and file of regular Americans in order to line their own pockets. The very image of the Robber Barons that were whitewashed and turned into role models as ‘captains of industry’.

It’s a vote for “the ends justify the means’.

It is a vote for the subjugation of women and a return to 1950’s morality and the stagnation of society.

It is a vote to keep government out of business and put government into your homes and bedrooms.

Obama may have been a disappointment but he is still a better choice than the above.

Disapointment Rehashed

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My friends got into a large, four bedroom house.  I was going to move into the third floor.  That floor is a suit of rooms.  A bathroom, a bedroom, and a sitting room.  Rent would be 60$ less.   Utilities included.  I would get cable.  I would save 160$ a month.  I would not have to park on the street anymore.  I would be one mile from work.  I could walk and use less gas.


I didn’t move in then because I needed to find out about what I needed to do to move in the middle of the lease.  Then they found someone who just needed a place for the same amount of time I had on my lease.


Then they started to have all sorts of problems with the landlord and the house and one friend was thinking about leaving her job and they were talking about moving. Since they didn’t know if they were staying or moving, they asked a different friend to move in.  She had just gotten out of the service and wasn’t sure what she was doing next.  They didn’t want me to move in and then have to move again after having given up a reasonably good apartment.   I was thinking that myself yet at the same time I was disappointed.


Then they found out the place was up for auction by the bank.  And that really threw them for a loop.


After the auction, the new landlady came over and said she definitely wanted them to stay.  She is going to repair the yard, fix the plumbing, redo the bathrooms, and fix all the problems the former landlord had ‘fixed’ improperly. 


My friends still need a third person to afford the rent on the house so we talked about it and she had a huge promotion and wasn’t going to leave her job and they would prefer not to have to move again and they still thought me moving in was a great idea.


Today I was going to call my apartment manager and find out what I have to do to move early as in end of October.  I wanted to start getting stuff moved over and paint the walls.  I’m glad I didn’t do it yesterday or over the weekend.  I got an email today saying it wasn’t going to work. 


The new landlady has decided on a no pets policy and since my friends are already there she will make an exception for them.  They have cats and I have cats.  In fact, one of mine used to be one of theirs.  The place does not have carpet. Only the third floor bedroom with is very bad carpet that I planned to rip out anyway.  It has a hardwood floor under it.  Properly cared for wood floors are easier than carpet in the long run and cats are less of a problem on hardwood floors than on carpeted floors. 


So if I had moved in when my lease was up as planned, and they hadn’t asked the other friend instead, I would have been there already as well. 


So needless to say I am pissed and I’ll probably sit and stew over it all day today.  Then I’ll probably go to the hardware store and find out what colors they have in “opps” batches and do some painting in my apartment, see if a friend wants to come over with his full-sized ladder and help me get Halloween stuff up, find someone to remove my dead treadmill, and reduce some of my hobby stuff.  Maybe move some furniture.  If I’m not moving then I might as well refresh my current environment to make me feel better.