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Blue Mystique Orchids at a nursery.

Blue Mystique Orchids at a nursery.

Most of my views this morning have been of my Blue Mystique post.  It is funny because I was just looking at orchids this morning.

I have to admit that I am still kicking myself for not buying one of those orchids.  I believe they were something like 36.99$ at the time.  I didn’t think it was a good use of the money.  I really wish I had gotten one because I’ve never really stopped thinking about them.

I was at the store today, before work, and stopped to look at the orchids on my way out.  They had 4 different types of purple and purple/white ones.  Solid Purple.  Mostly White.  White with Purple Stripes.  White in the center fading out to pale purple at the outside edges.  I liked the White with Purple Stripes.  They were 17.99$.  I wasn’t sure I liked them enough for that price.

But if they get the Blue Mystique ones in again I will be buying one, if I have the money.  I really do regret not getting any at the time.

Strange Brew – Carrots?

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What does three bundles of carrots mean? What do they MEAN?????

Dreams are a strange concoction of events, movies, books, and random input in your life being sorted and processed by the subconscious.  I do think that dreams can have meaning and messages.  But these need to be interpreted in the context of your life, not from some kind of dream dictionary.  But sometimes a dream is just a dream.  Here was my weird one from last night.

I’m working late at work, to get some more sections done on a project.  We can work up to 2 hours over time a week in reality.  In my dream, this was not a limit.  I get the impression I was making up for some time off I took. (in reality, I’m out of sick days and I took an unpaid sick day last week.  I was also supposed to go in and work 2 hours OT Saturday and I was too sick to go.)

I wasn’t feeling well so I decided to take a bath.  Our cubicles were bigger and for some reason, instead of a desk section behind me, I had a bathtub and t.v.  I then fell asleep in the bathtub. (this weekend, I kept wanting to take a bath but took showers instead.  Sunday, I went to take a bath and decided a nap sounded better.  I slept about 5 hours.  It was a LONG nap.)

The cubicles have an extra wall section that is hinged and works as a sort of door.  I hear the cleaning crew come in so I get up and get dressed.  One of the cleaners asks me to call his pastor because they need some money for gas and baby food.  I call and leave a message.

It is very late yet there were a lot of people working.  There was an entire accounting department (that doesn’t exist) that worked overnight shifts. (I suspect this is from me watching way to many episodes of Supernatural, back to back, on Netflix almost every day.) 

I finish my tasks and turn around to find something on the floor inside my door.  It’s a mystery note from the mysterious pastor saying these people are not who they say they are and they are trying to extort money from him.  He had notified authorities but he was giving me a reward.  Pinned to it was 50$.  This seemed really strange. 

I tuck it in my wallet with the rest of my money (for some reason, all my money is in my wallet and not my bank) and put my wallet in my purse.  I’ve had a bad feeling about this from the moment they showed up. 

The rest of the cleaning crew is leaving and the man and his wife come up to my cube and she is not Hispanic.  (Okay, everywhere I’ve worked in the last 6 years has had Hispanic cleaning crews.  I’m not trying to stereotype.  This is just an element from my life experience in this city.)  She was also not part of the cleaning crew.  I’m feeling gratified that there are a lot of accountants around right now so I’m not alone with them.

She demands her money.  I don’t have ‘her’ money, but I do have a note the pastor left for them.  (Why he snuck in and out I don’t know.) It is just a folded bit of paper and I’m trying to find it in all my receipts and cash and stuff.  She keeps trying to peek around me and into my purse.  She can’t so she finally tells me to hive her my purse. 

“No. I am not giving you my purse.  You do not need to look in my purse.” (the only direct line I can remember from the dream.  She then gets all huffy and tries to act all official and like she is going to try to put me under citizen’s arrest or something.  (I watched The Watch, it was rather boring.)  I know she plans to rob me.  I just cock my head at her and tell her she isn’t touching me or my purse and that I am going to call the police. 

