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A strange strange dream….

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Here is another one of my bizarre dreams.

(I’m typing this at 3:00 am and am not inclined to edit and fix the errors until after I go back to bed and get some more sleep.  But I really want to share the craziness of it.  So if you read an early copy of this, know that I will be fixing the horrible errors in it soon.)

The ice-maker woke me up from a dream that I knew was a dream but couldn’t seem to stir out from. Thank you, Lucid Dreaming, for making me able to know it is a dream but why wouldn’t you let me wake up from it?

It started out where I am at a hobby event working on crafts of one type or another and shifted and started to get darker. So I decided to change the dream and leave the hobby gathering.

Only now I’m driving around a small town I’m not from and no one wants to talk to me and someone seems to be trying to kill me, only I have no proof of it. So I try to change it by leaving the town. Only it turns to winter and there is too much snow and my car gets stuck. I try to get out of the car and it turns out that the driver’s door is stuck in snow. So I try to get out the passenger side, only there is a drop off.

This makes me cranky because I can’t think of a way to alter it. Only I’m asleep and dreaming so thinking up options isn’t really my strong suit. I seem to think up one and suddenly that is what happens but I can’t think up multiple options to choose from. I can’t make another alteration until I get ‘stuck’ again at a point I don’t like.

Anyway, manage to jump into a snow bank only it is at the edge of a lack and this edge is mostly cliff. I manage to work my way around it without getting too wet and make it to the road. It turns out that someone really is after me. It is my father. (NOT my real dad) He is trying to capture me.

Apparently the crazy lady in town, who said he was a bad person for years, was right. Apparently he nor she were natives of this small town. So now one knew or believed the crazy lady when she said he had been her husband.

Apparently there was another daughter who died at birth and he has been trying to capture both of us for years to gather living tissue from us to use in a spell that would enable him to bring back this dead baby. And getting away wasn’t going to work because he was on the police force.

Every time I tried to alter the dream to get out of it or onto something different it got worse. At this point I didn’t know what to try. I must have been sleeping lightly because the ice crashed out of the tray and into the bin and woke me up. I was rather glad at that point.

Strange Brew – Carrots?

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What does three bundles of carrots mean? What do they MEAN?????

Dreams are a strange concoction of events, movies, books, and random input in your life being sorted and processed by the subconscious.  I do think that dreams can have meaning and messages.  But these need to be interpreted in the context of your life, not from some kind of dream dictionary.  But sometimes a dream is just a dream.  Here was my weird one from last night.

I’m working late at work, to get some more sections done on a project.  We can work up to 2 hours over time a week in reality.  In my dream, this was not a limit.  I get the impression I was making up for some time off I took. (in reality, I’m out of sick days and I took an unpaid sick day last week.  I was also supposed to go in and work 2 hours OT Saturday and I was too sick to go.)

I wasn’t feeling well so I decided to take a bath.  Our cubicles were bigger and for some reason, instead of a desk section behind me, I had a bathtub and t.v.  I then fell asleep in the bathtub. (this weekend, I kept wanting to take a bath but took showers instead.  Sunday, I went to take a bath and decided a nap sounded better.  I slept about 5 hours.  It was a LONG nap.)

The cubicles have an extra wall section that is hinged and works as a sort of door.  I hear the cleaning crew come in so I get up and get dressed.  One of the cleaners asks me to call his pastor because they need some money for gas and baby food.  I call and leave a message.

It is very late yet there were a lot of people working.  There was an entire accounting department (that doesn’t exist) that worked overnight shifts. (I suspect this is from me watching way to many episodes of Supernatural, back to back, on Netflix almost every day.) 

I finish my tasks and turn around to find something on the floor inside my door.  It’s a mystery note from the mysterious pastor saying these people are not who they say they are and they are trying to extort money from him.  He had notified authorities but he was giving me a reward.  Pinned to it was 50$.  This seemed really strange. 

I tuck it in my wallet with the rest of my money (for some reason, all my money is in my wallet and not my bank) and put my wallet in my purse.  I’ve had a bad feeling about this from the moment they showed up. 

