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Dylan Dog: Dead of Night. So close but it missed the mark.

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This movie sounded interesting.  It was so close to being good but just missed.  I should mention it is based on a comic that I have not read which, from what I researched, the movie makes a rather large departure.

Dylan used to act as an agent who helped keep the peace between the vampires, werewolves, zombies, and various undead people as a sort of ‘special detective’.  After his lady-love is killed by a vampire, he take out most of the vampire leaders and then retires.

Until a potential new case results in the murder of his friend, who wakes up in the morgue as a zombie.  Seems like everyone is after an artifact that will create a monster that looks a lot like the medieval painting of demons.

I thought the special effects were good, the sets were good, the fights weren’t bad.

The story was a good one and most of the script was good.  But some of the lines failed.

The acting was spotty.  Most of the main characters seemed to fluctuate between moment of brilliance and moments of wooden, stiff delivery or overly excessive delivery but most of the time it was just so-so.

The actor playing Dylan, Brandon Routh,  was good with body language and great with the ‘hard boiled PI’ voice over narration.  But for some reason, a lot of his actual conversations fell a little flat.   And, well, he does look amazing in red and black and his eyes look amazing.

Sam Huntington, as Marcus, was pretty great as the human who is having trouble accepting his death and the fact that he is now a zombie.  Most of his acting was great, they just put too much of the freaking out in it.  If they had pulled back on that a bit, I wouldn’t have any complaints about him at all.

Anita Briem played Elizabeth, the client AKA monster hunter.  They cast her for type, for look, and not ability.  She had some of the worst line delivery in the movie.

Vargus was performed by Taye Diggs.  This one is really sad.  You get the impression that he really understood his character and it could have been so much more.  It almost felt like he was over directed and if they had given him a little more room, he could have really made the villain shine.

In fact, while the direction, as far as staging and movement and visual aesthetics go, was good, the direction of the actual actors was not so good.

You watch the movie and can see and feel that it could have been so much better.  You can see what they wanted to do with it and hit just fell a bit short of the mark.