An accountant, hearing the argument, stops and hangs out near us.  She doesn’t believe I will call the police.  I pick up the phone and dial 911.  As I’m doing this, I notice there are several bunches of carrots on the floor.  I have no idea why they are there.  I’m pondering this as the 911 operator answers the phone and I wake up.

What an awful place to wake up.  I want to know what happened next.  I’m really confused by the carrots.  I really just want to know about those carrots.  Who care about what would have happened next.  I was ready to thow down with that woman.

The Value of Time vs The Value of Money

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Now one of these would save time and money when it comes to grocery shopping. It never seems to need refueling of any sort and you can pop into the past when things cost a lot less. But not too far because your money wouldn’t look right anymore.

There is a MoneyTalks news article comparing the prices of Walgreen, CVS, Wal-Mart, and an online drug store owned by Walgreen. 

She is surprised that the drug stores were more expensive that Wal-Mart.  She expected, that since it was a ‘drug’ store, with the word ‘drug’ in the name, that OTC medications would be cheaper there.

They are a type of convenience store and convenience stores are always more expensive. You get stuff there when saving time is more important than saving money.

You then have to factor in the value of your time (usually based on your wages) to determine if the cost of your time would make the cheaper items cost more since driving to a Wal-Mart, going through a bigger parking lot, walking though a bigger store, and then getting back on the road again would all take longer.

There is always a Walgreen or CVS right on the drive, the more expense item suddenly becomes cheaper under those circumstances.

It is a balancing act between the value of your time and the value of the dollar in hand. 

There was a finance person that used to recommend a person write out all their normal groceries in a notebook and go to all the local grocery stores to compare all the prices.  Then make a list of which items to buy at which stores.  Then when you needed groceries, you would go to ALL those  stores and buy the items that are cheapest at each store.

This has always seemed ludicrous to me.  Think of all the extra gas used to go to all those different locations.  You also have to factor an addition 10 minutes at each store just for parking and walking into the store.  The time to exit depends on the lines.  So you are looking at a minimum of 10 15 minutes to as much as 30 minutes per store.  Since you have to walk around each store to get the items, your total walk time is much higher.  The end result is that a 1 hour grocery shopping trip might take 4 hours going to 4 different stores.

If you know your gas mileage, figure out how many miles you are driving for all these extra stops.  Figure out the cost of gas based on the current gas price.  If it takes 4 hours you have taken 3 more hours that it could have had you gone to one store.  Say you make 10 dollars an hour.  Your groceries have just cost you an addition 30 dollars.  Then add the gas cost.  Add that to your total receipts from the 4 stores and you have your REAL cost.

I know that some items are cheaper at Wal-Mart.  So I wait to get them when I’m in there, usually once a week whether I want to be or not.  I carpool with my roommate and sometimes he make a stop there. 

If I need to go to the grocery, I focus on the stuff I know is better priced there. 

I recently discovered that Target’s ready to eat soups are cheaper than both Wal-Mart and the Grocery.  I don’t make a special trip and use extra time and gas.  But it I’m going there for something I need and I know is only available at Target, I will also hit the grocery section for those items Target has cheaper.

By working it in with needed trips, I’m not wasting time and gas driving all over town on one day to get groceries. 

The other option is to do that notebook thing, tally the numbers at the bottom, and use whichever store has the over all lowest costs as the primary grocery store, thus saving the 30+ extra dollars in time and gas.

An American’s take on Greece, Austerity, and World Economics.

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Austerity measures have slashed services, wages, and jobs. So many people are out of work or making half the income they did before for more work done. They don’t have the money for goods and services so businesses are now unable to pay their taxes.

People are fleeing the cities and returning to the towns and villages they or their parents originally came from. They are seeking out relatives in these small places while they find a new place. They are taking up smaller jobs and spend much of their time tending gardens which is a major reason for this rural exodus.

If you have tiny home with a garden plot you at least can grow your own food. You may also have space for some goats or chickens. This way you can have dairy and protein.

Austerity measures don’t work and made the problem worse. They needed a better solution and it may be too late now for anything to really do any good. Going rural will be a solution to the food problem. But I think countries on an Austerity Plan may end up slipping backwards into a type of third world status.

