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An attempt to describe my migraine.

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Mini Hammers

Mini Hammers

I feel like someone is trying to play my skull like a musical instrument using those cute little hammers.  Most of the ‘notes’ being in one area with a smattering of ‘notes’ scattered over the rest of the skull.    All this after someone with me on one side of the face with a rubber mallet.  So my eyeball feels like it has swollen up to twice its size and can’t fit in the eye socket anymore so it might pop out any second.  This is on the same side as the large cluster of ‘notes’.  And then someone has grabbed my entire head and is trying to lift the skull off the spine or is trying to lift my entire body by pulling up on my head.  To top it all off, the same side that has the most pain also seems to have an earache.


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In the past year, the search term bringing the most people to my mostly unattended blog was Frazzled.  This is appropriate because I spent most of the past year being frazzled.  large-Rockhopper-Penguin-photo

So I thought that maybe I needed to think about the concept of ‘frazzled’.

It means to feel exhausted, to wear away along the edges, to be tired or nervous or anxious.

Which pretty much describes how I’ve felt for several years now, when I think about it.  Thinking about it is giving me a headache.

I am not myself today.  I think I am a penguin.

Joe’s Crab Shack, a Mistake I will not make Twice.

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Today we went out to lunch, my roommate and I.  We were passing one of the malls that has a number of restaurants in the parking lot.  Two were newer.  Granite City Bar and Grill and Joe’s Crab Shack.

I mentioned that we should try one of them since neither of us had been to either yet.  My roommate stopped at Joe’s Crab Shack, since it was the first of the two.  I was first in and stood there with a horrified look on my face. The staff was doing a song and dance number.  She told me it was almost over and then only do it about once an hour.   They call it a ‘dance break’.

I should have tried this instead.

My roommate, being a little bit behind me be asked it I wanted to leave.  I figured we could order, eat, and leave in an hour.  They were pretty slow.  I should have left.  Even after the louder music, singing, and dancing had stopped, I still had trouble hearing.  I also got very congested while there.

The waiter seemed nice and pleasant.  He asked if we had been there before.  I said no.  He then shoved a bucket in my face and told me it was out trash can and told us about the drinks specials.  Or told me anyway, my roommate couldn’t hear him very well because of his tinnitus.  He was the bucket and assumed it must be the garbage.

The waiter left and came back 2 minutes later and asked if we had any questions.  We hardly had time to look at much.  I had looked at the specials menu and noticed that it didn’t have a single price listed and had moved on to the normal menu. He proceeded to reach across me to turn the page of the menu I was holding to recommend the steam pots.  He was WAY to far into my personal space bubble.  I also got the impression that he was pushing the steam pots because that was Joe’s Crab Shack’s ‘THING’.

I told him I was still looking and he left.  I looked over at the roommate and said, “Pushy Much?”   While I would have liked to have a steam pot, there were no lunch options.  These were very pricey dishes and not what I want to spend on a Saturday Lunch.  Maybe for a nice dinner.  But not one that could be interrupted by unpleasant song and dance acts by the staff.  If I want dinner theater I’ll go to something like the Murder Mystery Dinner Train.

He was back again in about two more minutes.  He then started telling me about some of the items he would NOT recommend.  Which is not considered good business practice in the food industry.  Recommend what you actually love.  People can usually tell the difference in body language between someone recommending something because it is expansive or recommending items that they truly like.

Somewhere during one of these conversations, the waiter asked if we wanted any starters and we had said no.  Somewhere along the line, he also asked if I liked seafood.  Yes, I do. I’m from the Northwest.  I’m used to good seafood, even if some people don’t think of North Idaho as part of the coastal region.  I do, but I also know that I grew up about a 5 hour drive from Seattle.  We may not have a coastline, but we have access to good seafood.

At this point, I looked at the table and thought about the fact that we only ordered water so far.  I very nearly said, let’s go to Granite City and try them out.  I was less than happy.  I was also getting more and more congested and having a lot of trouble hearing the waiter.  I know Jeff had to have been having trouble.  He thought the waiter was just talking to me.  The waiter had tried to address some questions to both of us but Jeff never looked up or took any notice of it.

The waiter again stopped by after a bare 2 minutes and asked if we were ready.  I asked him to give us more time.  The manager came by after that and left us her card.  The waiter didn’t come back until both of us closed out menus.

We should have gone here.

