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The Future is Here

Posted in Entertainment, Technology with tags , , , , , , , on May 5, 2012 by urbannight

For those of you who have seen some of the news articles on Star Trek gadgets that are almost ready for market: Look at your smart phone and iPad and/or eReader of any flavor. Set them on the desk in front of you. Repeat after me: “The future is already here. The Future is already Here.”

The walkie talkie of tomorrow is the phone of today, right down to the gps tracker.

Now if only they could tackle that tricky matter transporter issue so I could beam to work instead of drive.

The iPad Debate

Posted in Advertising, Technology with tags , , , , on September 3, 2010 by urbannight

I tell myself I don’t need one.  It is just a fancy gadget that does what my computer and laptops (2) and personal DVD player all do.  (Counting the other hard drive that has issues that is 2 computers – do I have to much tech for one person?)

I don’t feel that I need one.  I do like the smaller size.  It is pretty.  The commercial makes it look even greater than the one my friend showed me.  The commercial is an advertising marvel.  It really makes me think that I must have one. 

I’m normally very resistant to advertising.  I can feel them trying to manipulate me and I become stubborn and resistant to the product.  So the very fact that it makes me drool over the iPad and start to lose my common sense must mean it is a successful marketing tool.

Now I feel a vague sense of unease about the fact that I don’t have one.  Even thought I know I don’t need it.  It’s a bit like sitting in a boat with no life vests on a very small, very sallow pond.  I know that you can drown in a couple inches of water and really should have the vests in the boat, but they really don’t feel all the necessary.

Only imagine that in reverse.  I know that an iPad is not necessary because I have things that will do all its functions that I would end up using.  Yet I feel like I really ought have one in the boat with me….