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HP Lovecraft and Religion, a few thoughts as I drove to work.

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HP LovecraftHPL often makes the religious most susceptible to madness in his stories. They turn into absolute wrecks when confronted with things out of the ordinary. These things are not supernatural in nature and the person’s religious actions to protect them do not work. His creatures are natural but either ancient, alien, or trans-dimensional. So he is basing his monsters/creatures on science (or science fiction) that we don’t understand. The implication is that religious people are weak minded to start with.
Yet many times he has people who were more rational and non-religious go to religious authority figures for help when strange things start to happen to them or around them. It is like he is saying that it is human nature to turn to religion when confronted by the unknown or the unknowable. Of course, anything suggested by or provided by these religious figures always fails. HPL’s views of religious are well known.
His stories reflect a concept that those who are religious and depend on religion to start with are weak minded individuals but even those with stronger mental fortitude will turn to religion when faced with the unknown, that it is basic human nature. But since God doesn’t really exist, religion cannot solve the strange problems caused by life forms that science was unable to identify or that came from other places. But people’s reliance on religion makes using religion an easy way to take over a community in order to control people for ulterior goals.
In fact, as I sit here running stories through my head, I can only think of one that uses a supernatural horror instead of one that could be considered natural if unknown or unearthly. That is Dreams in the Witch House. There may be others that I would find if I sat down and flipped through more stories. That’s just an off the top of my head recall.
The fact that his horror seldom uses magical causes actually increases the horror. The idea that the world is much bigger and stranger than we can see in our ordinary reality and those things have no care for the structure of the world as we see it and have created it for ourselves is a more terrifying concept than supernatural horrors.

The Inconsistency of Time

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This year is 2/3rds through.  It felt like it just started.  I can’t even say that a month feels like a week.  In feels more like 2 or three days.  If time is racing along this fast when I’m 40 I cannot imagine how it will seem when I am 60 or 80. 

On the other hand, today is so very slow that I’m ready to eat my lunch nearly three hours early simply to feel as if some time is passing.  I keep getting up to walk around to office to try and make it go more quickly. 

How can weeks fly by so quickly you that hardly start one and suddenly it’s the start of a new one while individual says can last an eternity?

It can also be the Holiday Effect.  Monday we are closed for Labor Day.  We know that we have a three day weekend coming up if we can only get through this day.  Our brains have mentally taken today off as well.  Even thought we are at work, part of our soul is vacationing already and the split in the mental process is influencing how we perceive the current passage of time.

I want to be with that portion of myself that has already gone off for the long weekend.  Not stuck at a desk with a work load that seems to be taunting me like children on a playground.  Neinner Neinner Neinner! 

I wish I could just stumble across Warehouse 13 or the Nightside.  Reality is such a pain.  If time is going to be fast and slow at the same time rather than follow natural laws then I should be entitled to suffer it an environment more interesting than an insurance office in a midsized conservative city that thinks Husker Football is the ultimate entertainment.