The rest of the cleaning crew is leaving and the man and his wife come up to my cube and she is not Hispanic.  (Okay, everywhere I’ve worked in the last 6 years has had Hispanic cleaning crews.  I’m not trying to stereotype.  This is just an element from my life experience in this city.)  She was also not part of the cleaning crew.  I’m feeling gratified that there are a lot of accountants around right now so I’m not alone with them.

She demands her money.  I don’t have ‘her’ money, but I do have a note the pastor left for them.  (Why he snuck in and out I don’t know.) It is just a folded bit of paper and I’m trying to find it in all my receipts and cash and stuff.  She keeps trying to peek around me and into my purse.  She can’t so she finally tells me to hive her my purse. 

“No. I am not giving you my purse.  You do not need to look in my purse.” (the only direct line I can remember from the dream.  She then gets all huffy and tries to act all official and like she is going to try to put me under citizen’s arrest or something.  (I watched The Watch, it was rather boring.)  I know she plans to rob me.  I just cock my head at her and tell her she isn’t touching me or my purse and that I am going to call the police. 

An accountant, hearing the argument, stops and hangs out near us.  She doesn’t believe I will call the police.  I pick up the phone and dial 911.  As I’m doing this, I notice there are several bunches of carrots on the floor.  I have no idea why they are there.  I’m pondering this as the 911 operator answers the phone and I wake up.

What an awful place to wake up.  I want to know what happened next.  I’m really confused by the carrots.  I really just want to know about those carrots.  Who care about what would have happened next.  I was ready to thow down with that woman.

Strange Dreams

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Lebbeus Woods ship for Aliens 3

(Apologies, I will have to tidy this entry up a bit latter.  But I burnt lunch twice while doing this and I don’t really want to waste anymore food.)

I had a dream about a planet ship built on earth. There was NOTHING really new in this dream.  But that is  usually how the subconscious works.  It pulls from a variety of sources.  Usually from things watched, read, or thought about recently.  Since I’ve been watching comedies and Korean horror, reading fantasy and children’s fantasy, and working on non-fiction and some fantasy, this extremely Sci-Fi focused dream has to have been inspired by the only source of Science Fiction I’ve had the past month.  Thanks StoriesbyWillaims, Sci-fi is invading my sleep.  Also credited are Star Wars the Old Republic and Alpha Centauri.

It was partly built with technology from ‘somewhere else’.  The dream didn’t specify.  Perhaps another planet, fleeing the ravengers came across earth and a joint project enabled the two to build something beyond what their individual technologies would allow.  The technology and programing itself was highly adaptable so that it would update itself.  It was intuitive so that it could see connections between two lines of study and research and be able see where the results could be connected to create new things.  But it stopped just short of being self-determination and self-awareness.  People were loaded onto this craft and sent out into space.

People need purpose so we set up city like communities.  People had homes, jobs, and mostly replicated the normal lives they left behind.  I am myself in this dream and I have no idea what my job was exactly.

We encountered others who needed to be saved and were able to save portions of populations.  The ship ended up in districts where certain, more compatible races, lived.  Shortly after this ship takes off from earth, robotic and medical joint research enables the ship to see a way to create cybernetic bodies and download personalities into them with some reproductive capabilities.  People still desired children. It would massively extend life spans, slow down childbirth rates, control population growth without legislating it, and even enable people to cross over to a different species.

I took advantage of this tech as did many people.  Some people did not.  It was too strange, to scary, or denied God too much.  But most of the overly religious never got onto the ship to start with.

But for some people, the reproductive functions didn’t.  Some people greatly pitied those who realized they would never be able to reproduce.  Some of them fell into a deep despondency.  Other didn’t care.  It created an almost eternal life span for the people to went into it early on. This was soon seen as a flaw and some limitations on life spans were incorporated into the design.  With a long time to live, some who realized they wouldn’t be able procreate took the view that it was simple a matter of time before the weird glitch would be found and corrected.

This saw an upswing in people from less human-like looking races towards more human like races.  Or adapting  the particular physical attributes the races prized most to a more human-like base structure.  Not out of any idea that ‘human’ were better but because, off of the native planets and on a ship, even a planet sized one, it simply had better functionality.

I was in one of the early batches with nearly unlimited life span and ended up in some sort of military capacity.  At a shop one day I ran into the first person I had known in childhood who also made it onto this ship.  Eric Hansen.

