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Charles and Harry

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Press photo from something or other some time or other.

I can remember how there have been rumor after rumor, for many years, that Harry was not the son of Prince Charles.  But looking at this image, how can anyone think that?  Harry is a red-haired version of his father.  The slightly wider face he inherited from his mother makes his father’s admittedly homely features look less homely.  The noses are not identical but how much is that due to Charles’ age?  The eyes and that smile are the spitting image of one another.  So is that identical hairline.  I guess trying to figure out who Harry’s ‘real’ father might be is a way for some people to try to keep Diana’s memory alive.  Seems silly to me.  Don’t people have enough REAL problems to worry about?

Oh, is it just your sinuses?

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I swear if I hear that one more time I may explode. I’ve discovered Midwesterners do not think you are sick if your sinuses are bothering you. You could have a sinus infection but that’s just your sinus, you are not really sick. You could have a raging head cold but if it is expressed in your sinuses than you are not sick. You now have bronchitis because you have been sick for 2 or 3 weeks but it was just your sinuses so you were not really sick.
I’m originally from the Pacific Northwest and I never was such a thing. There, it is all about the fever. You feel like you swallowed a cheese grater and have white puss pockets at the back of your throat? You don’t have a fever so you are not sick. You have the chicken pox; you don’t have a fever so you are not really sick. You have ever symptom of the flu but you don’t have a fever, then you are not sick and off to school you go.
So let us say that you have been totally stuffed up for two weeks. You can’t breathe; you spend half your day sneezing your head off. Every time you take something to clear your sinuses you end up sneezing and blowing your nose until you are as stuffed up as before and you have to start all over again. Your head feels like it wants to explode from the sinus pressure and you are using a neti pot several times a day to prevent a sinus infection from developing. You are so exhausted that you go to bed at 8:00 nearly every night for two weeks, 9:30 at the latest. You normally go to bed between 10:00 and 11:00. Then one night you lie down and start to wheeze and whistle every time you exhale and your chest starts to hurt. You can’t sleep because of the difficulty breathing and the scary noises your chest makes when you breathe. You start coughing up mucus, lots of mucus. You had bronchitis once in college and you are pretty sure you have it again.

You stay home and go to work the following day and you are treated like a leper. After all, it is just your sinuses, you aren’t really sick.
This has been my life the past couple of weeks.

Graphic advice that falls under the heading of TMI

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When you have an upset stomach, do not eat pomegranate seeds.  Projectile vomiting the sharp, non-digestible kernels though your nose hurts.

The are the sharp inside bits.

This is the tasty delicious bit around the sharp pointy bits.