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A strange strange dream….

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Here is another one of my bizarre dreams.

(I’m typing this at 3:00 am and am not inclined to edit and fix the errors until after I go back to bed and get some more sleep.  But I really want to share the craziness of it.  So if you read an early copy of this, know that I will be fixing the horrible errors in it soon.)

The ice-maker woke me up from a dream that I knew was a dream but couldn’t seem to stir out from. Thank you, Lucid Dreaming, for making me able to know it is a dream but why wouldn’t you let me wake up from it?

It started out where I am at a hobby event working on crafts of one type or another and shifted and started to get darker. So I decided to change the dream and leave the hobby gathering.

Only now I’m driving around a small town I’m not from and no one wants to talk to me and someone seems to be trying to kill me, only I have no proof of it. So I try to change it by leaving the town. Only it turns to winter and there is too much snow and my car gets stuck. I try to get out of the car and it turns out that the driver’s door is stuck in snow. So I try to get out the passenger side, only there is a drop off.

This makes me cranky because I can’t think of a way to alter it. Only I’m asleep and dreaming so thinking up options isn’t really my strong suit. I seem to think up one and suddenly that is what happens but I can’t think up multiple options to choose from. I can’t make another alteration until I get ‘stuck’ again at a point I don’t like.

Anyway, manage to jump into a snow bank only it is at the edge of a lack and this edge is mostly cliff. I manage to work my way around it without getting too wet and make it to the road. It turns out that someone really is after me. It is my father. (NOT my real dad) He is trying to capture me.

Apparently the crazy lady in town, who said he was a bad person for years, was right. Apparently he nor she were natives of this small town. So now one knew or believed the crazy lady when she said he had been her husband.

Apparently there was another daughter who died at birth and he has been trying to capture both of us for years to gather living tissue from us to use in a spell that would enable him to bring back this dead baby. And getting away wasn’t going to work because he was on the police force.

Every time I tried to alter the dream to get out of it or onto something different it got worse. At this point I didn’t know what to try. I must have been sleeping lightly because the ice crashed out of the tray and into the bin and woke me up. I was rather glad at that point.

Homicidal Wooden Dollies

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Life is ... A happy skull smiling at you.

Life is … A happy skull smiling at you.

Sorry I vanished. I wasn’t having too good of a year last year and it just went downhill. I was rather afraid to turn it into blogging material because of the old idea that it could always be worse. I was afraid of making it into ideas and topics might result in the ‘worse’ becoming reality. I pretty much checked out of reality and entered the world of books. I spent a LOT of time reading.

I was determined to get back to this at the start of the year and was promptly in a major car accident. So this year is starting out with me being stressed out. I thought I might be ready to start writing about that nightmare accident until a friend from high school started posting photos from her own accident that was very similar. I found I still felt a lot of anxiety about it. I haven’t had accident nightmares but I’ve been having a lot of bad dreams about people trying to kill me. The race of wooden dollies trying to kill me with wax and lamp oil was particularly disturbing.

I don’t have as much spare time as I used to. Work loads have actually tripled. But I really want to get back on top of things again, this site being one of the things I want to start working on regularly once more.