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Nemesis Game Disappointed.

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The plot sounded interesting.  I like Adrian Paul.  I figured I would give this movie a try.  The style engaged me.  I loved the suspense, I loved the riddles.  They were a bit to easy and I didn’t really think I was that great at riddles myself.  But it was fun trying to guess them faster than the characters.

The two leads were quite good.  But then, I’ve seen Adrian Paul do well with poor scripts so I figured I would probably enjoy it if it wasn’t terribly good.  I loved the cinematography.  Some parts made me feel like I was in an old click and walk adventure game solving puzzles.

I didn’t like Adrian Paul’s ‘scars’.  They were supposed to be fire burn but looked much more like old laser removal of tattoos.  While his acting was good his character development wasn’t.  It was like we were missing a lot of back ground on him.  I also thought the father might have been more involved in the game.

I HATED the ending.  I didn’t like that Vern kills Sara.  I liked him.  I liked her.  I also felt entirely dissatisfied with the ‘design’.  Exactly how did solving such an EASY riddle lead him to realize the ‘design’?  Why does this knowledge make a person go out and kill someone only to then turn themselves in?  If those questions were answered, I could have lived with the ending.

But they were not.  If the ended had not been so dissatisfying, then I might have given this movie a 7 or 8.  As it was, I can only get up to a 3.

So you think you can’t cook…..

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Here is another fast and easy recipe for those who think they are kitchen challenged or those who just don’t feel like cooking from scratch. Like when you decided to play Star Wars The Old Republic for May Fourth and you end up playing for three days straight.

1 pound

Start with a lb of ground beef. Brown up in a large sauce pan. Season with black pepper or cayenne (if you are like me) or both (something I also do). If you use beef with a high fat content (70/30), make sure to drain it. If you use beef that is too lean you sacrifice some of the flavor. Even thought I use seasoning I can still tell flavorless beef from flavorful beef. I use 80/20 most of the time because 85/15 has gotten really hard to find. I used to use it all the time.

Black Beans

Lets talk about black beans. These are my favorite. Even thought I’ve not gotten the knack of cooking with them from scratch. Canned black beans will save a ton of time and are great for fast, easy dishes.

Take one can and drain well. If you add water to the can, shake well, and drain again, repeating for a total of 5 times to get the water to run clear. Or put in a colander with small holes and rinse out the black stuff it is packaged in. They will cook up clearer (won’t turn your dish black) and it gets rid of a lot of the sodium it is packed in. Don’t worry, I will be putting sodium back in elsewhere. I use the rinse and repeat method to cut down on dirty dishes. I’ve been known to dirty a lot of dishes when cooking so I like to cut back on that when I can. Toss in on top of cooked beef.

Normally, I have a horribly low opinion of canned potatoes. Sliced and whole ones cook up horribly. I don’t have that problem with diced canned potatoes. Use one can and rinse but don’t worry about doing it 5 times. Just a couple of times to clear out the sodium. Toss on top of the beef and beans.

Now I add three cups of water and two beef bullion cubes. These are high in sodium which is why I try to get rid of it from the cans. I know there are other forms of bullion that are not so high in salt but I don’t know the amounts to get the results I want as I do for the cubes. Let simmer a while to heat beans and potatoes all the way through and to mingle the flavor of the cooked beef with the bullion with the beans.

Northwoods Fire

You can season this simply with black pepper. It will taste a bit like beef stew. Or you can use chili powder to have a chili like flavor. In that case, you may want to add a can or two of tomato sauce instead of water. I kept it soup like and used Northwoods Fire from Penszeys to season.

I would show you the end result but I ate it while I was typing this.   I just can’t keep it in the pan long enough to photograph.  It is too yummy.  There is more at home tucked up in containers for other lunches.  Yummy lunch.  I can’t wait until lunch tomorrow to eat the other bowl.    If you make proper servings with a salad and veggie side, you get 5 servings out of it.  I tend to put more in my containers and only get three servings.  It’s easier to do lunches that way and have a veggie heavy dinner.