This kind of fits in with my Tipping Point blog. While it is mainly about ecology and resources, a part of the issue is the basis of the world economy. The economic engine is based on spending which is why businesses and companies have so much political power. And they seem to be the reason that consensus on environmental issues seems to be a total failure.

As long as the economy is based on spending and people have less and less because big business is tying up most of the world’s money, austerity measures will not repair a broken economy but actually make it worse. People are going rural to save money but they will probably keep the smart phones and computers in order to stay connected and try to find ways to do distance work, create work, or simply job hunt.

Lower quality of living and health with high-tech toys. Although, the rural people who have home plots and an animal or two that can produce a renewable food source may end up having a higher quality of live as those in urban settings get worse and worse.

Why the GOP is Dragging the Country Backwards.

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The US Navy has come up with a stealth submarine that is so expensive that it would cripple the military to build them. It is described as, “A super-stealthy warship that could underpin the U.S. navy’s China strategy will be able to sneak up on coastlines virtually undetected and pound targets with electromagnetic “railguns” right out of a sci-fi movie. (Eric Talmadge, AP)”

Everything seems to be getting to expensive for the government to do anymore. Advancements in military technology and the space program just to name two. Personally, I blame uncontrolled, Free Market, capitalism. By not putting any type of controls on it, Capitalism has been allowed to rape the populous in order to keep increasing the profit margins. Prices keep getting pushed up to get the most out of ever person. Everything is more expensive and most of the money gets tied up in those big businesses and people have less and less to spend.

We also have a situation that seems very odd. We have a large portion of out of work people. More technology tends to use fewer people. Some fields have nearly disappeared. We are also told we have a shrinking work force as more Baby Boomers are retiring and we don’t have enough workers to keep up the tax base to fund their social security benefits.

The real answer is that we need fewer people. The technology of the future uses fewer people so we need to produce fewer people. That means we have to figure out a better way to fund the government retirement programs. This wouldn’t be as bad a problem is we stopped the out of control cost increase as businesses try to milk the population of every penny they have. But once the population starts to die off and if we make a point not to over procreate then there will be more money for the rest of us. There will be more money for science and technology that will take us into the future.

At this rate, it is clear that we are not going to progress. We can no longer afford it. We are not even going to sit here and stagnate. We are already slipping backwards and regressing. The very science fiction that gave people the ideas to strive for is also becoming darker, more dismal, more depressed. So much so that one writer challenged other writers to start writing more hopeful futures with new ideas. The current science fiction seems to have stopped creating new technological ideas that might exist in the future. But even should they get those creative, inventive juices flowing, the finite money supply will be so tied up in corporate business that it just won’t be there to fund the projects.

So, if the government and military really want to continue advancements in modern weaponry, then the government needs to look at profit caps for businesses, limits on how much prices can increase each year, greater control on medical costs (inflation on medical care increase at a rate of between 2 and 4 times greater than the cost of living inflation each year), and encourage the use of birth control rather than limiting it. Then the reduced population will have more money and be happier. Science fiction writers can help create the ideas for the scientists to develop and we can start moving forward again. But it requires doing everything that sends the GOP screaming onto their soap boxes and into their pulpits.

Lucid Dreaming

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The realization you are asleep and dreaming and you take control of your dream. This woke me up at 5:00 am this morning.

I don’t remember where the dream started.  But at some point I decided to go to a zoo.  But there was no one at the ticket counter.  So I feed my money into a machine and take ticket.

I find myself in a hallway with a bunch of doors.  But no displays.  So I peek into a door wondering if you have to deposit coins to see the animals.  Inside are small rooms the size of linen closets with a couple of plastic storage tubs.  It looks like there might be something in the back corner, moving around.  But there are no lights.  I check another door and it is the same.

I go back up to the front.  After all, it is now well past opening and there are no displays.  A manager yells at me for opening doors.  He saw it on a video feed.  I tell him that I was there after opening, no one was manning the ticket counter, and there were no exhibits out. I had to get my entrance ticket from a coin operated machine so I thought maybe I had to put coins in another machine to view the exhibits.  He yelled at an employee for not manning the ticket counter and then yelled at me some more.

