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And The Violence Grows.

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To me, a person who has only been watching election cycles since 1980 when Regan beat Carter, I think the rage seems to be getting worse.  In the past, once people got over the election an moved on, there was more cooperation.  There were always partisan issues, but more cooperation.

This last election was the first time I saw one party completely refused to do anything that might aid the winning party.  It was the first time I saw Republicans actually go as far as reversing their stances on issue if that stance had been the same as or similar to the stance the Oval Office was taking.

The election prior to that one, where Bush was re-elected, which was bitter and brutal and down right cruel, saw some degree of common ground after everything was over and done with.  But the anti-incumbent rhetoric was growing more virulent even then.

It didn’t help that during previous primaries, (before the Obama/McCain campaign) the GOP moderates started to swing into the camps of the Extreme Right as it became more and more obvious that they would be running against either a woman or a black man.

Now a person who is a Republican cannot be a moderate at all.  The entire party, over the past 5 years, has swung farther and farther right.  But that started earlier.  I can’t pin point when, all I know is that about 8 years ago I realized the Republican party was no longer valid to me.  They were out of date and instead of adapting, they were trying to drag the country back to the 1950’s.  So I left the part and became an Independent with a weird blend of liberal and libertarian leanings.  I have found that the harder the GOP tries to drag us back to the 1950’s, the more liberal I become.

The public itself is getting more and more extreme and pulling farther and farther apart.  Maybe for the same reasons I’ve started becoming more liberal.   I expect this to continue and to see more and more violence perpetrated against people who have opposing opinions.  The people with the most rage are moving farther right and left than most of the rest of us at a much faster rate.  This four-year term has seen far more politically motivated violence between liberals and conservatives than any span I can remember. It feels like the country is starting to crack up.

I do not think this is a good thing but do not really see a way out of it.

The Dimmest Bulb in the Box.

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I read this article as my roommate was getting ready for work.  Since I was really early, I tried to access it but it was blocked.  So most of my quotes are not verbatim and therefore not marked out.  The one that is marked may not be exact.  I also don’t have the name of the second party to this comedy.  I suspect he must be a country artist but I never heard of him.

Last night, Clay Aiken made a twitter remark about a new drinking he was playing where they drink every time a black person takes the state at the Republican National Conventions.

Some other artist got all upset because this comment was so racist.  In doing so, he showed his own lack of intelligence as Aiken’s remark was intended to point out the racist nature, in general, of the Republican Party. 

When Aiken didn’t issue an apology, this other man takes another tactic and criticizes Aiken for using a hashtag with the word ‘sober’ in it if he is playing a drinking game. 

Again, he showed that he was a dim bulb.  If you are playing a drinking game in which you drink when something happens, and that something is not happening, then you are not drinking.  In other words, the statement is that the Republican National Convention was a rather white event.

When this other artists of whom I’ve never heard, makes a comment about how we are supposed to be inclusive, Aiken finally responds to him.  He says something to the effect of, “I am [inclusive].  How come your party is not?”

The question becomes, is it racist to use an indirect statement (perhaps as a form of irony) to point out the racist behavior of another group?

Why I am no longer a Republican.

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With the Republicans in the White House, we may all start to feel like Number 6.

Paul Ryan is supposedly blaming Obama for how partisan politics has become. He is wrong.

Oh, he is correct in that it IS the most partisan ever. It has been getting more and more partisan and farther and farther divided for the previous two elections. Obama has nothing to do with that.

It’s been that way since more and more people hated the way Bush was eroding American freedoms and American values for the sake of a false sense of security.

That why I left the Republican party and voted against Bush on his second term.

Yes, I used to be Republican. But the GOP moved farther and farther to the right and I started moving left.

Because the harder they tried to turn back the clock, the more offended I became by the GOP values.

A bunch of rich old men who have no idea how life is in this country for the average person think they have the right to tell me how to live? I don’t think so.

More and more Republican women have been speaking up and trying to be active too. And I’ve found them even more offensive than the men.

Women active in politics who say that if men did their jobs properly, women would not need the right to vote. Women who actively fight to allow men to control women’s reproductive rights. Women who tear apart programs and funding to help women who are victims of rape and/or victims of domestic violence.

