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What news is important to you? SEALs and Osama or Star Wars and JJ Abrams?

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Today there are some interesting news articles and I find it more interesting to notice which ones I am drawn to.

For instance, the official title for the new Star Wars movie has been released and the person who actually shot Osama has been identified.  I find that I really don’t care about knowing the specific SEAL who shot Osama.  It isn’t really relevant to my world.

He was a National problem and a representative of our Military got rid of the problem.  While I sometimes consider if what we do as a nation on an international scale is right or wrong I believe that this person attacked this nation and we resolved the situation.  Some of the things around that resolution might not be to my liking, but I believe that we had a right to retaliate in this.

So it is over and done with and life goes on.  Know the official title of Star Wars is actually more important to me.

Star Wars did more to shape who I am personally, starting from when I was a young child, and so I feel somewhat invested in the stories.  As a child, I didn’t play house or school or things like that when I played with Barbies and other dolls.  The kids in my neighborhood played together, boys and girls.  The girls brought our Barbies and the boys their G.I Joes and we played space battles, pirate ships, jungle explorers, and such.

Playing space based stories was the norm and this was pretty much because of Star Wars.  This is who I am.  Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  I’m eager to see the discussions this starts and the ideas people have as to what this means.  I need to think about it more myself.  Decide what I think it might mean.

Star Wars

Some people might think that I’m investing too much importance to fictional stories, but the reality is this is Mythos.  I may not be overly fond of Joseph Campbell, but he was right when he realized it was a modern way to deal with, relate to, and understand the larger concepts that humanity has been trying to shape and understand through the mythologies and religions, and even fairy tales, that have been produced throughout human history.

We have passed it to a second generation and are moving Star Wars onto a third generation of young children.  Star Wars has become more that just a movie that no one thought would succeed.