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Bad Math

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At work we have these plastic sleeves on the inside of every bathroom stall door.  HR puts a one page informational sheet in every two weeks.  One of the last ones was all about working out.  How many people like to listen to music, what percentages listen to what music.  What people like to do when they work out.  Most of the info graphic was fine.  But one section rubbed me the wrong way.

It broke down workout to what kinds of things people like to do.  There were five things.

50% preferred walking.

54% preferred lifting weights.

34% preferred yoga.

50% preferred running.

36% preferred biking.

See my problem with this list?  I like my percentages to add up to 100%. This adds up to 224%.  When percentages add up to bizarre numbers then they become meaningless.  I always call this bad math.  But really may be bad statistic taking.

This week the signage changed and the info graphics are about the summer sun.  It says that the only animal that gets a sunburn, aside from humans, are pigs.  This is not true.  Hairless dogs and cats have the same problem.  So do dogs and cats with white or light fur.  They can get sunburned.  So it is best to keep an eye on them and limit their sun time too.

This is not the first time they have had incorrect information.  It does no good to sent the people who do up these bathroom fliers the correct information and citation.  The people who produce the flyer don’t seem to care if the info is incorrect.

I have to say that this does annoy me.   When these signs have interesting information, I never know if it is accurate

The down side of cell phones when doing business.

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I work in an incoming call center for auto claims. So if you get into an accident I take the first notice of loss report when you call in the claim. This can be relatively easy and satisfying, even, at times. The biggest problem isn’t the upset callers but the cell phone culture that we have developed.

1. People want to save time elsewhere by calling in while they are driving. If we tell them we can’t talk to them while they are driving they try to tell us that it is okay because they are using a blue tooth or other hand free system. This does not make it okay. Company policy is to not talk to drivers who are driving. This is distracted driving. There have been accidents while people were on the phone with their insurance companies. When taking a loss from you, we often ask for information for which you might have to look up or dig out. Then we often give you information we want you to write down. This cannot be done while you are driving.

2. Bad connections. Cell phones are a lot more likely to have bad connections than land lines. We have, as a society, chosen to give up clear connections for the convenience of always having phone access. This can be really problematic with dropped calls, static, sound distortion, people who sound like they wrapped their phone in cotton batting before they tried to use it, strange metallic sounds, and distracting echos. Not to mention cutting in and out and dropped calls. People then get pissed off if you have a problem hearing them or getting all the information because of these issues. And if the call drops because of a bad connection, or they are driving and they lie about it (believe me, it happens and we can tell), they call back saying we hung up on them.

3. Photo phones. This is where things get the most annoying. No one writes down the information anymore. They try to call in the loss and when I start asking questions they don’t have any information. They tell me it is on their phone and they don’t know how to access it while talking on the phone. Some people attempt to do so to varying degrees of success and failure. Other times, people take photos of documents and don’t realize they can’t read them or they cut off information they needed until they call it in. If they wrote it down, they wouldn’t have this problem. They also take photos of the damage and then when asked to describe the damage they can’t seem to figure it out from the photo.

If you plan to call in a claim and you put everything on your phone these steps will make things go more smoothly and much faster.

1. Check our photos, make sure you can read everything you might need. It would be best to actually take some paper and write the information down.

2. Call from a location where you normally have good reception. Do not call while driving. If at all possible, call from a land line. I do my personal calling from my work phone before or after work or during lunch so I can use a land line. I know that won’t work for everyone, but if you can, do so.

3. Information you will want to have: (the ideal)
a. Names, phone number, address of all parties involved.
b. Year, Make, Model, and VIN of all vehicles involved. Plates are good but VIN is best.
c. Description of damages to vehicles, were any vehicles towed away.
d. Basic descriptions of any injuries, or and awareness of who might have been injured. You won’t always see or know this, but try to keep an eye on what is going on around you.
e. Insurance company and policy numbers of other parties involved.

Try your best to get that information. Sometimes, the cops won’t let people talk to each other, but then the cops won’t provide any information either. Many places now require you to get the info online or order it and you have to pay for it. It seems like they are turning accidents into a money-making scheme. Sometimes one party involved is aggressive and threatening. In that case, stay in your car and call the police to handle things.

The Site Stats Page Makes Me Crave More Information

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Today is a strange day at work. It is an even stranger day on Word Press. I’ve had very few views. But they come from Russian Federation and Australia with one view from the UK and the USA.

The search terms are even stranger.

Game of Thrones Forehead. Since I don’t have cable, I don’t know why there is a forehead reference in conjunction with Game of Thrones. I do understand how I might have popped up in a search and I think I have three blogs that have dealt with the title and the book and why I wasn’t watching the show.

Mary Kate Daddy Issues. Yep, I wrote a blog on this last week. I am just surprised my humble little blog would pop up in a search.

Something Old Something New Something Borrowed Something Blue. Hmmm, this one is harder to figure out. I’ve not used the saying before. I’ve not had many blogs about weddings. I HAVE had a fair number of blogs about the Tardis and Doctor Who in which I have mentioned blue any number of times and may have used it as a tag. Most often this happens in the blogs where I discuss the Tardis Project.

In fact, when I go to my all time summary of search terms, “Tardis” is the search that has most often brought people to me. To be completely accurate, out of all the Tardis searches it is Tardis Graph Paper that pulls people in.

Variations on twilight anesthesia are also common. I guess I’m not the only one who had an unpleasant experience when I was coming off the anesthesia.

My views have drastically dropped since WordPress isn’t sharing with Facebook in the manner it should. This has been more than a little disturbing for me. I didn’t think I cared about that until the numbers started dropping so terribly low.

When I see some of the odder countries, at least odd in relation to what I’m posting about, I wish they could tell me what was viewed. What did that person in Kenya read? How did that person in Singapore get routed to me? What have I talked about that Albanians find interesting?

I think stat’s page gives me just enough info to actually make me more curious and crave more information than it is capable of detailing.