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In Honor of the Passing of Ray Bradbury, 91

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RIP Ray Bradbury.

Half the people I read are probably doing the same thing right now but that won’t stop me from doing so as well.

The first full book I can remember reading was a chapter book that had a picture on each page and only a few lines. It was a long book but done a bit in the style of a child’s book. It was about a little potato shaped man who went to the moon. So the first ‘real’ book I can remember reading was science fiction. (PS no one seems to have any idea what this book might have been, if anyone who sees this knows, let me know.)

I’ve read The Martian Chronicles, Fahrenheit 451, The Illustrated Man, and Dandelion Wine. I have read some of his anthologies and many of his short stories in various other anthologies.

It’s possible I’ve read other items and just don’t remember them. Actually, with the way I read, it is more than likely. Seeing as 35 features, shorts, and TV movies were based on his stories or screen plays, I’ve probably seen many things that I didn’t realize were Bradbury’s.

While he was less influential on shaping my growing mind than Heinlein, he was still significant to my view of science fiction, science, sociology, and the future in general.

Some random interesting facts about Bradbury are that he was related to a woman who was convicted and hung for a witch in Salem, Mass. He was influenced by the works of Edgar Allan Poe, HG Wells, and Jules Vern. But his favorite was Edgar Rice Burroughs and he even wrote a sequel to Warlord of Mars at the tender age of 12.

You have to like a child whose favorite hangout it the local library. I was the same way and had the same early love of Edgar Alan Poe. He also loved to perform magic. I liked to go to magic shows.

Even though most readers and most cataloguers view Bradbury as a Science Fiction writer, he felt that the only work of SF he wrote was Fahrenheit 451 and that he was, in fact, a fantasy writer.

I would love to find a “Collected Works of Ray Bradbury” but looking at how much he actually wrote, it might be longer than my rather large “Collected Works of Shakespeare”. It might have to be a multi-volume book.

You will be missed, Mr. Bradbury. I feel the need to start rereading his material now.