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Lazy Saturday

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winter's nightToday is a day where nothing gets done.  I slept in.  After getting up at 5 am originally.  Far to early.  I get up at 6:30 on a weekday.  Instead of going to get a few more Halloween things for work, I got lunch and went grocery shopping.  I suppose that counts as getting something done.  I read half a book (Undead or Alive) and another that turned out to be a novella.  The novella was an ARC.  It turned out pretty good.  Short, fast, tightly written paranormal mystery by the name of Hibernian Charm.  Worth reading.  Then I finally got around to doing one of my projects (canvas work, A Winter’s Night by Nancy’s Needle) and watching a movie while working on it.  Spy Time.  A spoof of spy spy timemovies from Spain.  Aging spy in an era where old school spies are neither needed or wanted.  Budget cuts mean they don’t really have the funding to do their thing.  Only now one of the villains they put away has escaped and is after his son.  He has to protect his son, the son’s bumbling best friend, and the son’s girlfriend who dumped him because he was too boring.  Amusing movie if you don’t mind subtitles.  I wanted to listen to the Spanish as I was watching it as I’m trying to relearn it.  I took a semester in college and remember nearly nothing.  I’ve been practicing on Duolingo.  Basically, I only recognized a handful of words as the film went on.

A Do Nothing Day

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Yesterday was a “Do Nothing Day”.

I was completely unproductive. 

I played a little Star Wars: The Old Republic or SWTOR, pronounced kinda like the word ‘Sweater’.  I also played some Alpha Centauri and Sims 2.

I played Words w/ Friends and Bubble Witch.

I watched a lot of Netflix:

Episode 3, Season 2, Sherlock

The final episode of Sliders.

A family films called ‘The Good Witch’.  It was very cute and very sweet and several parts were very underdone. 

5 or 6 episodes of SeaQuest, I admit, I lost count.

An episode of the original Star Trek.

While watching all this t.v., I worked on a big stitching project. 

I ate some food in there.  But cooking was minimal.  Heating pre-cooked bacon in the microwave and heating Easy Mac in the same.  Oh, I reheated left over pasta too. 

I said it was a do nothing day.  Today, I’m researching Crow Indians.  It will be a bit more productive.