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One Sentence Review – A Bad Spell in Yurt

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Somewhat simple, somewhat serious, somewhat funny, and a whole lot of entertainment filled with fond memories upon rereading.

The Last Stand

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Last Stand

This morning I went to see Schwarzenegger’s new film, The Last Stand.  I have to say that I did like it.

After so long out of the theaters, it did seem odd to hear Arnold’s heavy accent again.  Sure, he was in the Expendables 2 and had a moment in E1 but those parts could easily account for him being a foreign mercenary.   It was odd to hear a small town sheriff with a heavy Austrian accent.  But back in the day, we didn’t think twice about it.

The back story on the characters was scanty.  Poorly done.  Although, it would be more accurate to say that it felt like more had been done but ended up on the cutting room floor.  That said, the part of Agent John Bannister was particularly skimpy and under developed but Forest Whitaker did a good job with what he was given.  The most interesting character was probably Lewis Dinkum.  Johnny Knoxville seemed to have been channeling a toned down Murdock from the A-team.

You feel like you have entered these people’s lives in the middle and just get a view of one night and day.  Who they were before is not explored and who they may become as a result of these events is only hinted at in a few cases.  And for the purposes of this film, it works.  Except for the fact that I like to know a character’s motivations.  All we really know is that one group of people really just wants to keep the town save and get justice for the deaths of two of their own.

The film was filled with a fair number of very funny lines.  Everyone should know the line where Schwarzenegger says he is old.  It was in every trailer I saw.  The action seemed to work around the fact that Arnold is not as young as he once was and not in as good of shape.  The final fight scene is choreographed around the fact that Arnold is much bigger than the villain and incorporates mostly wrestling moves, giving the bigger, heavier Schwarzenegger the advantage over the smaller Eduardo Noriega, as his character keeps trying to rush headlong into each move.

Noriega also made a really sexy, if extremely dangerous, bad guy.  You almost wish you could have seen more of him outside of the car.  The other bad guys were the type of cannon fodder you were happy to see get wasted.

The movie is a fun ride but nothing that sets it ahead of other films.  On the other hand, there isn’t a lot to make it a horrible film either. The dialogue could have been written better and Arnold hasn’t gotten the feel for the delivery and timing like he used to have.  I blame it on the sheer amount of time he has been off the silver screen.  But I think it will come back to him with a little more practice.

I don’t give films a grade because I would then have to create a rubric that I would have to be able to apply to all films.   Maybe I will one day, but for now, I’ll just enjoy the shows and say what I like or didn’t like and leave it up to other people to create a grading structure.

This one I like, in a fun Saturday afternoon way.  Not great, not horrible, a few weak points but the fun of it over rides those.  Just a nice diversion.  Of course, if you want to take a look at what IMDB commentators are saying, they have already declared it a major flop and horrible and not worth viewing.  Personally, I don’t think it was THAT bad.  Like I said, a nice, Saturday afternoon diversion.

Humor in emails.

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This has got to be one of the funniest business emails I’ve ever gotten.  I’ll just copy the thing into my blog.  It is from The Wailing List.


We tried. We really did. We picked a 30% Off Coupon Code we thought was super simple. No overlong phrases, no tricky spelling or weird characters.

And yet, somehow, we still ended up getting a lot of complaints of the “your coupon code doesn’t work!” variety.

“I tried ’30rocks’ and it doesn’t work! What’s this some joke?”

“Why doesn’t my code ‘thirtyrock’ give me the discount you promised?”

“you dispair (sic) people really take the cake!!! i tried ‘thirty rocks’ over and over and it DIDN’T WORK?!”

How much easier can we make it, people? The code was ‘thirtyrocks’. Not any other variation some of you inexplicably and unsuccessfully kept trying to use. No numeric characters. No spaces. No quotes.

Listen, Jim D. of Miami, Carol W. of Pershing, Indiana (is that even a real place?), and several others who wrote us angrily over the weekend to complain. Though I hate to come right out and say it, I need you to do a better job of following instructions in order for this relationship to work.

(Why do I hate to say it? Well, the last time I did I had to duck right after because she threw a flower pot at my head… If only people understood how much easier life would be for us all if they JUST DID WHAT I SAID…)

Anyway, if you’re one of those people who missed out because you can’t read, I have a consolation prize for you. I have created a new coupon code. It expires tomorrow at midnight. It still lets you get the 30% discount you ‘got cheated out of’ (Annie S., Lake Placid, NY). There’s just one downside. By using it, you are making a confession to us.

Your new coupon code is iamdumb.

No quotes. No space. No capital letters. Just type iamdumb when you check out, and you’ll still get 30% T-Shirts, Posters, Calendars, Notecard Packs, Pessimist’s Mugs / Glasses / Shot Glasses, our Ceramic Mugs, Points of View Glasses, and everything else we sell.

Yeah, I know- it’s kind of insulting. But hey, I’m still cutting you a break! Because hey, you’re dumb!

That’s all for today. I’ve done my good deed. I still love you. I promise we’ll get through this.

Gamer Girls Unite! (Okay, I guess we can let the boys in, even though they tried to keep us out of their clubhouses.)*

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Someone, Somewhere, Somewhen has probably already blogged about this. I’m just too lazy to look it up and see what they decided to write about it.


Anyway, it might color my own writing if I do.


The Guild.


I Love This Show!  Season Five is finally on Netflix and I will have to watch it this weekend.  I may make my roommate watch seasons 1 – 4 this weekend as well.  After all, he also plays a MMORPG.  Well, until a few weeks ago.  He started taking two night courses and is taking a break from it.  Sort of.  He has something he calls an AFK build.  It only works for one area.  It is a set of skills that allows his to take his ‘toon to a certain location, kill all the mobs, and then walk away and somehow he accumulates points. 


But back to The Guild.  Felicia really captures a lot of different types of players with her show.  Of course, they are, to a certain extent, exaggerations.  But that is part of what makes it so funny.  And most gamers know people very much like them. 


Part of me wants to give a synopsis of each season and an analysis.  But then it gives too much of it away.  Mostly, I just think anyone that plays any type of MMORPG should watch it.  Very funny, even if it is based on exaggerations of stereotypes: the awkward gamer girl who substitutes the game for a real social life, the girl whom you would think would have a social life and friends but just isn’t nice enough to get along with real people without the computer as a buffer, the guy lives under his mother’s thumb, the older single guy who has so many flaws that RL people won’t put up with him, the typical high school kid, and the housewife who games instead of watching soaps and neglects her family and kids.  Okay some of these are actually two stereotypes in one person.


And that is just the Knights of Good.  (Really, what are the odds of a very small guild of players actually living in the same city and not already knowing each other.  They are either spread out in different cities or they all know each other and set up the guild for that reason.  Or at least, that is my personal experience. 


The Axis of Anarchy, their primary in-game opposition, also includes some different stereo types.  And Wil Wheaton is perfect for the part of Fawkes.  It is rather hilarious.


I can’t wait to start watching season 5 and I’ve heard season 6 has been purchased.  More gamer girl geekiness to look forward to. 


*(Then I was in 7th grade the only other people playing what I wanted to play were the 8th grade boys.  They wouldn’t let me play with them.  Bad Boys.  Bad Bad Boys. Shame on Them.)