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Nebraska it trying to kill me.

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It has taken a long time, but I think the magic number is 29.40.  When the barometer falls below that, I get a migraine, when it is rising I feel better.  The temperatures dropped but the barometer rose.  We were finally having cooler, fall weather, then we had a cooler and more miserable weekend.  Now it is snowing.  I supposed it is getting to be that time of year.  But this is silly.  The weather felt wrong nearly all year-long.  Maybe it is just me.  But I’ve tried to make an attempt to track the headaches and the barometer and it finally seems like a pattern.  And that is 29.40 ish.

Hidden Goodness in Canceled Plans:

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This has NOTHING to do with the post. It is just a great fantasy, day dream, fantasy concept floating around Facebook. I may turn it into a stitch pattern.

What today looked like:
1. Get up 1.5 hours early to go to work early.
2. Forget to take all medicine before leaving.
3. Lose phone so you can’t call roommate and ask him to bring them to work.
4. Dental appointment and get the first half of a root canal done.
5. Find the missing phone.
6. Be hungry but have no desire to eat once the dentist stuff wears off.
7. Spend rest of the work day in pain w/ headache.
8. Game night gets canceled.
This is hidden goodness disguised as much sadness. It means I could get home, take blood pressure meds, take pain meds, and I can go to bed early so I can have a better day tomorrow.

Holes in Our Heads

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We were created with a hole to introduce sustenance into out bodies, two holes to hear from, two holes to see through, and two holes to breathe through and with which to filter out germs.

We were not created with enough holes in our heads.

We are missing a series of pressure valves in our skulls around the brain and a pair of pressure/drainage valves in our cheek bones. 

At the very least we need 6 more holes but it could also go up to 10 more holes.  More than that might mean running out of space. 

I don’t think I’ll ever convince a surgeon to come up with a clever way to add these valves.  But it would make for an interesting world.  We would all look a little like Cenobites.