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NaNoWriMo year three

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I told myself I wasn’t even going to consider it this year.  I have too much to do.  To much on my plate.  But several people keep talking about it.  I start to feel envious about it.  I want to do it too.

I went through my folder of outlines and ideas.  One in particular was saying, “you know you want to work on me.”  Because I do, and I don’t, but I do. 

Do I give another year a go and then give up half way through because the time just never seems to be available? 

Maybe I should give it a go without officially signing up for it.  That way I don’t feel ‘obligated’ and it turns into a chore.

It is like when I took piano lessons.  Practicing daily was a struggle.  But when I wasn’t taking lessons, I could spend hours at the piano each week.

I have to make a training manual for my unit at work.  Actually, I had to start on it at the end of last week.  I wonder, can I count that?  It’s non-fiction.  It will take me to the end of November to finish the entire thing.  But I’m not sure it will meet the word requirement in the long run.

NaNoWriMo year two.

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Several months ago I decided to write a fictionalized novel on the life of Raedwald of East Anglia. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for over a year. Only I still had holes in my research as November approached.

So I started to chart out a fantasy, mystery, romance crossover novel with a main plot and a totally different sub-plot that overlapped with the mail story. I still want to do this, but I just couldn’t really get my brain into it.

On Halloween I decided to write another story I’ve been wanting to work on. I want to bring the evil back to vampires. I’m getting tired of this white washing and sanitizing of all the monsters. At the same time, I want the vampire to be the main character and to win the girl.

I remember watching Bela Lugosi as Dracula and thinking that Mina would be better off with him. Her fiancé/husband or whatever, looked like a football player but was annoying and ineffectual. I didn’t like him at all.

So I want to write a romantic horror novel in which the vampire corrupts the girl, makes her his bride, wins the day, and they live happily ever after in their blood drenched castle somewhere.

One small problem, I hated the way the story was going. The research into Spiritualism and Spiritism movements and the dates when several novels were published meant that the back story I wanted simply would not work out properly. My attempts to work around this just made the story worse. So two days ago I shelved it.

And yesterday I get a great idea for a comedy of manners. Involving a vampire. Because, for some reason, I got hooked on it. I really want a bad guy as good guy who really isn’t ‘good’. It is also still so close to Halloween and I don’t want it to end yet.  It was going MUCH better. And still is.

Only I noticed that I mistyped on my notes:  comedy of errors. This gave me another idea. One that creates another layer to this same story. One that will not require adding anything to what I already wrote. So it will be a comedy of errors on top of a comedy of manners on top of a supernatural romance novel.

And it seems to be going VERY well now.

It may seem silly. It may seem trite. It may seem like I am pandering to the masses. But what is wrong with that? I can write something fun that targets a large portion of the readers out there. It may be utter crap but at least it’s something that I can get farther than a couple pages without starting to hate it.

NaNoWriMo Postponement

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I am not utterly giving up. This year, November was just a bad month. I started the month by being out of town for the weekend and having a VERY long drive home on the first. I went in to work and discovered that I would be working two jobs because one entire department was out. They ended up being out for two weeks. One is back part time and for the third week I’m still backing her up. We don’t know if the other person in the department will be coming back at all.

The increased work load led to me feeling brain dead after work each day. It was getting harder and harder to do anything.

To put it into perspective, I’m a serious book worm. I can easily read a book in a day or two and still have time for other hobbies and a t.v show or two. But since the beginning of November, I’ve been so mentally tired that I haven’t liked most books I’ve opened up and tried to read. The only to I managed to get my head into and enjoy have been Unseen Academicals and Imager. Even attempting to reread books I know I loved proved impossible. (I always take a book to work for lunchtime reading.)

So while I still have ideas and plans for my NaNoWriMO project, I know I’m not going to get a chance to really write properly until Thanksgiving day and that 4 day weekend.

The weekend after that I fly home for 10 days. This will also give me time to write as my parents do work and I will have time by myself, isolated in the mountians, that I will need to fill with something. So I will write.

I will probably also play on the computer more than a little bit. And work out on her working treadmill. Seeing as mine is so dead.

So I won’t consider it a complete failure. I will also hope that next November doesn’t turn into a work nightmare as this one has. I look forward to finishing what I have started and to writing something new next year.

NaNoWriMo UPdate Or DOWNdate

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A friend last night said we are to focused on directions. She is going to say “button up shirts” instead of “button down” and “crack me down” instead of “crack me up” and she plans to work sideways in there someplace.

So how did I get so far behind on my NaNoWriMo writing? I probably shouldn’t have picked up netflix after dropping cable. I feel I must watch something every day.

I’m sure the early morning fire alarm that screwed up my weekend didn’t help at all. I assumed it would be a false alarm. But when I got into the stairwell, I could smell smoke. I didn’t even notice the fourth floor stove fire that happened last year.

It turned out to have been a dumpster fire out in the alleyway. It was actually behind the building beside us, but the wind was blowing west down the alley and the person who saw it and pulled the fire alarm could only see that there was a fire somewhere below her window.

I didn’t want to nap because I didn’t want to be up all night, only my sleepy brain coudn’t really write much. Mostly mush that I made go away. I’ve got 1000 more words today and I’m on a bit of a roll. Maybe if I’m lucky I can get two days worth of words in. If I’m really lucky, perhaps even three.

I would have done more last night, but friends are moving to Seattle in a few days and we had one last dinner together. It was important enough to skip an evening.

NaNoWriMo Morning of Day Three

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I got up and had half an hour to write. I have now gotten on day’s worth of words. Today I need to crank out two days writing. I brought my thumb drive to work. I’ll spend lunch on it.

Maybe I’m over thinking it and that is slowing me down. I read several people who are talking about the crap they are putting out to get the words on the paper.

I am self editing as I write, to a small degree. For content only not proper editing. I also started with a scene that won’t be at the beginning. In fact, after writing three scenes out, I’ve gone back and figured out the starting point. At least for now, it could change.

Historical Fiction and NaNoWriMo

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Last night, laying in bed, just as I was drifting off to sleep, I finally decided what to write for NaNoWriMo.

Then I woke up today and had no clue. Nothing. Nada. Gone like the Wind.

I have been doing research on Raedwald, who is believed to be the person burried on the Sutton Hoo. I thought a fictionalized novel about him might be fun to read. So a friend told me I better write it. I was not researching him to write it. I was researching early rulers of Britain. I was doing so because I took several courses in British history in college and I wanted to brush up on the stuff I knew I was beginning to forget.

I also have done a lot of research on Marie Laveau for this year’s Halloween costume and theme. She was the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans form the 1830’s to her death in 1871. After that her daughter of the same name took over until her death in 1896 I think. I could write a fictionalized story about her.

I wanted to write something completely made up, so I wouldn’t have to worry about fact checking. But I feel like those ideas are going nowhere.