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Lovely! What if I wore this?

Posted in Work with tags , , , , , , , , , , on August 7, 2012 by urbannight

Delicious Heavy Red Outfit. (The real reason I’m trying to lose weight)

What if I bought this and wore it to work instead? Talk about letting your inner-self out to play.

On a side note, nowhere in the dress code does it say women MUST wear bras…. Maybe it is time to bring back bra burning

When Life Derails You.

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I was under the weather at the start of the week and then I have been working long days in order to make up some of the time rather than burning sick time or vacation time.  As a result, my list of blog topics is growing but I’m not finding time to actually work on them.  

I’ll try to get back to writing something this weekend.  I want to review a movie I saw, write about books I’m looking for but have forgotten the titles, the tea I ordered, not so lovely doctor’s visits, and a photo shoot of beloved clothing I can’t part with and the clothing I would like to purchase if I ever lose some weight.  

So if you like movies, books, YA sci-fi, tea, and gothish and gothic clothing and corsetry, Heavy Red in particular and some random cooking and crafting stuff, stay tuned for future installments.