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Alt-right, just another name for Neo-Nazism.

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One night, as we were closing up shop in the mall, (I worked in a pizza place at the time), a guy came up to ask if there was anything left he could pick up as he had missed dinner. We had the left over pizza slices we packaged up to sell as cheap take and bake pizza’s the next day.

After I got one for him and was ringing him up he started talking about how he normally wouldn’t stop at an Italian place but the only other place that hadn’t turned out their lights yet was that Mexican place (Taco Time) and that even though Italians are not really white at least it is part of Europe.  Yes, he actually told me that I didn’t realize it but Italians are really colored and not white.

I got rid of him as fast as possible and got security to go to my car with me because this guy totally creeped me out with his comments on me being blonde-haired and blue-eyed.

Just one story about what it was like living in North Idaho back in the 80’s and 90’s. Anyone trying to talk to me about the Alt-right these days is going to get an earfull. Anyone trying to normalize the Alt-right is supporting Nazism, pure and simple. I don’t care what ‘flavor’ of Nazism it is. In the end, it all comes down to basically the same thing. I dealt with it through two decades. I can recognize it when I see it.

Differences between one type of white supremacy are like the differences between Methodists and Lutherans, relatively minor and and do not mean much to the overall message. (I also grew up going to a Methodist church while attending Lutheran summer programs, so I feel I can use that as an example and know what I’m talking about.)

Hispanics Need Not Apply

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I sometimes wonder at the ethnic background of some of these seriously anti-Hispanic politicians.  I wonder if any of them have Irish or Italian ancestry.  Because the whole thing reminds me of the time when wanted ads said “Irish need not apply” at the bottom and signs in the windows proclaimed, “No Irish”.  The Italians went through this as well, but more people are familiar with the Irish phase of it.

In fact, this is where we get the stereotype of the Irish or Italian cop.  As people tended to cluster together in communities, and when faced with oppression, closed ranks together, the police had trouble functioning in Italian and Irish neighborhoods.  So they started hiring Italians and Irish people to police their own neighborhoods.

As these young men took this job opportunity, they were looks down on by other police officers and their own communities became suspicious of them, you develop the stereotype of the drunk Irish or Italian cop.  Not to say this happened to everyone.  But it was the birth of a cartoonish image that has lasted through the years.

But is it really so different now?  Telling the Hispanics to go home, we don’t want you here.  To me it is part and parcel with the same thing.  So anyone of Irish or Italian ancestry who is supporting the anti-Hispanic policies of some states needs to think about their own history and do they really want to support such a stance.