I left after that.  Clearly this was not a normal zoo and was, perhaps, a ripoff.  Something was not right.  I leave and am now facing a road.  I cross the road and to my left is a train track.  I start jogging along it and notice the foot path to the right and I go over that way.  After all, it isn’t safe to jog or walk so close to a train track.  The path looks very familiar to me.

I’m going my merry way and see a woman nearby.  Instantly, I am aware of the dream.  Oh no.  It’s that crazy lady dream.  She is speaking into a small recorder about her former Navy Hero, now Doctor Boyfriend.  I decide to take a proactive approach and I suddenly have a giant mallet which I swing at her and she is knocked into a major crevasse near the trail.

She pops back up like it was nothing and tries to get me with her spray bottle of horrible caustic solution explaining that she has improved it from last time.

You see, I’ve encountered her in other dreams. Two that I can remember. She is a crazy lady who created an imaginary relationship with someone and she perceived me as being in the way.  Mostly because I managed to save the person she was stalking by being in the right place at the right time and stopping her.  I had never met or seen the person before.  So I am traveling on a path and she tries to kill me.

The second time I dream of her, she has invented a new and better ‘boyfriend’ that she believes is real.  She has invented a strange solution and put it into a bulb shaped, squeeze bottle-thing that is used to clean babies ears out.  The first guy she stalked in the first dream actually existed.  This new guy is a creation of her mind but she is stalking a real person she perceives to be him.  Again, I’m in the right place to stop her.  I get a face full of this solution and it is like some sort of pepper spray.  While it bothers me, it isn’t bad enough to stop me and I’m able to disable her and she gets arrested.  I testify against her in court and she gets locked up.

So now I’m up to tonight’s dream and there she is again, on the same path she normally attacks me on and I’m aware that I’m dreaming.  This time the new imaginary boyfriend is nowhere around.  But rather than wait for her to attack me, I decide to strike first.  As I mentioned, she acts like I never hit her.  After she tries to hit me with her new solution, I try to hit her in the face with the giant mallet (think croquet mallet). This time I get prayed in the face with the new and improved caustic solution.  Only I ‘t notice that it doesn’t bother me at all.

I decide it is time to wake up.  I really don’t feel like dreaming about this crazy lady again.  And after the weird zoo part of the dream, I can tell it is going to go no place good.

Welfare for the Wealthy

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I work for a business that likes the throw the word ‘shareholds’ around all the time.  This drives me absolutely batty.  To me, shareholders are the biggest leach on a company’s resources and it is just a form of welfare for the wealthy.  And I’ll explain why I see it this way.

Once upon a time, before Wall Street existed, a ‘shareholder’ purchased shares in a venture.  Usually a ship.  Often for a particular voyage.  The money went to help outfit the ship for the journey and to purchasing cargo.  The ship returned and sold the cargo for a profit and the money went to the shareholders.  It was a one time shot sort of thing.  If you were happy with the results you had the opportunity to invest in the next trip. 

Later on, if a private business needed an influx of money, the owner could break it up into shares, keeping a majority to keep control, and selling the rest.  People could then buy into the company, producing the cash flow needed at that time, and the company would pay returns out.  Kind of like repaying a loan. Only for longer.

Now days, you buy shares of stock and you are putting a small amount of money into a company.  It seems to have very little to do with needing a quick influx of money.  You then get your ‘share’ which kind of makes you a mini-owner in the company.  Now you sit back and get returns on your shares.  So the company has to keep paying the shareholders back.  Eventually, far in excess of the money they put into the company.  The shareholders want profit course.  As they want more and more money, the company has to focus more on paying people who do nothing for the company and just sit around with hands held out saying, “Give me, Give me, Give me.”  This is money that doesn’t really ever go back into the company unless a shareholder decides to buy another share.  And they only do that so they can get higher returns.