He took our order and mentioned that the staff and wanted to dance again but that he had asked them to hold off on it a little bit since we thought it was too loud.  Maybe that was why the manager has stopped by with her card?  It had NOT been an hour. It could have been 20 minutes.  We would have ordered a lot faster if the waiter didn’t keep interrupting us as we were trying to read the menu.  It wasn’t just the loudness that bothered me.  It was the entire concept.  I want to have a relaxing meal when I eat out and there is nothing relaxing about a staff that interrupts your meal and conversation with song and dance.

We ordered and our food was out quickly.  Jeff had coconut shrimp and I had fish and shrimp.  The shrimp was good.  The fries were good.  The coleslaw was very good.  The tartar sauce was good.  The fish, not so much.  The coconut was nearly burnt but Jeff said that the shrimp under it was good.

I did not take my leftovers.  Some fries and 1/2 piece of fish.  The larger, fatter half of one of the pieces.  Jeff’s comment was, “I’ve never seen you not take home your leftovers.”  This was a noticeable commentary on the quality of the fish.

We went through Culver’s on the way home.  He got a Sunday and I got a Pepsi.  These items were to help us recover from the trauma of eating at Joe’s Crab Shack.  It is interesting to note that as soon as we got home, my sinuses cleared up.  I think something in the restaurant was bothering me.  Jeff’s take on it is that I had an opportunity, even two opportunities, to leave and go elsewhere.  But since I didn’t, it was my body’s way of punishing me.  I actually didn’t argue with this.  It was a terrible, headache inducing, dining experience that I do not want to repeat.

I started to tell my roommate that if I ever mention going there again he was to slap me and mention Granite City instead.  But then I said that it will not happen because I don’t think I am likely to ever mention them again.  So he bopped me on the head.  He didn’t want to miss out on an opportunity.

I also told him if I ever look like I’m contemplating leaving a place and seem uncertain, just to mention “Joe’s Crab Shack” as a reminder of what happens when I ignore my gut reaction.

Have you had one of those days . . . . down the rabbit hole of my mind.

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You wake up and feel exhausted. You feel as if you are just getting off work, not just getting up to a new day. When you get to work, you realize that you are actually in a bad mood that is a holdover from the day before. As the morning progresses, you realize that your bad mood is progressing from bad to foul.

This was my morning. I can’t say I dreamt about work.

I actually had a dream about jumping through hoops to get a volunteer job at a library. One that would put me in place for when a paid opening came along. I had to make nice with and get a bunch of criminals to approve of me. This seemed odd. Italy kept coming up as well. When I finally woke up, I had been in a card game that I had never played before called Around the World. Certain cards represented certain countries. Whoever had the highest cards for the countries and got the highest score for the hand won the hand. I had a cheat sheet since I never played before. Italy was represented by a lot of the club cards. I was on the third country, which I can’t remember now, and the symbols on the cheat sheet were three pillars. One pillar had a flame over it, one had half a flame, and the other had no flame. I had no idea what that meant and which cards could be connected to pillars. What was going on? Was the library run by the Mafia?

At that point I just got up. I didn’t want to dream that dream anymore. But I felt exhausted. I was so tired last night that I fell asleep shortly after 9:30. Then I couldn’t sleep in the middle of the night. I was up from about 1 – 2 am. After that, I slept for about 4 hours and 20 minutes more. I guess that means I was about 10 minutes shy of 8 hours. Or does it not count since I was up for an hour in the middle?

Half way to work, I realized I forgot to take my blood pressure medication. So it didn’t help when I realized I was in a really bad mood. That always raises the old blood pressure. Having a few non-work related conversations w/ coworkers has helped a bit.

Reading news media is not helping.

How about the South Carolina governor who decided rape victims and battered wives were a distraction from real issues and who denied funding for things that would help them? And this official is a woman. A woman who thinks rape and domestic violence are not important issues.

This reminds me of the women who fought hard AGAINST allowing women the right to vote. It catapults her into the ranks of women who believe in holding other women back, women who believe that a woman’s place is in the home, not working, and unable to have their own bank accounts or get loans without written permission from their husbands.
I’m shocked she ran for office and she claims her focus is on jobs. Oh, I guess she is in office to support a male agenda and to yank women back to their status from the 1940’s. She will help create jobs by keeping women in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant, whether they want to be or not.

Am I being too harsh? I don’t think so.

There was another political article I wanted to rant and rave about, but now I can’t find it and my mind is drawing a blank.

It’s been one of those days. I know a storm is predicted, I wonder if we will get it sooner than predicted. My head is killing me and two Excedrin didn’t put a dent in it. If anything, it is getting worse. On one hand, I really want this break in the hideous heat. On the other hand, I could live without the headache. The heat was so bad that I skipped all 4th of July events this year.

