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Prunes, nature’s candy. Seriously.

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I would love to share a photo of delicious prunes but I’m on a borrowed computer and borrowed internet tonight and can’t really download and upload one.

Dried prunes are delicious.  They are super sweet.  They taste like candy.  I don’t buy them to much because I over eat them and they are bad for me.  Dried fruit generally is bad for you.  It has an entire fruit worth of sugar in a single bite.  So this is really bad if you are a diabetic.

I fail to understand why people claim to hate prunes.  Why do prunes have such a bad rap?  I’m guessing a lot of people assume they are bad because they have been told it.  (Like me and Brussels sprouts.  I thought they were bad because everyone said so.  Turns out I actually like them.)

I know that a long time ago that all food was cooked, including fruit.  (We are talking middle ages.)  But eating raw fruit and drying fruit has been a thing for as long as the United States has been a country.  Not sure when the people decided that maybe fruit didn’t need to be cooked to death.  But I do recall references to stewed prunes in novels.  Some were old novels, from the 1800’s.  Some were more recent, from the 1900’s.  I don’t think I’ve read or heard that reference in this century.  Maybe the people saying now bad they are only ate stewed prunes.  Stewed fruit just doesn’t sound very good to me in general.

Still, dried prunes are delicious.  Seriously delicious.  I think I will have to go out and buy a small box of them.

No melons were injured in the writing of this blog . . . but I did eat some pineapple.

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I’ve identified a few heart burn triggers and so I was reading an article about foods that cause heart burn and what to avoid.  It was a very bad list.  It was far to general.  Or advising a fairly brutal diet only a serious vegan might like.  Aside from the fish.

1. Don’t eat grains.  Well there goes an entire food group.  Handy for people who need to be gluten-free but it cuts out gluten-free grains.  I suppose it might make Paleo people happy.  But not for long……

2. Avoid acidic foods.  Sounds good.  But all items listed here were listed in other sections as well.  So I won’t bother with the actual list.

3.  Don’t eat sweets or candy or desserts.  Well, most of these contain grains, or acidic ingredients.  So that kinda makes sense.

4. Don’t drink drinks.  Beer, alcohol, wine, coffee, caffeinated drinks, carbonated drinks, fizzy drinks, most juices.  That pretty much leaves water and herbal tea.  This section was much longer but everything falls under that list.  They could have saved space by saying only drink water and herbal tea but stay away from peppermint.

5. Dairy.  Again, it is easier to say that butter seems to be okay and some cheeses.  But they didn’t say which cheese was bad so I can’t guess which cheese is good.  Everything else is bad.  By the way, this is the second food group that is pretty much decimated.

6.  Greasy meals. No oily food, no fatty food.   It went on to explain that fast food and snack foods are greasy and for some reason made a point of condemning spicy Ketchup specifically.  Which should probably go in the next section.

7. No spicy food.  Spices apparently trigger heart burn.  But is it spices or is it really peppers and chilies?

8.  Avoid fruit.  Well, there is another entire food group.  It covered berries, citrus, and a number of other fruit.  Plums were not mentioned, nor some of the exotic fruits, and no melons were mentioned.  So I guess melons and plums are now the entire fruit section.

9. No protein.  Um, huh?  Well, there go the Paleo people.  Okay, if you must have it you can have fowl but no eggs.  Nothing was said about shellfish.  I don’t really include those with fish but maybe they did.  Oh, and the fourth food group is significantly reduced.

10.  And some veggies are bad.  Mostly in the onion/garlic family.  And sauerkraut.  But sauerkraut is a dish, not a veggie.  Either cabbage isn’t so great or it’s the stuff it is cooked in.


In the end, my ultimate impression is:

Veggies, mostly good, avoid cabbage and anything in the onion/garlic group.

Fruit Bad, Melons good.  Plums probably okay.  No berries.

Meat Bad, Birds Good.

Dairy Bad, Butter Good, some Cheese is okay but we don’t know which kinds so better stay away.

Grains Bad.

The Heartburn Friendly Food Pyramid:


F  O  W  L

M  E  L  O  N  S

V  E  G  E  T  A  B  L  E  S


Graphic advice that falls under the heading of TMI

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When you have an upset stomach, do not eat pomegranate seeds.  Projectile vomiting the sharp, non-digestible kernels though your nose hurts.

The are the sharp inside bits.

This is the tasty delicious bit around the sharp pointy bits.

The Random Wednesday Night

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I finally have the huge backlog of unread blogs cleared out.  I’ve also dealt with the ones to which I wanted to reply.  I’ve picked up my order from the Mystery Book Store and I’m sitting at a friend’s house waiting for dinner.  It’s movie night again and I think the Movie is City of the Lost Children.  I REALLY want to watch it but we will be starting it a little later than usual and I’m thinking I may want to get home a little earlier than that.  I had one or two things I wanted to do still.

The movie would fit in very well with the 31 Days of Halloween.  A surreal treat in which a mad scientist kidnaps children to steal their dreams in an attempt to become young again or at least stop his aging.  A strong man from a circus is trying to find his stolen little brother.  He enlists the aid of a young street girl who is part of a gang of kids lead by Siamese twins.  I suppose I really ought to say co-joined twins.  It’s a French or German film.  Or maybe it’s a French/German film.

But then there is the dishwasher calling and the litter boxes and the garbage to take out.  I need to get new batteries for the mouse and there was something else vital.  I actually have forgotten that item because my friend just showed me the pumpkin carving kit she got and we were discussing if it was useful or not.  Those kits come with silly little scoops that are not at all effective for pumpkin guts.  But I like the little carving saws because it gives more control than when using big kitchen knives…  

I suppose I shouldn’t have looked at the horror movies she sat down next to me because now I’m envisioning some creepy bad guy using the little pumpkin kit knives to carve jack’o’lanterns into the back of peoples heads.  Not really made for going though bone.

Wow, this is more random than I planned.  Would you like to hear about the sake shots we are now having?  Another friend brought back little bottles of fruit flavored sake.  She is now pregnant and she gave them to my hostess.  The pineapple sake is my favorite.  The Lime Sake was her favorite.  Actually, we couldn’t tell if it was lemon or lime.  It tasted a bit like both.  Limon Sake.  There was also a mango sake.  She thought it was too sweet and mango is not my favorite fruit. Or melon.  Or gourd.  What is a mango anyway?

We couldn’t figure out the alcohol content of them.  But not as high as more the more standard sake.  It took three drinks to feel the alcohol.  But it has put us in the mood to discuss New Years plans.  This is not drinking typing.  This is more like my borderline stream of consciousness typing.  Odd that I’m managing to do it while having a discussion.  We are thinking about having a Masq.  Sorry, but neither of can figure out the spelling so I’ll abbreviate.   It works for us.  And hey, Phantom of the Opera just came on so we are cranking it.  

We also listened to a few tracks by Jill Tracey.  If you haven’t heard of her you need to listen to her.  Dark Cabaret.  My favorite song so far is ‘The Fine Art of Poisoning”.  

8:10 and the rest of the dinner guests have not shown up.  I don’t want to be up to late so if they don’t get here soon we may just eat but I won’t stay for the delightful movie.  I suppose that means it is a good time to stop now.  Catch you on the flip side.