Eventually, the districts came to represent different political ideals and world views.  And the natural progression was, of course, war.  It was bad enough having to deal with war between our various ideals but there was also the ravengers to deal with.  As the scientists and the labs were busily churning out research to find a way to deal with them, the ship puts two and two together and creates a new drive and shooting use far away and beyond anyplace we could identify.  And a new internal transport vehicle is produced based on the Kia model my roommate recently bought.

Custom Kia Soul (in my dream, it could fly)

The thing is, during this ‘jump’ the ship pretty much put every one to sleep.  But there were some damages when coming out the other side.  Various areas were woken up at different rates.  Some of the districts took advantage of it to advance their war efforts.

We were fighting off a unit with newly adapted, close quarters weaponry.  Cutting weapons for up close, personal, fighting.  I grabbed two pieces from a downed enemy and was trying to figure out how to use them when a new surge was pushed forward, largely civilian cannon fodder.  I was told to fall back and give them to someone else when I finally got the hang of it.  These were ugly, brutal weapons causing pain and suffering rather than a quick death.  Once I figured them out, it was basically a bloodbath.

Only I don’t like slasher films so my brain, which dreams in vivid, color, movie-like patterns kindly avoided letting me actually see some of that stuff.

Anyway, it was a very detailed, elaborate, drawn out dream with lots of elements from many sci-fi movies, books, and t.v. shows.  Opps, and games.

Have you had one of those days . . . . down the rabbit hole of my mind.

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You wake up and feel exhausted. You feel as if you are just getting off work, not just getting up to a new day. When you get to work, you realize that you are actually in a bad mood that is a holdover from the day before. As the morning progresses, you realize that your bad mood is progressing from bad to foul.

This was my morning. I can’t say I dreamt about work.

I actually had a dream about jumping through hoops to get a volunteer job at a library. One that would put me in place for when a paid opening came along. I had to make nice with and get a bunch of criminals to approve of me. This seemed odd. Italy kept coming up as well. When I finally woke up, I had been in a card game that I had never played before called Around the World. Certain cards represented certain countries. Whoever had the highest cards for the countries and got the highest score for the hand won the hand. I had a cheat sheet since I never played before. Italy was represented by a lot of the club cards. I was on the third country, which I can’t remember now, and the symbols on the cheat sheet were three pillars. One pillar had a flame over it, one had half a flame, and the other had no flame. I had no idea what that meant and which cards could be connected to pillars. What was going on? Was the library run by the Mafia?

At that point I just got up. I didn’t want to dream that dream anymore. But I felt exhausted. I was so tired last night that I fell asleep shortly after 9:30. Then I couldn’t sleep in the middle of the night. I was up from about 1 – 2 am. After that, I slept for about 4 hours and 20 minutes more. I guess that means I was about 10 minutes shy of 8 hours. Or does it not count since I was up for an hour in the middle?

Half way to work, I realized I forgot to take my blood pressure medication. So it didn’t help when I realized I was in a really bad mood. That always raises the old blood pressure. Having a few non-work related conversations w/ coworkers has helped a bit.

Reading news media is not helping.

How about the South Carolina governor who decided rape victims and battered wives were a distraction from real issues and who denied funding for things that would help them? And this official is a woman. A woman who thinks rape and domestic violence are not important issues.

This reminds me of the women who fought hard AGAINST allowing women the right to vote. It catapults her into the ranks of women who believe in holding other women back, women who believe that a woman’s place is in the home, not working, and unable to have their own bank accounts or get loans without written permission from their husbands.
I’m shocked she ran for office and she claims her focus is on jobs. Oh, I guess she is in office to support a male agenda and to yank women back to their status from the 1940’s. She will help create jobs by keeping women in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant, whether they want to be or not.

Am I being too harsh? I don’t think so.

There was another political article I wanted to rant and rave about, but now I can’t find it and my mind is drawing a blank.

It’s been one of those days. I know a storm is predicted, I wonder if we will get it sooner than predicted. My head is killing me and two Excedrin didn’t put a dent in it. If anything, it is getting worse. On one hand, I really want this break in the hideous heat. On the other hand, I could live without the headache. The heat was so bad that I skipped all 4th of July events this year.

