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Over the Hills and Through the Woods, To Grandmother’s House I go.

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I’m WAY behind on reading blogs. I’ve dumped a bunch of them into folders to read later. Some are in folders specific to the writer, the rest are in a massive folder called Word Press Saves. Maybe I’ll get caught up before I die.

Hmmmm, probably not. I seem to get behind once a week. So if I’m suddenly replying to things that are rather old, I’ve found some that I got behind on before and to which I have finally gotten.

In the mean time, an unabridged Clive Cussler book is fantastic for long drives. It was about 14 hours long. So it filled my drive each way, 7 hours there and back again. I really enjoyed Lost Empire, despite the huge stretch linking such diverse things that Cussler takes. Or maybe I like him because he is able to do it in a way that creates a roller coaster ride of an adventure store.

It is also why I’m one of the few people who seem to like the movie Sahara, based on his book of the same title. It’s a fun ride despite its flaws. It is a boy’s adventure story all grown up.

The stories sure make the miles fly past when driving. Driving up Iowa and though South Dakota is pretty boring. Rest stops are either too close together or to far apart.

One thing about long drives that really annoys me is when you have signs for gas and you can’t see anyplace from the road. There are some hills along this drive. Some small patches of forested area. But on the whole, not a lot of totally blind areas. Some signs do say the distance to the gas or food from the exit. But I always start to need gas at the towns for which they DON’T provide the distance.

Maybe it is a personal blind spot, but if I pull off the highway for gas, I want to still be in sight of the on and off ramps. I have this fear of getting lost in the middle of nowhere. Or maybe I just watched to many bad horror movies that start where the lone woman, driving across country, pulls into a hole-in-the-wall town for gas and/or food.

Speaking of movies, on the day in-between my two driving days, I watched some movies with grandma. We watched the original, and then the remake, of The Parent Trap. Both have problems but I’ve decided that this is one example where I like the remake better.

In the 1961 remake, I think they cut the girl’s hair short to try to make her look younger. Every time I watch it I can’t stop thinking about how much I hate the haircut. It never fails. It distracts me the entire way through. There is also the fact that the rough and tumble, John Wayne inspired, father (Mitch) is one again going to marry a prissy woman who doesn’t like the outdoors. Which, based on some lines in the movie, seems to be one of the major reason they split up. When the mother (Maggie) punches Mitch in the eye (very badly, no one hits like that) Mitch makes a comment that sounds like Maggie frequently resorted to violence to end arguments with him. The only character that is really amusing is actually the reverend who seems highly amused at the interpersonal relationships and how everything is playing out.

The second movie has a major problem with how strange it seems that a Brit that lives in England would send her daughter to a summer camp in the U.S. Everything else is much more funny. Of course, this was back when Lohan could still take direction and therefore could still act. And she still looked cute as a button. Red hair was so much better on her than that bleached out mess she has now. The ending is also slightly more believable in which the mother backs away and returns to England and this time her ex-husband comes after her, thereby correcting his first mistake of NOT chasing after where when she had hoped she would, years ago.

That is a terrible sentence. But I’m not fixing it. My back hurts too much.

Yep, my back.

Because another thing I learned this weekend was that it is possible to OVER massage a sore muscle. My grandmother has this massaging seat you put over a chair. It does rolling and kneading. It also has heat. You can also isolate it. I was hoping it would loosen up the perpetually sore muscles around my right shoulder blade. I’m not sure how long it lasts before it powers off. I used it through 2.5 power cycles. When I went to bed last night, I lay down and was going to use my percussion massager on the muscles since they were still sore. It hurt like hell. And it still does today.

Before leaving, that Hatfield’s and McCoy’s special came on. I wish I could have stayed to watch it. I got really interested in a matter of minutes. Now I shall have to go find it.


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I always liked Danny Trejo.  Despite the fact he was always cast as a bad guy’s henchman or a bad guy himself.  The way he ended up in the movie industry is an interesting story in itself.

Trejo as in prison and became a boxing champion inside the system.  When he got out, he spoke at 12 step programs and met a guy in the movie industry who invited him to the set.  He got offered a part as an extra.  Then one of the writers recognized him because they did time together.  Which in turn landed him a job training another actor how to box since the movie included a boxing scene as well as a permanent part in the movie.

I swear it sounds like there is a movie in there.

 Machete started out as a fake trailer during the beginning of the movie Planet Terror.  I learned later that it was also a character in Spy Kids.  But I don’t remember that.  I may have it so I may go back and watch it.  Planet Terror was a part of Grindhouse.  A double feature of a certain type of film. 

 I will admit my ignorance in that I didn’t realize that ‘grindhouse’ was a film term for a type of theater specializing in B-movies.  I thought Grindhouse films were Robert Rodriguez films and it was a movie company or something.  You know, like Hammer Films.  In the past, I believe that B-movies were films that once finished were just not of a good enough quality to make it on their own so two would be thrown together as a cheap double feature.  Now they would be straight to DVD.  But I believe that Robert Rodriguez films this type of movie on purpose.  Now it is a valid filming style for people who have a fondness for movies and film history. 

So when I found out they were going to actually release a film based on the phony trailer, I was excited.  I went to the movie with friends and I have to admit I laughed my head off.  When the doctor explains to the nurses that the intestinal track is ten times the length of a person, you just knew what was going to happen next.  It was so obvious.  I think some of the people in the theater may have thought I was laughing too much. 

And the casting, for something that was deliberately a B-movie, it was filmed with big names.  De Niro, Seagal (although I liked seeing him so overweight, puffy, and killed because I pretty much hate him), Don Johnson, Cheech, Alba, (I have no opinion on Lohan as I don’t like her either), and Michelle Rodriquez (who looks really really familiar, like I should know who she is but somehow nothing comes to mind).

The movie is just a fun ride.  It’s almost a spoof that isn’t really a spoof.  Well, maybe it is.  It’s the type of spoof that takes itself seriously and works in a way that normally only the British film industry is capable of doing.  Normally, Hollywood spoofs that try to take themselves to seriously as a legitimate film flop.  But British spoofs that do the same, (think Shaun of the Dead) manage to stand on their own two feet and work.  Robert Rodriguez is capable of doing films that spoof B-films in such a way that we can laugh at parts of it yet enjoy it as it’s own film and not just as a spoof of something else.

Anyway, I just watched this over the weekend and still found myself giggling away at parts and totally enjoying the movie.