I don’t see any real difference between share holders and people on welfare other than share holders start out with the money to buy the shares in the first place.  Then they want to get lots more money back without having to do anything. 

This is why I like to call it welfare for the wealthy.  This is why our economic model is starting to fail.  There is only so much money in the world and it keeps getting tied up at the highest levels.  Trickle down economics doesn’t exist because not enough trickles down.  As more money gets tied up in share holders’ banks or in other ‘investments’, there is less money to put back into businesses.  Therefore, cost of living wage increases do not match the actual early inflation levels so most people are getting poorer and poorer. 

I know this is a bit of an oversimplification of the flaws of our economic system.  But I still think it is a valid viewpoint and I still think ‘shareholders’ are the biggest leach on our economy and they are just people looking for a return for doing nothing.

Pre-Halloween Rant

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I am so far behind. And I forgot to record the first bill I paid for the 2 week cycle, so I can’t buy the last little details for my desk decorations.

I don’t even want to start on how far behind I am at home. I’ll get it finished and be set up for NEXT Halloween.

The more I try to organize my in progress projects and my hobby stuff, the more disorganized my entire home ends up. I’m beginning to feel overwhelmed.

I have to get laundry done and I didn’t get up early enough to go get my car moved to my apartment to load up the laundry. I’ll have to try for tomorrow. Or maybe I’ll luck out after work today and I won’t have to park 3 blocks from home. I hate carrying my laundry bags three blocks though the heavily visited Old Market area.

I went to grab my camera to bring to work. I want to take pictures of my Bayou inspired Halloween ides and I couldn’t find it. I wasted 20 minutes looking for it. So tonight I will jump on the Great Camera Hunt of 2010.

A co-worker is making me very angry. It’s been going on for three days. Now I feel like she is saying I took her pink zipper folder. I really have to get some pictures of me to use here because you will see that a pink zipper folder is not going to tempt me.

I have two nights to get ready for the Halloween Party and the Trip. I have not enough time. I will take a notebook to make some notes. Funny how that works. I decided to jump on the NaNoWriMo band wagon. See how it goes.

I’m cranky with Washington state that is having the bad form to talk about suspending refs who were donating their paycheck to Breast Cancer Research and using pink whistle. The pink whistles were getting them suspended. It flies in the face of what high school athletics is supposed to teach kids. Teaching community spirit by building team spirit. Teaching people to work together for a common cause.

I’m super pissed off about the Texas school who had a star player plea bargain his rape charges down and the school let him stay on the team and punished his cheerleader victim when she wouldn’t chant his name. That teaches the students that boys are more important than girls and rape or any assault is acceptable behavior for athletes.

I’m mildly cranky at the community in New York that tried to get a woman’s tree house for her daughters removed. Instead, the courts finally ruled in favor of the woman and declared it an historical landmark because her house is in an historical district and because of whom her house once belong to. But at least the system finally supported some one who deserved support.

My last cranky item is Superman’s new ‘edgy’ look. They are trying to draw in the Twilight crowd. Some thought Superman’s new look was too emo. What really got me was the glowing red eyes. Not only did they make him look emo, they made him look like an emo demon. I hate superman’s makeover even more than I hate Wonder Woman’s makeover.

I think that is the end of my rant today.

Disapointment Rehashed

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My friends got into a large, four bedroom house.  I was going to move into the third floor.  That floor is a suit of rooms.  A bathroom, a bedroom, and a sitting room.  Rent would be 60$ less.   Utilities included.  I would get cable.  I would save 160$ a month.  I would not have to park on the street anymore.  I would be one mile from work.  I could walk and use less gas.


I didn’t move in then because I needed to find out about what I needed to do to move in the middle of the lease.  Then they found someone who just needed a place for the same amount of time I had on my lease.


Then they started to have all sorts of problems with the landlord and the house and one friend was thinking about leaving her job and they were talking about moving. Since they didn’t know if they were staying or moving, they asked a different friend to move in.  She had just gotten out of the service and wasn’t sure what she was doing next.  They didn’t want me to move in and then have to move again after having given up a reasonably good apartment.   I was thinking that myself yet at the same time I was disappointed.