I’ve had it up to my eyeballs with the heat and from what I’ve been reading in my research, this may be the way weather is going to be. People have been talking about finding ways to slow down or reverse global warming since the 70’s. Governments have been trying to come to agreements and failing. Businesses have been fighting it tooth and nail because they don’t want the cost of having to install new systems. I’ve been saying for years that I believe we are nearing the point of no return. Now the scientists are starting to say that we are approaching the point of no return.

I can’t fall asleep if it is over 72 degrees. But I think the real problem for me is humidity and the heat index. I didn’t have this problem back home, in the Northwest, where we didn’t have AC. But even 90 degree weather didn’t feel that bad without humidity. I never even heard of a heat index until I moved to the Midwest.

Also from the news, if a person has to have a friend get her a disposable phone, get her parents involved, and hire 3 different law firms in order to get started on divorce proceedings, there has to have been something really really wrong in the marriage. And since most actors and actresses do joint custody when they split (or so seems to me), it seems significant that she was putting everything in place in secret and going after sole custody.

Normally I don’t really care about these people. They are just people who happen to have a way overpaid job. Too many of them develop an attitude of entitlement. I like the down to earth ones who don’t seem to let fame get in the way of their personal and family life, like Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell for example, and seem to retain that ‘real person’ quality that so many other actors and stars loose.

Maybe it’s because I just don’t care for Tom Cruise, maybe it’s because there seem to have been (viewing from the outside) manipulation and control issues in the marriage, but I can’t help but wonder just what was going on with them that caused Katie Holms to be so secretive and go to such lengths to get herself out of that marriage as quickly as possible once she broke the news to Tom.

Okay, I’ll be honest, it is actually an overwhelming curiosity of which I am somewhat ashamed. While I’m at it, I’ll take a moment to ask SOMEONE out there to tell Britney Spears that blue eye shadow went out with the 80’s and we really don’t want it to make a come back.

How did I end up in entertainment news on my lunch break? Speaking of lunch, it was catered today because one woman was on her 40th year here and anther on her 20th year here. They had really good catering picks for a change, at least one of them. I got food poisoning at the other about 6 or 7 years ago. Either way, good one or bad one, I still say that if your plastic fork snaps in half when you try to pick up a bite-sized piece of chicken then it was a bit overcooked.

Well, this has been a rather meandering post, going from one thing to another as it pops up. I’ll call it good for now. Lunch is almost over.

When Doctor Who meets The Big Bang Theory and collides with The Guild.

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Last night I had a dream in which I was taking college courses again, mostly lit classes.  The characters from Big Bang Theory were also taking lit classes and I had a few classes with a few of them. 


I’m in one class and I’ve been sick and I missed a week.  So I ask Howard what time and day the British Lit class was.  For some reason, being out sick for a week made me forget my entire schedule; I was only at that class because my roommate also had that class. 


My roommate decided she has the perfect girl for Howard and I tell her that might not work out so well.  The girl is interested in someone else and he is seeing someone who likes to hurt him when she gets mad.  (Think Zaboo and Riley, who lives next to Codex after the first season).


At this point my roommate, who never had a name in my dream, suddenly asks the obvious question.  “Why are a bunch of geniuses with PhD’s in maths and sciences taking a bunch of undergrad lit courses?”


“I don’t know, probably because they are being taught by Tom Baker.”  And then I wake up.


Tom Baker, of course, is famous for being the longest running Doctor (the Fourth) in the entire Doctor Who franchise.

The Life of a Madwoman.

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I must be mad because this doesn’t feel sane.  I’ve got a Tardis project going.  Friends are suggesting I do some Daleks a scarf like garland and make it all ornaments for a Doctor Who themed Christmas tree. 

I’m working on designing a wedding sampler for some friends who are getting married in December.   I have to finish designing it and start working on it if I want it to get done in time.  I’m starting to cut it too close.  I’m starting to chang Keep It Simple Stoopid to myself.  Sure, I’m aware of the misspelling there.  I don’t think it good to call yourself ‘stupid’ so I’m splitting hairs and changing the spelling instead.  That has to be another indicator of my insanity.

