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Sometimes it just doesn’t work…..

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The sun on the way to work.

The last two mornings had the most amazing view of the sun from the interstate. And it was a huge ball of fluorescent orange color. I figure it must have has something to do with the moisture in the air in the mornings. Or something as I really had no clue and it was to pretty to really care about the mechanics of it. Perhaps I don’t care is less about it being too pretty to analyze and more about me not being a morning person and researching it is too much science for me before 10:00 am.

But I had to drive the last two mornings and wasn’t able to try to get a shot. Today I was riding with my roommate and got my camera ready for ‘Photos while Driving’. Go figure, today would be the one morning with actual clouds. I missed a couple good shoots juggling the stuff he picked up at the drive through. Then I got a lot of really blurry ones. Pictures while moving at 65 miles per hour can do that. Then the sun was too far behind the clouds.

And the incredible red-orange fluorescent color didn’t really come out well on the camera. I’m bummed about that. But I’ll give it another try tomorrow. Maybe there won’t be as many clouds and I’ll get a good, open sky, photo of it.

I can only hope.

Tea Analysis

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Infusions Orange Spice Tea with antioxidants.

This tea is fairly simple in that it is black tea, cloves, and natural flavorings.  But it has been infused with vitamins.  C, E, B6, B12, thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Biotin, Pantothenic Acid, and Folate.

The flavor is where it gets interesting.  There is no taste of black tea.  It tastes like an herbal.  It is a spice tea which makes you think of fall and winter.  But it is much lighter.  I think it is partly because of the lack of black tea taste as well as a delicate hand with the clove balance.  The flavor of Orange and Lemon are very clear in it, airy and delicate.  Which makes you think of a good spring and summer tea. 

Overall, the best description of this tea is delicate. A small amount of sweetener went a LONG way.  So it is apparently pretty sweet all on it’s own.

I enjoy it very much.  But herbals are my favorite, with reds and whites coming in second.  I love black tea’s in the winter.  I’m not fond of green tea in general.  The person who gave it to me didn’t like it.  But then she drinks mostly black tea and dislikes herbals.  Since this tastes more like an herbal than anything else, I can see why she wasn’t happy with it.