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The Bride Wore Black Leather

Posted in Books with tags , , , , on March 15, 2013 by urbannight

The last of the Nightside books, this was a let down.  I think the series should have ended where the last book left off.  I know people who think is should have ended sooner. 

I love the characters.  I love the location.  I love the fact that the truest evil comes not from evil, twisted entities but rather from the depths of mankind itself.  The Nightside, a place where Heaven and Hell agreed to stay out and let humanity go its own way resulted in a very dark and depraved world.  Because, in the end, people don’t need something evil to lead them astray, they do a very good job of it all on their own. 

This last book felt like Green took a number of ideas he had floating around and just smashed them together since he knew it was the last Nightside tale.  There would be no fourth opportunity to explore those stories in that place.  The end result felt a bit disjointed, rushed, and under-developed.  Of course, it takes place during the entire night before John Taylor’s wedding.  So it was rushed, fitting in such a story in a forced time frame. 

The thing is, the level of dissatisfaction over the book makes me feel worse than if I hadn’t read it at all.  The feeling of, “I’m ready to be done with this,” is rather pervasive.  The previous book ends with John as the new Walker and he and Suzy deciding to get married.  The only purpose of this book seems to be to make it official.  We didn’t really need it at all.  If the point was to tie up some loose ends that had been left hanging, at least he could have done it with better care and deliberateness than what we get in this title.