Then they found out the place was up for auction by the bank.  And that really threw them for a loop.


After the auction, the new landlady came over and said she definitely wanted them to stay.  She is going to repair the yard, fix the plumbing, redo the bathrooms, and fix all the problems the former landlord had ‘fixed’ improperly. 


My friends still need a third person to afford the rent on the house so we talked about it and she had a huge promotion and wasn’t going to leave her job and they would prefer not to have to move again and they still thought me moving in was a great idea.


Today I was going to call my apartment manager and find out what I have to do to move early as in end of October.  I wanted to start getting stuff moved over and paint the walls.  I’m glad I didn’t do it yesterday or over the weekend.  I got an email today saying it wasn’t going to work. 


The new landlady has decided on a no pets policy and since my friends are already there she will make an exception for them.  They have cats and I have cats.  In fact, one of mine used to be one of theirs.  The place does not have carpet. Only the third floor bedroom with is very bad carpet that I planned to rip out anyway.  It has a hardwood floor under it.  Properly cared for wood floors are easier than carpet in the long run and cats are less of a problem on hardwood floors than on carpeted floors. 


So if I had moved in when my lease was up as planned, and they hadn’t asked the other friend instead, I would have been there already as well. 


So needless to say I am pissed and I’ll probably sit and stew over it all day today.  Then I’ll probably go to the hardware store and find out what colors they have in “opps” batches and do some painting in my apartment, see if a friend wants to come over with his full-sized ladder and help me get Halloween stuff up, find someone to remove my dead treadmill, and reduce some of my hobby stuff.  Maybe move some furniture.  If I’m not moving then I might as well refresh my current environment to make me feel better.

Where has all the money gone…..

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Money is a finite item.  Governments print so much of it and destroy a certain amount each year.  People get paid, buy stuff, the spent money then either goes back into that business or it goes to shareholders, some gets spent, some gets saved.  As it goes farther up the chain of people, business, corporations, and investors, more of it gets tied up and less gets put back into the flow of money movement.

We act as if money is infinite.  Students are told that anyone who works hard can become well off and maybe even millionaires.  On one hand we are recommended to save money, on the other hand we are told that saving is hording and that the only way to keep the economy going is to spend spend spend.

Even governments are constantly spending money they don’t yet have.  And then recessions happen, stocks drop, people discover that the money they thought they had has shrunk drastically.  Sometimes it has vanished. 

And I think about scandals of the 1990’s give or take a few years.  When the average person starts hearing about shady accounting practices that make business appear to have more money than they really do.  They learn you can move numbers around to hide problems and debt.  We all learned about corporate asset shuffling on paper can change the entire picture. 

I wonder how many of these practices have gotten into the whole accounting process.  How many of them are actually taught as acceptable ways of manipulating numbers?  How many of them are accepted ways of accounting that the people doing them don’t even realize they are shady?

Which brings me to another thought:  Where has all the money gone?  You read article after article saying people who thought they had this amount really have that amount, a smaller amount. 

We count resale value of a home as money in the pocket.  But it really isn’t.  There are lots of things we do to increase our worth on paper but the reality is that those things are not real money.  It’s the idea of potential future money. But we operate as if it is already in the bank. 

So I have to ask a question.  Was there really as much money in the world as people thought?  Or has all this number shuffling and creative accounting made the world as a whole look richer than it really is and now it’s just caught up with us?

Roosevelt’s solution of the Depression was to build highways and link up the entire country.  This created actual jobs.  This helped people out at the lowest level and which in turned help local businesses and it spread upwards.

The current economic thought is that you help out the financial institutions, you help out big business, and it trickles down.  But if you don’t help out the people at the base of the totem pole of economics, it doesn’t matter how much you repaint and repair the top of the totem pole.  It will still fall over because it lacks a sound support.  The people whose actions fuel the economy through consumer spending still don’t have the money to spend.  All because there seems to be less of it in the world than before.