I have three sessions of dogstitting this month and I took a trip to see my grandmother.  My cats are going bonkers and last night, the first night home after 4 nights away, one kept stomping me all – night – long……   I guess he needed to make sure I was really there.  At one point I put him out of the room.  I then kept dreaming people were repeating things to me over and over and over.  I think it was because the cat sat outside my door and yowled, over and over and over, for nearly an hour.  I let him back in.  Then the whole trampling me thing resumed.  I eventually got up and slept on the couch.  He can’t trample me there.  He goes back and forth walking across my head and neck.  On a couch, there is no room.  All the can do is lay on me.  At least he then sits still and I can finally fall asleep.  I have one more weekend gone.  They are going to go nuts next weekend.

At least the dog sitting slows down then.  But I am also trying to work in more time on writing.  I kinda stopped for the most part last November when our office moved.  It was something I did during the down time that used to crop up for short periods during the day.  It was a way to keep busy and look like I was working.  Now I’m taking some of the time from when I would normally be keeping up with the blogs I read.  So I may get behind on some people because I’ve got a fairly large number of people I really love reading. 

Not to mention that I REALLY have to find time to lose the weight I gained the last two years.  I was put on a blood pressure medication that had a bad side effect.  I developed an insanely violent cough and it took forever for them to figure out it was my blood pressure prescription.  In that time, it got so bad that any effort, including the walk up to my apartment, triggered coughing fits.  I had to stop working out at the fitness center because people gave me nasty looks for going to the gym with a nasty cough.  Then I had to stop working out because I couldn’t do much before I started coughing myself sick.  Literally.  By the time they identified it, changed the scrip, and my system normalized again, I had gained 35 lbs, have foot and joint problems, and a 30 minute walk will nearly cripple me for the next three days.   But I have to get started and do something because most of my problems will clear up if I lose the weight.

And I promised my roommate I would make my lasagna.  But tonight is the only night this week where our schedules line up and I can make it.  Only I’m ready to crash.    I didn’t get anything done last night because dealing with server transfer issues took 3 hours last night on SWTOR and I had to deal w/ Blizzard as well because someone hacked my Battlenet account and changed my passwords.  I’ve taken a break from WoW to play SWTOR but I still don’t want my ‘toons robbed while I’m away.

I have two gift scarves in progress, one blanket in progress, and I was going to make fancy smancy dishrags out of sock yarn for christmas presents. 

My brain hurts and I have a mountain of clean laundry that needs to be sorted.  My cats used it as a bed while I was dog sitting and some of it needs to be rewashed.  I also have an end table of books still waiting to be read, a pile of borrowed movies to watch, a huge queue of Korean films on Netflix that I have not watched because I never sit down long enough to read a movie.  I keep trying to multitask instead. 

All of this excludes a project I was trying to work on for work.  Maybe there is a reason I’m so tired all the time.  There simply isn’t enough time in a week to work on stuff.  So clearly I MUST be insane.

Lucid Dreaming

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The realization you are asleep and dreaming and you take control of your dream. This woke me up at 5:00 am this morning.

I don’t remember where the dream started.  But at some point I decided to go to a zoo.  But there was no one at the ticket counter.  So I feed my money into a machine and take ticket.

I find myself in a hallway with a bunch of doors.  But no displays.  So I peek into a door wondering if you have to deposit coins to see the animals.  Inside are small rooms the size of linen closets with a couple of plastic storage tubs.  It looks like there might be something in the back corner, moving around.  But there are no lights.  I check another door and it is the same.

I go back up to the front.  After all, it is now well past opening and there are no displays.  A manager yells at me for opening doors.  He saw it on a video feed.  I tell him that I was there after opening, no one was manning the ticket counter, and there were no exhibits out. I had to get my entrance ticket from a coin operated machine so I thought maybe I had to put coins in another machine to view the exhibits.  He yelled at an employee for not manning the ticket counter and then yelled at me some more.

I left after that.  Clearly this was not a normal zoo and was, perhaps, a ripoff.  Something was not right.  I leave and am now facing a road.  I cross the road and to my left is a train track.  I start jogging along it and notice the foot path to the right and I go over that way.  After all, it isn’t safe to jog or walk so close to a train track.  The path looks very familiar to me.

I’m going my merry way and see a woman nearby.  Instantly, I am aware of the dream.  Oh no.  It’s that crazy lady dream.  She is speaking into a small recorder about her former Navy Hero, now Doctor Boyfriend.  I decide to take a proactive approach and I suddenly have a giant mallet which I swing at her and she is knocked into a major crevasse near the trail.