And the entire concept of Social Conservatism is a nightmare. Having one group with one religious ideology saying they should have the right to control everyone’s morality based on their own opinions. They say government should stay out of business but want to put government into everyone’s private homes and bedrooms.

Personally, I don’t see how any reasonable person can STAY Republican. I would think more people would be fleeing such a backwards, actively regressing, party.

Why the GOP is Dragging the Country Backwards.

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The US Navy has come up with a stealth submarine that is so expensive that it would cripple the military to build them. It is described as, “A super-stealthy warship that could underpin the U.S. navy’s China strategy will be able to sneak up on coastlines virtually undetected and pound targets with electromagnetic “railguns” right out of a sci-fi movie. (Eric Talmadge, AP)”

Everything seems to be getting to expensive for the government to do anymore. Advancements in military technology and the space program just to name two. Personally, I blame uncontrolled, Free Market, capitalism. By not putting any type of controls on it, Capitalism has been allowed to rape the populous in order to keep increasing the profit margins. Prices keep getting pushed up to get the most out of ever person. Everything is more expensive and most of the money gets tied up in those big businesses and people have less and less to spend.

We also have a situation that seems very odd. We have a large portion of out of work people. More technology tends to use fewer people. Some fields have nearly disappeared. We are also told we have a shrinking work force as more Baby Boomers are retiring and we don’t have enough workers to keep up the tax base to fund their social security benefits.

The real answer is that we need fewer people. The technology of the future uses fewer people so we need to produce fewer people. That means we have to figure out a better way to fund the government retirement programs. This wouldn’t be as bad a problem is we stopped the out of control cost increase as businesses try to milk the population of every penny they have. But once the population starts to die off and if we make a point not to over procreate then there will be more money for the rest of us. There will be more money for science and technology that will take us into the future.

At this rate, it is clear that we are not going to progress. We can no longer afford it. We are not even going to sit here and stagnate. We are already slipping backwards and regressing. The very science fiction that gave people the ideas to strive for is also becoming darker, more dismal, more depressed. So much so that one writer challenged other writers to start writing more hopeful futures with new ideas. The current science fiction seems to have stopped creating new technological ideas that might exist in the future. But even should they get those creative, inventive juices flowing, the finite money supply will be so tied up in corporate business that it just won’t be there to fund the projects.

So, if the government and military really want to continue advancements in modern weaponry, then the government needs to look at profit caps for businesses, limits on how much prices can increase each year, greater control on medical costs (inflation on medical care increase at a rate of between 2 and 4 times greater than the cost of living inflation each year), and encourage the use of birth control rather than limiting it. Then the reduced population will have more money and be happier. Science fiction writers can help create the ideas for the scientists to develop and we can start moving forward again. But it requires doing everything that sends the GOP screaming onto their soap boxes and into their pulpits.

Some personal thoughts on the GOP and Rush and views of Women.

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The problem with Rush L’s statement is that it implied that any woman using birth control is a prostitute and the extension of that idea is that ‘good girls’ don’t use birth control.

This perpetuates the medieval idea of the ‘virgin or whore’. A woman can only be one or the other. So a wife and mother who is devoted to her family automatically falls into the ‘whore’ category because she is no longer a virgin. This is a subconscious ideal that still crops up from time to time today.

It also is an attack on female independence from a biological function and therefore female independence from a patriarchal society. By implying that women who do not want to be seen as sluts and prostitutes should not use birth control, it subtly keeps them under the control of their male partners.

The fact that he then states he was saying it to be ‘funny’ or ‘amusing’ makes it worse. And as a conservative spokesman, he is showing that beneath the surface of conservative men, woman have low value in their world view.

It ties in with the conservative, female politician that recently stated that if men had been doing their job properly, women would never have needed to vote and she didn’t agree with women having the right to vote. She thought it was a bad thing done out of necessity because men weren’t doing things properly.

For such a thing to be said now, it indicates a deep thread in the GOP on how they view women that they generally try to keep buried in order to get the Independent and moderate Republican votes. I realize that I no longer think of moderate Republicans as GOP and that term stands for those much farther to the right.