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When Doctor Who meets The Big Bang Theory and collides with The Guild.

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Last night I had a dream in which I was taking college courses again, mostly lit classes.  The characters from Big Bang Theory were also taking lit classes and I had a few classes with a few of them. 


I’m in one class and I’ve been sick and I missed a week.  So I ask Howard what time and day the British Lit class was.  For some reason, being out sick for a week made me forget my entire schedule; I was only at that class because my roommate also had that class. 


My roommate decided she has the perfect girl for Howard and I tell her that might not work out so well.  The girl is interested in someone else and he is seeing someone who likes to hurt him when she gets mad.  (Think Zaboo and Riley, who lives next to Codex after the first season).


At this point my roommate, who never had a name in my dream, suddenly asks the obvious question.  “Why are a bunch of geniuses with PhD’s in maths and sciences taking a bunch of undergrad lit courses?”


“I don’t know, probably because they are being taught by Tom Baker.”  And then I wake up.


Tom Baker, of course, is famous for being the longest running Doctor (the Fourth) in the entire Doctor Who franchise.

Lair of the Lion and My Crazy Week, Happy FRIDAY!

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This week has been on the crazy side.  So I’ve missed another couple of days.

First, I ended up being very sad when I watched Eureka and Dr. Holly Martin (?) was killed.  Yeah, my favorite character and I can’t remember her exact last name.  From the first episode with Felicia Day, her character became my favorite character.  The way she was killed off seemed so senseless.  I see some people hoping that she is somehow saved.  I just don’t see it happening with the way the Senator instructs some people to dispose of her.  I don’t think Beverly would have the chance to try to save her.  She flatlined.  Flat out flatlined.  I just don’t see it being changed.  I do agree with the people who feels this motivates Beverly to change sides.  She always thought she was on the right side, the good side, the side not under the thumb of the military.  She always tried to avoid causing real injury to people.  So the Senator’s actions are anathema to her view of the Consortium or whomever they really are.  And based on the teaser for next week, it looks like I might be right.

Then there was the car trouble that turned out to be relatively painless and easy to fix.  (White smoke from tail pipe.  Oil Change and Engine Coolant.  56$) And then work issues with my keyboard.  Or more importantly, the soda (Dr. Pepper) I bought that kept exploding all over me yesterday.  I was so happy to get home to rinse off.  I couldn’t open a soda to save my life yesterday.

I managed to get some Tempura that was okay, but not as good as I like.  So I’m still jonesing for proper Tempura.  Still, a Shrimp Tempura and a Veggie Tempura appetizer makes a decent Tempura dinner for 11$. And work was crazy for a couple of days, but then it slowed to a crawl. 

The really important but utterly irrelevant and rather meaningless and useless thing is I got my Tauntaun in SW’TOR.  It is very tiny and very cute.  I also got the GW birthday pet.  I think my bird was prettier.  The Hell Hound looks like super heated stone.

I finished a book and I had to do my review for Goodreads.  Since I’m feeling Lazy, that will be most of this blog.  It probably isn’t the most in-depth review.  But it is better than some of the two-liners I often see.  Okay, two sentences, but two-liners just sounds better.

Christine Feehan’s books have gotten highly repetitive. Sometimes it feels like the same people with different names. In fact, it reached a point that I only read them because of the story arc that spanned many books was more interesting than the individual books themselves. Lair of the Lion was a nice change.

Clearly a book outside of the other sets she has going, this 2002 book is about people under a curse rather than a completely different race of people. I give it four stars because it was a refreshing change from most of her books. It may be a tad high because there were so many places where the story could have really delved into more deeply. Much of the back story that created the personalities and motivations was glossed over.

Romance novels are usually stand alone books that may have a series tying various characters together. But each book is only about one couple. This book had so many areas that could have been explored that it could have been taken out of the realm of romance and into a multi-book drama/fantasy.  I would have like to have read that.

In a sing song voice:
I like tea, tea likes me, tea makes me pee.
It’s Friday, just go with it.   HAPPY FRIDAY!


Gamer Girls Unite! (Okay, I guess we can let the boys in, even though they tried to keep us out of their clubhouses.)*

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Someone, Somewhere, Somewhen has probably already blogged about this. I’m just too lazy to look it up and see what they decided to write about it.


Anyway, it might color my own writing if I do.


The Guild.


I Love This Show!  Season Five is finally on Netflix and I will have to watch it this weekend.  I may make my roommate watch seasons 1 – 4 this weekend as well.  After all, he also plays a MMORPG.  Well, until a few weeks ago.  He started taking two night courses and is taking a break from it.  Sort of.  He has something he calls an AFK build.  It only works for one area.  It is a set of skills that allows his to take his ‘toon to a certain location, kill all the mobs, and then walk away and somehow he accumulates points. 


But back to The Guild.  Felicia really captures a lot of different types of players with her show.  Of course, they are, to a certain extent, exaggerations.  But that is part of what makes it so funny.  And most gamers know people very much like them. 


Part of me wants to give a synopsis of each season and an analysis.  But then it gives too much of it away.  Mostly, I just think anyone that plays any type of MMORPG should watch it.  Very funny, even if it is based on exaggerations of stereotypes: the awkward gamer girl who substitutes the game for a real social life, the girl whom you would think would have a social life and friends but just isn’t nice enough to get along with real people without the computer as a buffer, the guy lives under his mother’s thumb, the older single guy who has so many flaws that RL people won’t put up with him, the typical high school kid, and the housewife who games instead of watching soaps and neglects her family and kids.  Okay some of these are actually two stereotypes in one person.


And that is just the Knights of Good.  (Really, what are the odds of a very small guild of players actually living in the same city and not already knowing each other.  They are either spread out in different cities or they all know each other and set up the guild for that reason.  Or at least, that is my personal experience. 


The Axis of Anarchy, their primary in-game opposition, also includes some different stereo types.  And Wil Wheaton is perfect for the part of Fawkes.  It is rather hilarious.


I can’t wait to start watching season 5 and I’ve heard season 6 has been purchased.  More gamer girl geekiness to look forward to. 


*(Then I was in 7th grade the only other people playing what I wanted to play were the 8th grade boys.  They wouldn’t let me play with them.  Bad Boys.  Bad Bad Boys. Shame on Them.)