She pops back up like it was nothing and tries to get me with her spray bottle of horrible caustic solution explaining that she has improved it from last time.

You see, I’ve encountered her in other dreams. Two that I can remember. She is a crazy lady who created an imaginary relationship with someone and she perceived me as being in the way.  Mostly because I managed to save the person she was stalking by being in the right place at the right time and stopping her.  I had never met or seen the person before.  So I am traveling on a path and she tries to kill me.

The second time I dream of her, she has invented a new and better ‘boyfriend’ that she believes is real.  She has invented a strange solution and put it into a bulb shaped, squeeze bottle-thing that is used to clean babies ears out.  The first guy she stalked in the first dream actually existed.  This new guy is a creation of her mind but she is stalking a real person she perceives to be him.  Again, I’m in the right place to stop her.  I get a face full of this solution and it is like some sort of pepper spray.  While it bothers me, it isn’t bad enough to stop me and I’m able to disable her and she gets arrested.  I testify against her in court and she gets locked up.

So now I’m up to tonight’s dream and there she is again, on the same path she normally attacks me on and I’m aware that I’m dreaming.  This time the new imaginary boyfriend is nowhere around.  But rather than wait for her to attack me, I decide to strike first.  As I mentioned, she acts like I never hit her.  After she tries to hit me with her new solution, I try to hit her in the face with the giant mallet (think croquet mallet). This time I get prayed in the face with the new and improved caustic solution.  Only I ‘t notice that it doesn’t bother me at all.

I decide it is time to wake up.  I really don’t feel like dreaming about this crazy lady again.  And after the weird zoo part of the dream, I can tell it is going to go no place good.

That One Time at Writers’ Camp.

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Emily Post

I just had a dream where I went to a writers’ camp for adults.  Half the camp was held in one city and the second half of the camp was to be held in another city.  It was the morning in which we were leaving one place and driving to the other and I was having breakfast.

People kept introducing themselves by saying their name and to which organization they belonged.  So when a man sat down to share my table and introduced himself and followed it up with, “and I don’t belong to any organization.  I don’t do groups.” I totally understood what this meant.

As other people sat down at the table this routine would repeat with people who hadn’t met earlier during the program.  Yet for some reason, after this person explained that he wasn’t part of any group or organization, everyone else would ask him, “So are a member of the Independent Writers of America?” or some such thing that implied an independent or freelance writer.  To which he would reply, with increasing annoyance, “I don’t do groups.”

After a bit of discussion, and a few of us making plans to meet up for lunch about 2:00 in some city or other, we all start to pack up and make sure we have everything and leave.  I’m not exactly sure why, but the hotel bathroom was the size of an airplane bathroom.

Anyway, as I’m finally getting into my car to take off, one of the other writers runs up to me, having finally remembered the author’s name he couldn’t remember when talking to the man who didn’t do groups.  He runs up to me screaming “Emily Post, Emily Post” and begging me to tell that to the man who didn’t do groups when I met up with him for lunch.

At this point I decided it was time to wake up from this strange dream.  People running up to me, wildly shouting ‘Emily Post’ was just to strange for me.


Writing Hiatus

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In school I wrote all the time.  I wrote poetry, short stories, and random essays on things that popped into my mind.  While spelling was and is a weakness of mine, I worked hard on grammar and punctuation and organization. 

I would write a short story or essay inspired by the art on my folders for school.  I would make up stories as I went for my nightly walks.  I went to college and wrote, went to work, went to college again and majored in English Lit and took additional writing courses.

Then I graduated and stopped writing altogether.

Over the past 5 years, I’ve noticed a laziness that crept into my writing.  I’ve seen the deterioration of grammar and sentence structure.  And you don’t want to talk about my comma splices.  Or maybe you do.  I couldn’t say.

I’m not a grammar Nazi when online. But I do try not to look too stupid and uneducated.  I have several degrees after all.  And I really wanting to go back to school again because I’m strange and miss classes and studying and research.  I even started researching ancient East Anglia kings for something ‘fun’ to do. 

Part of this exercise is to work on my writing skills again and get them back up to par and work on my research skills for an age where technology now rules.

How did life get so busy that I completely stopped writing when I envisioned my future as a writer?