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No Christmas Movies before Thanksgiving

Posted in Entertainment, Holiday, Movies and Theatre, Writing with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , on November 2, 2016 by urbannight

not-christmas-yetI like movies and watch a lot thanks to Netflix being WAY cheaper than cable.  I miss a few shows I like but it is much more affordable this way.  Because of that I have a few movie blogs I follow.  Today, only two days after Halloween, a Christmas movie review popped up in my feeds.

No thank you, I deleted it.  No Christmas before Thanksgiving.  It is bad enough seeing it in the stores before Halloween.  About the same time they start setting up for Halloween, the stores start to clear out and set up the Christmas tree section.  Some stores wait until after Halloween and use that space for the Christmas decorations.  Other stores, bigger store, I’m calling you out Wal-Mart, actually started putting out decorations before Halloween as well.

So I really don’t want to start seeing Christmas reviews before Thanksgiving.  I’m just not mentally prepared for it yet.  I’m not ready for Halloween to be over. I haven’t even thought about Thanksgiving.  It isn’t time to be torturing us with early Christmas propaganda.  We are still having the occasionally 70 something day out.  Non-specific winter movies seem to early now.

One exception I might make, Christmas time horror movies.  That seems like a natural bridge from Halloween to Christmas.  I always wanted to watch the 2006 remake of Black

Kudos to Movie Bloggers

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Over the weekend, when I watched a string of low rated movies, I realized I had a lot of thoughts about them and decided to write it up.  I randomly write about a movie here and there but this was the first time I wrote about a bunch at one time. 

I have to say I have a new appreciation for the people who regularily blog about movies, and more importantly, lists of movies. 

That was the longest blog I’ve ever written.  I mean in terms of looking things up to make sure I was remembering data correctly and typing and then going back to my research to make sure I didn’t forget something I wanted to mention, and double then triple checking stuff.


So everyoneone who writes movie and movie related blogs, here is a big thumbs up to you!

Three in particutlar I’ll mention, because they pop up in my feeds most often, are:


Fog’s Movie Review


I left someone off so I had to update.