I’ve had it up to my eyeballs with the heat and from what I’ve been reading in my research, this may be the way weather is going to be. People have been talking about finding ways to slow down or reverse global warming since the 70’s. Governments have been trying to come to agreements and failing. Businesses have been fighting it tooth and nail because they don’t want the cost of having to install new systems. I’ve been saying for years that I believe we are nearing the point of no return. Now the scientists are starting to say that we are approaching the point of no return.

I can’t fall asleep if it is over 72 degrees. But I think the real problem for me is humidity and the heat index. I didn’t have this problem back home, in the Northwest, where we didn’t have AC. But even 90 degree weather didn’t feel that bad without humidity. I never even heard of a heat index until I moved to the Midwest.

Also from the news, if a person has to have a friend get her a disposable phone, get her parents involved, and hire 3 different law firms in order to get started on divorce proceedings, there has to have been something really really wrong in the marriage. And since most actors and actresses do joint custody when they split (or so seems to me), it seems significant that she was putting everything in place in secret and going after sole custody.

Normally I don’t really care about these people. They are just people who happen to have a way overpaid job. Too many of them develop an attitude of entitlement. I like the down to earth ones who don’t seem to let fame get in the way of their personal and family life, like Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell for example, and seem to retain that ‘real person’ quality that so many other actors and stars loose.

Maybe it’s because I just don’t care for Tom Cruise, maybe it’s because there seem to have been (viewing from the outside) manipulation and control issues in the marriage, but I can’t help but wonder just what was going on with them that caused Katie Holms to be so secretive and go to such lengths to get herself out of that marriage as quickly as possible once she broke the news to Tom.

Okay, I’ll be honest, it is actually an overwhelming curiosity of which I am somewhat ashamed. While I’m at it, I’ll take a moment to ask SOMEONE out there to tell Britney Spears that blue eye shadow went out with the 80’s and we really don’t want it to make a come back.

How did I end up in entertainment news on my lunch break? Speaking of lunch, it was catered today because one woman was on her 40th year here and anther on her 20th year here. They had really good catering picks for a change, at least one of them. I got food poisoning at the other about 6 or 7 years ago. Either way, good one or bad one, I still say that if your plastic fork snaps in half when you try to pick up a bite-sized piece of chicken then it was a bit overcooked.

Well, this has been a rather meandering post, going from one thing to another as it pops up. I’ll call it good for now. Lunch is almost over.

The Heat Wave is a Drain.

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Like, it’s such a drag.  Only instead, it is such a drain.  I hate heat waves.  I hate hot, humid air that sucks the breath from your lungs the instant you step outside.  It gives me upset stomach and headaches.  Although staying inside feels better, it is like my body still knows what is going on outside and I still feel under par.  Which is good in golf but not in life.

The result is a total failure to get things done, a constant desire to sleep, and difficulty staying focused.  I’ve a list of things I wanted to write about, but I just can’t get going or get motivated.  I hope the heat will break soon.  Then maybe I can multi-task again, and think more freely, and not feel like some strange, invisible, entity is sucking out all my life, vitality, energy, motivation, and, well, everything.

Random Lunch-Time Update

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I shall have to clock back in from lunch soon so I shall type a few sentences to share.

Due to a technical difficulty, I can’t post pictures for an update on the TARDIS project, the pumpkin project, the yarn projects, and various other projects. (I left the cord in another bag)

I did use most of lunch to try to catch up with all the blogs I follow.  I’ve gotten a bit behind.

News articles left me feeling more misanthropic and politically annoyed than usual and I may rant about it at another time.  If I remember.

Half a dose of Pain Killer PM is enough to make you drowsy enough to sleep through alarms but is not enough pain killer to make a pulled muscle and headache go away quickly.  I’m pretty sure it was the cat’s fault.

Coffee taste never lives up to smell and it takes 14 creamers and 10 sugars to make it at least drinkable.

Why do people think their claims can be handled within three hours of being turned in?  In an age when 3 minutes in a microwave is too long to wait everything must get done instantly.  Right?

I’m rereading too many of my Terry Pratchett books.  I found myself writing about ‘punnes’, you know, plays on words.

I have a large stack of fantasy, mystery, sci-fi novels to read and I keep buying more, but they just seem to dark and I’m not in the mood for dark.  So I keep rereading the lighter, amusing stuff I already own.

Time may be up now.