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Forgetfulness, A Writer’s Bane

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Random Beastie Image

I was going through a bunch of my story ideas that I haven’t done much with thus far.  One of them was apparently going to be a fairy tale of sorts.  About a village who tried to flee a monster and set up a new village and eventually the monster caught up with them.  I think I was focusing, in part, on the idea that you can’t just up and move and solve your problems that way.  You are still you and you take all your fears, flaws, and insecurities with you.  But on a larger scale. 

It was also about how local or tribal legends may have had a real point but time and memory distort them.  The story they think they know isn’t the whole story.  It may not even be the true story, but in fact have been so twisted around that it becomes the very opposite of what the orignal purpose and meaning had been. 

I have three paragraphs of background developed in a concept folder.  Only I had forgotten the key point to the entire story, the Truth that the people had forgotten and fled from. 

Now, if you think it silly or a waste of my time to sit here and share what I’ve been sharing, I’ll remind you of a key work in that last sentence. 


The process of giving you a description of what I wanted to do with the story has eventually reminded me of the plot line I originally had in mind.  I spent all weekend trying to remember this and couldn’t.  The process of telling helped me remember.  So I’m going to add that to my concept page before I forget again.

What I did when I forgot my book.

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Futurecast by Teresa Wentzler

I NEED my mental break at lunch.  I prefer to read a book.  It takes me away from the office and into another world.  This is why I prefer to read Science Fiction or Fantasy novels as well.  But I forgot my book yesterday and instead grabbed the book I had jus finished.    I also forgot my breakfast and lunch in the fridge.  At least I didn’t leave it on the counter.

But I still needed to do SOMETHING at lunch.  I hate being bored during that time.  Being bored on company time is bad enough.  Being bored on my own time is somehow worse.

It’s a good thing I had two stitching projects with me.  The down side is that I normally do something while stitching.  Watch t.v. or a dvd or chat with people.  Not an option in my cube.  (I hate the lunch room.)  So it was still a little tedious.

I worked on this little dragon.  Maybe I’ll finish it soon and can post a picture of it completed. 

I also need to update my Tardis Project.  I have two items finished.  In the stitching world there is something we call finished but not finished.  The stitching is done but it hasn’t been turned into anything yet.  I also made a good bit of progress on my Elegant Pumpkins.  I’m still having trouble tracking down two of the colors.  Once I get those photographed, I’ll be posting that update. 

But in the meantime, here is a sample of the little dragon.  The pattern is called Futurecast and it is by Teresa Wentzler.  A lot of people hate Wentzler patterns because they tend to be ‘advanced’.  They make massive use of blending two different colors and they use tons of partial cross stitches. 

This is a free pattern on her website.  It is designed so the stitcher can easily alter the color scheme to whatever he or she wants.  I’m not blending two colors for every symbol.  I’m just using one.  So there is a little less subtlety.  I may do so if I stitch it again.  It’s not too big and the ease of swapping colors makes it a great pattern for stitching gifts.  It is a good introduction on how to change colors on patterns and the partial stitches are kept to a minimum so it is also a good introduction to Teresa Wentzler patterns in general.

The Frustration of Forgetfulness.

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You have a good topic idea at work and the phone rings before you can write it down.  You record the call data, grab your thoughts notebook that sits beside your work notebook, and you have totally forgotten the topic.

You are driving home and thinking about the blog you want to write when you get there.  In fact, you manage compose the entire thing in your head.  You even rework it a bit.  Then someone nearly causes an accident in front of you and you get home, fuming about the stupid drivers, and realize you remember nothing about the amazing blog you just mentally wrote.

You sit down and write out a line or two of a new blog when the cat leaps onto your desk and misses.  This results in the falling cat plunging claws into your leg, arm, chest or whichever part of your body is handy in order to stop the fall.  (I have a glass topped desk that tends to cause more than a few falls for the cats)  After you scream bloody murder, terrify the cats and probably the neighbors, get up and clean the wounds, cover them with New Skin, scream again from the brief but intense stinging of the product, you then try to get back to what you were writing.  You look at your first one or two lines and have no idea where you were going with them. 

Or maybe I just have a piss poor memory because I crammed it to full of books I’ve read, shows I’ve watched, and strange, random, but utterly useless facts that just seem to stick to the brain like they were attached with gorilla glue.

Thursday Inconveniences or The Simple Things That Make Life Better

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People walking past my desk will be treated to more unusual sight than normal.  The will see me sniffing a bag of tea.

Technically, it is not tea.  It is pure peppermint leaves. 

I left my lip balm and my decongestant at home.  I was certain I picked them up and tossed them in the work bag.  But they are not there so they must be on a counter or dresser or the table.  Someplace I might of set them down while getting my stuff together this morning.

I have been having a terrible time breathing yesterday and today.  But not all is lost.  I have a box of Stash Peppermint Herbal Tea.  To get relief, for my nose at least, I can hold a bag up to my nose and breathe through it until the side that is blocked starts to ease up some.

This will not help my dry lips.  That will have to wait another entire hour before I can get to the drug store to buy another tube of lip balm.  And then life will be good again.

Or at least par for the course.