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Get thee gone, United Way.

Posted in Politics, Uncategorized with tags , , , , , , , , on October 5, 2012 by urbannight

I hate the United Way pledge drive week.  And the weeks leading up to it.  The constant emails. The never-ending reminders.  The ‘activities’ which are really just more fund-raisers.  Bakes sales, dress down days that cost twice as much as normal dress down days, pizza days, ice cream days, raffles that are misleading.   Oh, the raffles.  But I better start in order.

I have worked at companies that demanded 100% participation.  You HAD to return the donation card.  The concession was that you could donate 0$.  They counted it as a donation.  Yep.  A donation of 0$.  But it got them the 100% participation.

Back in the day, there were lists and you found your charity and donated to that list.  So your money might not even make it to the charity to which you want to donate.

On top of that, the United Way keeps a fairly significant portion of the donations to cover the operational costs.  After all, it is a HUGE organization and has lots of fund-raising and advertising and miscellaneous costs. 

Then they have the miscellaneous ‘fun’ fundraising stuff that really is a crunch on the pocket-book this close to the holiday season.  Because some people actually save for Christmas spending instead of spending and then paying it off afterwards.

The raffles can get really annoying.  You may think you are buying into the raffle, but if you don’t actually turn in that donation card with a minimum donation on it, your name doesn’t get put into the raffle.  It just seems shady to me.

If you really want to make ALL of your donation money count, you need to find the actual donation site for you pet charity. 

I don’t even object to the United Way based on some charities it sponsors.  I know a lot of people won’t donate because they raise donations for Planned Parenthood.  I don’t have any issues with Planned Parenthood. 

My objection is to their business practices and I refuse to participate.  I’ve been know to take the donation packed and card straight to the shredder.  That way, if they try to force me to turn it in, I’ll flat-out tell them I shredded it.  I hate the ‘forced participation’ aspect of it. 

The United Way is nothing but a form of lobbyist.  They lobby for donations for charities instead of lobbying for political interest.  But a lobbyist nonetheless.  It is a fundraising business and, like all businesses, they pay themselves first.